Taipei, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan

Shih Hsin University is a private university in Wenshan District, Taipei, Taiwan. It has been named one of the "Teaching Excellence Universities" by the Republic of China's Ministry of Education five years in a row, making Shih Hsin being among the top five schools in this category. The university is also ranked 9th among all private universities in Taiwan by private business owners, business managers and graduates in Taiwan in 2010 by Global Views magazine and 104 Job Bank in Taiwan. Wikipedia.

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Liu F.-H.,Shih Hsin University
PICMET 2016 - Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology: Technology Management For Social Innovation, Proceedings | Year: 2016

Although the importance of supplier/buyer relationships in product innovation has been acknowledged by many researchers, empirical evidence remains scarce regarding the effects of relationships between original equipment manufacturing (OEM) suppliers and buyers on service innovation. Surveys were completed by representatives of 142 Taiwanese OEM suppliers in the electronics industry. This paper aims to broaden the understanding of service innovation as it relates to relationship learning through the development of three aspects of organizational competence that influence the competitive advantage of an OEM supplier. This study concludes that information-sharing competence, joint-innovation competence, and coordination competence have positive effects on exploitative service innovation and explorative service innovation. Additionally, there appears not to be a significant relationship between information-sharing competence and explorative service innovation. Furthermore, these two aspects of service innovation contribute to a supplier's internal competitive advantages, but only explorative service innovation contributes to a supplier's external competitive advantages. In other words, this study provides deep and clear explanations for the antecedents and effects of service innovation of OEM suppliers. © 2016 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology, Inc.

Tsai M.,Shih Hsin University
PICMET 2016 - Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology: Technology Management For Social Innovation, Proceedings | Year: 2016

Taiwan is a country with fairly high mobile phone or smart phone penetration. By 2009, Taiwan's mobile phone penetration was hovering near 110%. By 2014, more than 70% of Taiwanese over age 15 owned a smart phone. However, some Taiwanese are not yet accepting of this new technology, the smart phone, for diverse reasons. Some prefer using only landline telephones; some use a traditional mobile phone but prefer landline for contacting their family and friends. Some Taiwanese use both a landline and a smartphone but still prefer the landline. In addition, cell phone-only consumers are increasing in Taiwan, especially among the younger generation. Rogers' 'Diffusion of innovations' is a theory that seeks to explain how, why, and at what rate new technology or new ideas spread through societies. The technology acceptance model (TAM) is another information systems theory which investigates how users accept and use a technology. In the technology acceptance model, some factors like Perceived usefulness (PU) and Perceived ease-of-use (PEOU) influences attitudes, intention to use and actual use of a new technology. Nonetheless, not all change is necessarily healthy for all consumers. The innovation resistance of a consumer can be viewed as another perspective for studying how and why a society or some consumers accept or refuse a new technology. Based on TAM and innovations resistance perspectives, the researcher studied what are the distinguishing characteristics of those preferring a landline vs. the smartphone? How can these different consumers be reached? What is their usage of internet, landline and smartphones? Thus in this study, the researcher launched two phone surveys, one sample via landline and another sample via mobile phone, interacting with more than 1,000 respondents in each sample. The population in Taiwan exceeds 23,000,000. The researcher used a CATI (Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviewing) system to get RDD (Random Digital Dial) phone numbers for both samples and made them representative of the population. In addition, the researcher used the participant observation records by auditing the survey process to further investigate the characteristics of Taiwanese who prefer landlines or prefer cell phones and smartphones. © 2016 Portland International Conference on Management of Engineering and Technology, Inc.

Yang S.-C.,Shih Hsin University
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise | Year: 2016

INTRODUCTION: A recent US Major League Baseball (MLB) rule change requires baseball pitchers to deliver pitches within 12 sec. PURPOSES: To examine the effect of three, between-pitch rest intervals on throwing performance during a simulated 7-inning game and muscle damage during post-game recovery. DESIGN: A randomized counter-balanced study. METHODS: Seven intercollegiate pitchers threw 15 pitches per inning for 7 innings with rest interval trials of 8, 12, and 20 sec between pitches and 5 min between innings. Pitchers threw aimed fastballs at their best effort. Trials were separated by ≥2 weeks. RESULTS: Progressive decreases in pitching speed and accuracy below baseline (1st inning of 20-sec trial) occurred after 4th inning during the 8-sec and 12-sec trials, but not the 20-sec trial. Plasma creatine kinase (CK) elevated 48 h later for the 8-sec and 12-sec trials (+105% and +75%, P< 0.01), but not the 20-sec trial (+26%, no significance). A transient IL-6 surges immediately after the game for the 8- and 12-sec trials (+265%, +128%, P< 0.01) above baseline. IL-6 reversed below the level of 20-sec trial at 48 h after game, whereas IL-10 increased significantly above the level of 20-sec trial. CONCLUSION: Under the same pitching load, decreasing rest interval from 20 to 12 sec or less results in an early onset performance loss during a game and increases in muscle damage and inflammation for more than 2 days after a game. Our data do not favor the current rule change in concern of keeping musculoskeletal health of pitchers. © 2016 American College of Sports Medicine

Tsai S.-P.,Shih Hsin University
International Journal of Tourism Research | Year: 2012

The notion of place attachment has been evidenced impactful on enhancing the performance of tourism marketing. However, the theoretical development of place attachment characterizes obvious diversities. The current study integrates and reconfigures these diversities to propose the Strategic Management of Place Attachment model. According to the model, a comprehensive attachment-nurturing foundation is constituted by holistic tourist experience, which contains emotional pleasure, cognitive stimulation, psychological growth, self-expressiveness and communal awareness. Place attachment, nurtured upon such foundation, converts into a powerful driver of the tourist's revisit behavior. Noteworthy insights and implications are provided to put the notion of place attachment to best use for tourism marketing. © 2011 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Chen F.-Y.,Shih Hsin University
Computers and Mathematics with Applications | Year: 2011

International portfolios which are composed of domestic assets and foreign assets are popular investment tools for financial institutions in highly integrated global financial markets. However, the focus of past studies had been on either domestic assets or foreign assets, but not both in the same context. They paid no attention to the studies of controlling the market risk of the international portfolios in the risk management literature. In contrast to the existing literature in portfolios, this paper considers not only domestic assets but also foreign assets, and provides an analytical value-at-risk (VaR) with common jump risk and exchange rate risk to manage market risk of international portfolios with exchange rate risk and common jumps over the subprime mortgage crisis. In general, the analytical solution can be used to accurately calculate VaRs by the backtesting criterion in terms of in-sample and out-of-sample fitting for an international portfolio with common jumps. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Yen H.-H.,Shih Hsin University
2013 9th International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference, IWCMC 2013 | Year: 2013

Traditional Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) transmits the scalar data (e.g., temperature, irradiation) to the sink node. A new Wireless Visual Sensor Network (WVSN) that can transmit images is a more promising solution than the WSN on sensing, detecting and monitoring the environment to enhance awareness of the cyber, physical, and social contexts of our daily activities. Sensor coverage in WVSN is more challenging than in WSN due to besides the sensing range coverage, the Field of View (FoV) should also be considered in deploying the sensors. In this paper, we study the sensor coverage problem in WVSN. We first propose the mathematical model to formulate the sensor coverage problem in WVSN. We devise a heuristic algorithm (FoVIC) algorithm to tackle this sensor coverage problem in WVSN. The basic idea of FoVIC algorithm is to deploy a sensor one at a time that can cover the largest number of uncovered nodes and then the algorithm checks for any sensor deployed in the earlier stage that could be removed. From the computational experiments, they show that larger span angle could help the sensors to cover more nodes in bigger grid size and fewer sensors will be need in smaller grid size when in fixed sensing range and span angle. © 2013 IEEE.

Liu Y.-C.,Shih Hsin University
Knowledge-Based Systems | Year: 2013

Traditionally, sequence pattern mining has been used to mine items occurs in time sequences and items were deemed to be irrelevant to each other. However, in real applications, sequence items shown in a record may have some relation. For example, in mining students' learning portfolios, the learning progressions must contain learning objects with forward-directed relations. Namely, the learning objects (items) themselves are evidence of a pre-existing relationship. In addition, most sequence mining algorithms assume the sequence records in databases are all of the same age. Each data record is observed at the same starting and ending point. But, according to the occurrences of events in a given period, the lengths of some sequences are longer than others. Hence the sequences with longer time spans might contain longer patterns than those with shorter time spans. As a result, the frequency of possible patterns shown in longer sequences might be underestimated due to fewer of records. This research proposed two methods, FSP and FSP-LC, to analyze forward sequence data. Latter, a real-life database which records all employee progression histories in a large company was used to verify and explain the proposed methods. The experimental results show that the proposed methods can mine specific and longer sequences to further improve and re-design their personnel systems. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

This study examined the relationship between the changes of physical fitness across the 3-year spectrum of senior high school study and academic performance measured by standardized tests in Taiwan. A unique dataset of 149 240 university-bound senior high school students from 2009 to 2011 was constructed by merging two nationwide administrative datasets of physical fitness test performance and the university entrance exam scores. Hierarchical linear regression models were used. All regressions included controls for students' baseline physical fitness status, changes of physical fitness performance over time, age and family economic status. Some notable findings were revealed. An increase of 1 SD on students' overall physical fitness from the first to third school year is associated with an increase in the university entrance exam scores by 0.007 and 0.010 SD for male and female students, respectively. An increase of 1 SD on anaerobic power (flexibility) from the first to third school year is positively associated with an increase in the university entrance exam scores by 0.018 (0.010) SD among female students. We suggest that education and school health policymakers should consider and design policies to improve physical fitness as part of their overall strategy of improving academic performance.

Yen W.C.-K.,Shih Hsin University
Theoretical Computer Science | Year: 2012

Let G(V,E,w,l) denote an n-vertex and m-edge graph in which w is a function mapping each vertex v to a positive weight w(v) and l is a function mapping each edge e to a positive length l(e). Given a positive integer p, the p-Center problem involves finding a set Q with p vertices of G to be the locations for building facilities. The objective is to minimize the maximum weighted distance from each vertex in VQ to its nearest vertex in Q. This paper considers a practical restriction: the induced subgraph of the selected p vertices must be connected. The new variant is called the Connected p-Center problem (the CpC problem). For each fixed integer t<1, on block graphs with exactly t blocks, we first show that the CpC problem is NP-hard when (1) w(v)=1, for all vertices v, and l(e)∈1,2, for all edges e, and (2) w(v)∈1,2, for all vertices v, and l(e)=1, for all edges e, respectively. Second, an O(n+m)-time algorithm for solving the CpC problem on block graphs with unit vertex-weights and unit edge-lengths is proposed. Then, the algorithmic result is extended to handle the situation in which some vertices in G cannot be included to form feasible solutions. The complexity of the extended algorithm is also O(n+m). © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

As Taiwanese people's awareness of civic consciousness has risen over the past decade, the government has undergone administrative reform to allow citizens to participate in public affairs. The Neighbourhood Park Improvement Plan (NPIP), as executed by the Taipei City Government, is aimed at encouraging community involvement in the planning and design of neighbourhood parks. The purpose of this study was to examine the outcome of the NPIP by comparing facility suitability and functional benefit, as well as park users' emotional bonding and involvement intention, with regards to improved and unimproved neighbourhood parks. The results indicated that park users considered the facility suitability and functional benefits of improved parks to be better than those of unimproved parks. In addition, users' emotional bonding to, and involvement intention for, improved parks were stronger than those of unimproved parks. Based on the findings, suggestions were made for community involvement in park improvement projects. © 2010 Landscape Research Group Ltd.

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