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Qiao W.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University | An Q.,Tianjin University | Zhao M.,Nanyang Technological University | Wang D.,UAH
Advanced Steel Construction | Year: 2017

In this study, experiments were carried out to investigate the fundamental mechanical features of the cable-supported ribbed beam composite slab structure (CBS). A 1:5 scaled physical model was designed, fabricated and tested. The feasibility and rationality of the CBS fabrication and construction are discussed and justified. The theoretical analysis used to predict the deflection and member forces is verified. It is shown that the CBS is equipped with high stiffness and behaves linearly in terms of force-displacement relationship and all the cable forces, structural deformation, stress of the ribbed beam and strut stresses are symmetrically distributed. Through comparison analysis, the mechanical features of each span are found to be similar and each span can be considered as a relatively independent mechanical unit. When the CBS is loaded, the stresses in the ribbed beam increase gradually from the two ends towards the center, where the maximum stress and deformation locates eventually, while the distribution of cable forces and strut stresses is the other way around. Further monitoring also shows that the temperature effect on the CBS is not significant since the interior constraint forces are self-balanced by the self-adjustable support. © 2017, Hong Kong Institute of Steel Construction. All rights reserved.

Zhang Y.-B.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University | Liu D.-P.,Shi Jiazhuang Teidao University
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2011

In the design of continuous rigid frame bridge setting reasonable pre-camber can eliminate the impact of various loads on the linear in construction process, reduce shrinkage and creep in the process of post-operation, the late loss of pre-stressed, deformation produced by live load and so on ,resulting in deflection phenomenon. Based on the current specifications of the continuous rigid frame bridge camber setting methods, this thesis proposes the reasonable setting suggestions of pre-camber and sets examples to illustrate this. © (2011) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Qiao W.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University | Chen Z.,Tianjin University | Zhao M.,Nanyang Technological University
Advanced Steel Construction | Year: 2012

By combining single layer cylindrical latticed shell (SLCLS) and beam string structure, a new-style prestressed spatial structure cable supported barrel vault structure (CSBV) is formed. Taking a practical CSBV project as prototype, a scaled model with a scale of 1:15 is designed and fabricated, the static loading test is carried out. Research results indicate that the characteristics of the prototype structure can be reflected by this model test. As the load increases, the change rule of the test values of the cables' forces agree with that of theoretical values. The two outmost cables' forces are generally smaller than the other interior cables' forces. The cables' forces in the symmetrical places keep closer. For rods' forces and nodal displacements of CSBV, the test values and theoretical values both keep closer. The differences between test values and theoretical values increases with the load. The test values are larger than the theoretical values, but the change rule still matches. Compared with SLCLS in the same condition, the rods' forces and nodal displacements of the CSBV are both smaller, and the mechanic characteristics of CSBV are more efficient.

Pan C.-Z.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University | Liu Y.-Q.,PLA Military Transportation University | Xue J.-J.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

Bouc-Wen model is a kind of more representative differential hysteretic model, which has the advantages of strong universality and parameters' easily identification and that can better approximate the hysteresis curve. By using nonlinear system dynamics circuit theory, Bouc-Wen mathematical model is transformed into circuit model, the simulation results test the validity of the designed circuit and a physical circuit board is finally made. An experimental setup is established with the data acquisition card and related software. Circuit debugging and signal output under typical excitation of the circuit board are performed, the results show that the circuit board is be feasible to demonstrate the Bouc-Wen model. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Bian J.P.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University | Sun X.Y.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University | Wang M.M.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University | Zheng H.Q.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University | Xing H.,Shi Jiazhuang Tiedao University
Energy Education Science and Technology Part A: Energy Science and Research | Year: 2014

Selection of the optimum investment alternative for power transformer has been a challenge in the power department and utility. Most methods are utilized according to the initial cost and don’t consider the synthetical evaluation of economy and technology. Based on previous research, this paper address a new practical probabilistic life cycle cost (PLCC) model and evaluated procedure based on the PLCCreliability for the optimal choice of power transformer. Then, in order to demonstrate the practicability of PLCC-reliability for the power transformer, illustrative investment alternatives of actual power transformers are discussed. From the result of the numerical investigation, it may be positively stated that the optimum investment alternative for the power transformer based on the PLCC-reliability model proposed in this study will lead to a more rational, economical and effective procedure compared with the conventional method only considering the initial cost. © Sila Science. All Rights Reserved.

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