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Matsue-shi, Japan

Shimane Prefectural Government, Waseda University and Daifukukogyo Inc. | Date: 2014-05-14

Enhanced concentration of carbon dioxide, typically of carbon dioxide in the air, is advantageous in areas such as agriculture and horticulture involving raising of plants which utilize carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. Various carbon dioxide concentration apparatus have been developed, but the problems thereof are numerous. It is accordingly the purpose of the present invention to develop an adsorbent having exceptional adsorption of carbon dioxide, and to provide an apparatus for concentration of carbon dioxide in the air through the use thereof. Provided is a pressure swing concentration apparatus that uses ferrierite as the adsorbent, the ferrierite having been subjected to alkali treatment to give a pore diameter of 0.01-1 m and a pore volume of 0.1 mL/g or above.

Providing a dye-sensitized solar cell having high durability and thermal resistance, and preventing elution of a platinum group catalyst from a catalytic electrode: by surface-treating the catalytic electrode with (a) a specific sulfur material having a molecular weight of 32 to 10,000 containing a sulfur atom having an oxidation number of 2 to 0, (b) another specific sulfur material containing no sulfur atom having an oxidation number of 2 to 0, but containing a sulfur atom having an oxidation number of +1 to +4 [with the proviso that the sulfur material (b) is such a material that a surface of the surface-treated catalyst electrode has a photoelectron peak within a binding energy range of 161 to 165 eV in an X-ray photoelectron spectrum 1, or (c) a mixture of the sulfur materials (a) and (b); and/or by adding the sulfur material into the electrolyte layer.

Shimane Prefectural Government | Date: 2014-04-28

A touch input system has an operation input device having a sensor and a CPU. The CPU is configured to display a mark as a selection object on a display based on a first touch operation. The CPU is further configured to determine an operation mode of a series of touch operations including the first touch operation and the second touch operation. In determining, the CPU is configured to classify the touch operations into any of groups of first touch operations and second touch operations based on a time difference between the touch operations detected.

Methods for producing a transition-metal-coated carbon material having a transition metal coating which has a high adhesion strength between the transition metal and the carbon material, and which is neither exfoliated nor detached in subsequent processing are provided. The transition-metal-coated carbon material may be obtained by adhering a compound containing transition metal ions onto a surface of a carbon material and by reducing the transition metal ions with carbon in the carbon material by a heat treatment, thereby to form elemental transition metal. Here, the transition metal is Fe, Co, Ni, Mn, Cu or Zn. Moreover, also provided is a carbon-metal composite material exhibiting an excellent mechanical strength and thermal conductivity, by improving affinity with a metal such as aluminium by use of the transition-metal-coated carbon material.

Shimane Prefectural Government | Date: 2014-10-23

An accurate determination of an operation is possible. Data photographed by a video camera is read by an image reading unit, and an image of an operator is extracted from the data by an image extracting unit. As a result of such preparation, a virtual operation screen and an operation region are created based upon the extracted image of the operator. In a case of an adult operator, an operation region can be created in consideration with a length (position of sight line) or a length of an arm, and in a case of a child, since a length is lower and a length of an arm is shorter, an operation region can be set to match it.

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