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Chen S.-K.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Di Y.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Shi R.-D.,Beijing Jiaotong University | Shi R.-D.,Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co. | And 2 more authors.
Jiaotong Yunshu Xitong Gongcheng Yu Xinxi/Journal of Transportation Systems Engineering and Information Technology | Year: 2017

The investigation on the development features and law of a fire on platforms is crucial to ensure operational safety and efficient evacuation for metro operation. The study employs the simulation software Pyrosim to investigate a fire on metro platforms, mainly focusing on the characteristics of smoke diffusion and the effects on a fire process from the varieties of hate release rate, fire number and positions and smoke exhaust rate in different scenarios. The evacuation scenarios considering different ventilation strategies are also investigated and analyzed due to evacuation time and velocity. The results for this study are able to support the emergency measures and evacuation during a fire on metro platforms. Copyright © 2017 by Science Press.

Zhou K.,Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co. | Wang L.,Northeast Forestry University | Lin H.,Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co.
Wuhan Ligong Daxue Xuebao (Jiaotong Kexue Yu Gongcheng Ban)/Journal of Wuhan University of Technology (Transportation Science and Engineering) | Year: 2016

This paper begins with uncovering the limitations of existing social force models, and then improves the social force model for pedestrian traffic microcosmic simulation. The pedestrian walk together mechanism was established to model such a behavior of pedestrian walk together. After that pedestrian conflict avoidance mechanism was proposed to eliminate some unreasonable phenomenon, such as pedestrian overlap and mutual crossing. Simultaneously, visual field factor was introduced to revise the impact of pedestrian's visual field on their mutual acting force. According to the aforementioned three ways, an improved social force model and its corresponding simulation platform were developed. The validity of such an improved social force model was testified through the reconstruction for those phenomena of pedestrian walk together, conflict avoidance, pedestrian flow macroscopic characteristic, and pedestrian flow self-reorganization. © 2016, Editorial Department of Journal of Wuhan University of Technology. All right reserved.

Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co. and Shenzhen Bridge Design & Research Institute Co. | Date: 2011-09-30

A large-span and special-shaped arch bridge, comprising a main girder (2), a center abutment (11) served as a central bearing point and two auxiliary abutments (12,13) served as bearing points at two ends, wherein further comprising an arch-axis combination (3) and two arch-axis bending beams (4,5) presented as arcs projected upwards, the arch-axis combination being built on the center abutment (11) with two ends connected to the inner ends of the two arch-axis bending beams (4,5), the outer ends of the two arch-axis bending beams (4,5) being built on the two auxiliary abutments (12,13), the two arch-axis bending beams (4,5) being connected to the main girder (2) via a plurality of inhaul cables. A method for constructing said arch bridge is also disclosed. Through the dual-arch axis of two arch-axis bending beams, the bending strength of the cross-section of the arch bridge is significantly increased, the bending moment of the cross-section of the arch at the central bearing point is decreased, the vertical displacement at the haunch of the arch is lesser, and the deformation of the main girder is reduced, thus the force of the entire bridge is more reasonable, the construction cost can effectively be reduced and the construction period can be shortened.

Zhang W.-G.,Chang'an University | Zou Y.-X.,Chang'an University | Sun G.-Q.,Shenzhen Municipal Design Research Institute Co. | Wang F.,Chang'an University
Wuhan Ligong Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Wuhan University of Technology | Year: 2012

The photoeatalytic performance influencing factors of asphalt mixture adulterated with TiO 2 is now in low level. An experiment was designed to analyse the influencing factors according to the mechanism of its photoeatalytic, this experiment chose the photoeatalytic performance to CO and HC of mixture to be the object of research, and set up the conception of correction 'n' of gas concentration to deal with this problem. The results show that the grain size, crystalline nature, and modified by nonmetallic elements of TiO 2 is the internal cause of the photoeatalytic performance influencing factors while temperature and illumination intensity to be external cause. Asphalt mixture adulterated with N-doped anatase nanometer TiO 2 has high hotoeatalytic performance.

Yang S.-F.,Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co. | Zhang J.-J.,Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co. | Zou G.-L.,Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co. | Du Z.-L.,Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co.
Huanjing Kexue/Environmental Science | Year: 2014

Microbial granules were successfully developed in a pilot-scale sequencing batch reactor (SBR) for the treatment of real municipal wastewater. The aerobic granules developed had good settleability with a settling velocity of >21 m·h-1. The mature granular sludge was capable of simultaneous removal of chemical oxygen demand (COD), nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). With the cycle of 3 h, the effluent COD, ammonium nitrogen (NH4 +-N) and total nitrogen (TN) concentrations were <50 mg·L-1, <5.0 mg·L-1, and <15 mg·L-1, respectively. The removal efficiency for TN and total phosphorus (TP) was about 50%. Examinations by confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) showed that extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) were uniformly distributed throughout the granules, forming the granule structure matrix. X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis indicated the presence of SiO2 and other metal oxides inside aerobic granules, implying that minerals in real wastewater might function as the seed in the initial stage of aerobic granulation.

PubMed | Shenzhen Municipal Design & Research Institute Co.
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Huan jing ke xue= Huanjing kexue | Year: 2013

For the treatment of municipal wastewater, the effects of the reversed A2/O-MBR system on COD, NH4+ -N, TN, TP, SS and transmembrane pressure (TMP) were investigated through two-point feeding. The results indicated that the removal efficiencies for COD and NH4+ -N were high in the system, the effluent met the requirements of the Class A in first grade discharge standard of GB 18918-2002. The effluent TN was < 15 mg x L(-1) when the reflux ratio of nitrification was 200%, whereas the average TP removal rate was 90% after the excessive sludge was removed. The effluent SS was < 10 mg x L(-1) before the large-scale breakage of membrane. The TMP increased gradually with the operation of the system, if the way of aeration was not correct, the TMP would increase quickly. Efficient separation by the membrane contributed to the removal of COD, TP and SS. Because there was no sludge washout in the system, SRT could be properly controlled, it was good for the ammonia-oxidizing bacteria and denitrifying bacteria which both have long life-cycle. Even if the inflow was increased to 1.5 fold, the effluent quality was good when the sludge concentration was increased to 6500 mg x L(-1).

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