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Shih Chien University is a private university in Taiwan. It has two campuses: one in Dazhi, Zhongshan District, Taipei and the other in Neimen District, Kaohsiung. Its professional performance and courses in design has been regarded in the '60 top D-schools in the world' by BusinessWeek in 2006. Its Master in Industrial Design program was selected into "the best 30 design programs" in the world by BusinessWeek in 2009. Wikipedia.

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Loa Y.-L.,National University of Tainan | Wang W.,National University of Tainan | Ho C.-T.,Shih Chien University
Toxicology | Year: 2012

The development of multidrug resistance (MDR) to conventional chemoradiation therapy usually leads to failure in treating cervical cancer. This study aims to explore the effects and mechanisms of 7,3',4'-trihydroxyisoflavone (7,3',4'-THIF), one of the major metabolites of daidzein, on potentiating cytotoxicity of epirubicin (Epi), an anticancer drug in human cervical cancer HeLa cells. The cytotoxicity of Epi remarkably increased when it was combined with 7,3',4'-THIF. The cotreatment increased the reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels, including hydrogen peroxide and superoxide free radicals. 7,3',4'-THIF was shown to down-regulate the MDR1 promoter region composed of the elements of AP1, GC-box, and Y-box, as demonstrated by a luciferase assay. A negative regulation of hMDR1 gene with multiple transcription factors by this isoflavone may provide a novel molecular mechanism for MDR modulation. The mRNA expressions of MDR1, MDR-associated protein (MRP) 1, and MRP2 for the combined treatment were significantly lower than those of the Epi treatment. This result implies that MDR transporter-mediated Epi resistance is inhibited at various degrees by the addition of 7,3',4'-THIF. This isoflavone significantly enhanced intracellular Epi accumulation in HeLa cells. 7,3',4'-THIF and/or Epi triggered apoptosis through the upregulation of p53, Bax, and caspase-9. Apoptosis induction was also confirmed by the reduced mitochondrial membrane potential, increased sub-G1 and G2/M phases, nuclear DNA fragmentation, and chromatin condensation. Our findings demonstrate for the first time that 7,3',4'-THIF causes cell death in human cervical cancer cells through the ROS-dependent suppression of MDR transporters and p53-mediated activation of the intrinsic mitochondrial pathway of apoptosis. Thus, 7,3',4'-THIF has the potential to enhance the activity of a broad range of cancer chemotherapeutics in the MDR spectrum with the advantage of reducing adverse effects. © 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd.

Wu T.-C.,Shih Chien University | Hsu M.-F.,National Chi Nan University
Knowledge-Based Systems | Year: 2012

The sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2007 and the global financial tsunami of 2008 have undermined worldwide economic stability. Consequently, the timely analysis of credit risk has become more essential than ever before. The performance of early risk warning mechanisms may vary according to the criteria used and the underlying environment. This study establishes numerous criteria to assess the performance of classifiers and introduces a multiple criteria decision making method to determine suitable warning mechanisms. After undergoing these evaluations, the enhanced decision support model (EDSM), which incorporates the relevance vector machine with decision tree, is proposed. A decision tree is employed to overcome the opaque nature of the relevance vector machine; it yields knowledge as logical statements and aids in the interpretability of the forecasting results. The advantages of the EDSM involve overcoming the timeliness problem, fostering faster credit financing decisions, diminishing possible mistakes and reducing the credit analysis cost. This study also examines the feasibility of corporate transparency and the information disclosure (TD) criterion during an upturn in the economy, and finds that this procedure presents a suitable policy-relevant direction for regulators to design future measurements. Finally, this study shows that the EDSM is a promising way for investors, creditors, bankers and regulators to analyze credit rating domains. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Chang C.P.,Shih Chien University | Berdiev A.N.,Bryant University
Energy Economics | Year: 2011

This paper examines the effect of government ideology, political factors and globalization on energy regulation in electricity and gas industries using the bias-corrected least square dummy variable model in a panel of 23 OECD countries over the period of 1975-2007. We find that left-wing governments promote regulation in gas and electricity sectors. Also, less politically fragmented institutions contribute to deregulation of gas and electricity industries. Long tenures of incumbent government have limited impact on regulation in electricity sector, while it is associated with an increase in regulation of gas sector. Further, we find that higher political constraints and more globalized countries lead to deregulation in electricity and gas sectors. We discover that economic and social integration are the forces that promote deregulation in the gas industry, whereas political integration advance deregulation in the electricity industry. We emphasize that political economy factors are important determinants of energy regulation. © 2011 Elsevier B.V.

Lee Y.-H.,Chung Yuan Christian University | Chiou J.-S.,Shih Chien University
Energy | Year: 2011

We develop a two-step methodology to facilitate an examination of the impact of oil shocks on stock returns. Oil price volatility is monitored in this study through the use of a regime-switching model, with the presence of jumps subsequently being taken into consideration to examine the asymmetric effects of oil prices on stock returns. Our analysis provides quite conclusive results based upon the use of a regime-switching model with consideration of jumps; that is, when there are significant fluctuations in oil prices (West Texas Intermediate; WTI), the resultant unexpected asymmetric price changes lead to negative impacts on S&P 500 returns. However, the same result does not hold in a regime of lower oil price fluctuations. We therefore suggest that the achievement of a well diversified portfolio should involve the consideration of oil price shocks, which, as a consequence, should also help to improve the accuracy of hedging against oil price risks. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Hung S.-C.,Shih Chien University
Journal of the Electrochemical Society | Year: 2011

Large scale GaN nanorods arrays with a density of around 1.5 10 10 cm-2 vertically standing on an N-type GaN template were fabricated and subjected to deflection by using a conductive atomic force microscope CrPt tip. The largest value of piezoelectric current for a bended GaN nanorod 80 nm in diameter and 300 nm in length with an aspect ratio of 4 is -250 pA. The piezoelectric current decreased significantly when the aspect ratio is increased. However, no output current was observed for the nanorods with aspect ratio of 1. The fluctuating current is below 30 pA. The results agree well with the results of the noise level experiment. The influence of electrostatic potential, carrier density and conductivity of the etched nitrides nanorods have also been discussed. Furthermore, the full-width-at-half-maximum of the largest current peak was estimated to be 31.25 ms as the tip was scanned over a single nanorod at a scanning velocity of 500 nms. These accumulated electrons released from etched nanorods in a very short time interval can produce a significantly large electric current pulse indicating that the nanoscale mechanical energy conversion could possibly be realized to self-powering nanomaterial based wireless devices by using semiconductor processing technology. © 2011 The Electrochemical Society.

Huang H.-C.,Shih Chien University
Journal of Applied Gerontology | Year: 2012

The demand for senior housing in Taiwan is increasing with aging populations and rising life expectancies. However, the unique characteristics of the aging population provide challenges to the senior housing industry. This study proposes a model based on a modified theory of planned behavior to investigate the factors underlying older adults' intention to move into senior housing in Taiwan. A structural equation analysis showed that the model provided good predictive power. The underlying beliefs leading to the formation of attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control were also examined to provide a more comprehensive framework for studying the formation of seniors' intention. Implications and recommendations to help the senior housing industry develop appropriate strategies and encourage seniors to move into senior housing are also provided. © 2012 The Author(s).

Lin T.-K.,Shih Chien University
Advances in Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2014

This study proposes a new adaptive vision-based method combining discrete wavelet transform- (DWT-) based feature extraction and support vector machine (SVM) classification for automated inspection in manufacturing. This method involves transforming input optical images into a gray-level space and adaptively segmenting them by using region growing combined with DWT-based feature extraction based on support vector machines (SVMs). A multiclassifier SVM is first used to solve multicase problems in inspection. The SVM can be used to effectively classify samples based on the segmented images combined with the image features and perform superior multiclass classification. The proposed algorithm can select the most suitable features for the inspection from many features. The method achieves high-performance inspections and produces more favorable results than existing methods do. © 2014 Tsun-Kuo Lin.

Yu C.-S.,Shih Chien University
Journal of Electronic Commerce Research | Year: 2012

Fast advances in the wireless technology and the intensive penetration of cell phones have motivated banks to spend large budget on building mobile banking systems, but the adoption rate of mobile banking is still underused than expected. Therefore, research to enrich current knowledge about what affects individuals to use mobile banking is required. Consequently, this study employs the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) to investigate what impacts people to adopt mobile banking. Through sampling 441 respondents, this study empirically concluded that individual intention to adopt mobile banking was significantly influenced by social influence, perceived financial cost, performance expectancy, and perceived credibility, in their order of influencing strength. The behavior was considerably affected by individual intention and facilitating conditions. As for moderating effects of gender and age, this study discovered that gender significantly moderated the effects of performance expectancy and perceived financial cost on behavioral intention, and the age considerably moderated the effects of facilitating conditions and perceived self-efficacy on actual adoption behavior.

Lee M.R.,Shih Chien University | Chen T.T.,National Taipei University
Knowledge-Based Systems | Year: 2012

Visualizing the entire domain of knowledge and tracking the latest developments of an important discipline are challenging tasks for researchers. This study builds an intellectual structure by examining a total of 10,974 publications in the knowledge management (KM) field from 1995 to 2010. Document co-citation analysis, pathfinder network and strategic diagram techniques are applied to provide a dynamic view of the evolution of knowledge management research trends. This study provides a systematic and objective means in exploring the development of the KM discipline. This paper not only drew its finding from a large data set but also presented a longitudinal analysis of the development of the KM related studies. The results of this study reflect that the coverage of key KM papers has expanded into a broad spectrum of disciplines. A discussion of the future of KM research is also provided. © 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Wong J.-T.,Shih Chien University
Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing | Year: 2012

To provide selections of logistics outsourcing providers in a global supply chain, this paper proposes a decision support system (DSS), based on fuzzy analytic network process (FANP) and preemptive fuzzy integer goal programming (PFIGP). For decision-makers, a suitable method for selecting third-party logistics (3PL) is critical under the trends of globalization and specialization. The proposed DSS for 3PL provider selection takes into consideration flexible resource and interactions among providers. When applying multiple attribute decision-making (MADM) to selection of 3PL providers, it is difficult for decision-makers to determine the feasible solution domain under limited resources, especially if the decision problems are NP-complete. Moreover, traditional mathematical programming does not incorporate experts' evaluation of providers. This paper employs FANP to obtain experts' scores of the providers, and then integrates the scores into PFIGP to facilitate selection of a 3PL provider with flexible resources. Finally, this paper uses genetic algorithms to solve the PFIGP. An illustrative example is also given to demonstrate such DSS. The test result shows that the degree of providers' interaction affects the final weight of FANP. © Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2010.

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