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Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology is a university located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. Its current president is Zhang Jihong. Wikipedia.

He J.,Aberystwyth University | Lin G.,Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology
IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation | Year: 2016

In evolutionary optimization, it is important to understand how fast evolutionary algorithms converge to the optimum per generation, or their convergence rates. This letter proposes a new measure of the convergence rate, called the average convergence rate. It is a normalized geometric mean of the reduction ratio of the fitneb difference per generation. The calculation of the average convergence rate is very simple and it is applicable for most evolutionary algorithms on both continuous and discrete optimization. A theoretical study of the average convergence rate is conducted for discrete optimization. Lower bounds on the average convergence rate are derived. The limit of the average convergence rate is analyzed and then the asymptotic average convergence rate is proposed. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Weifeng Z.,Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology
Journal of Electrical Systems | Year: 2015

The need for control algorithm of low switching losses and harmonic distortion is becoming more and more urgent, especially when the high frequency devices are used in the power electronic systems . So a new space vector modulation (SVM) was introduced, which has the virtue of low switching losses and harmonic distortion. And the algorithm model was built to study its operation in Simulink. Simulation results, including the output voltage waveforms and the spectrum of the output line-to-line voltage, were given under various modulation indices and N (the ratio of carrier frequency to modulation wave frequency). The experiments of the algorithm had been carried out based on TMS320F2812 DSP. It is shown that the proposed SVM makes doubled calculations at specified switching frequency. And the output THD of it is better than that of 7-segment SVM. © JES 2015. Source

Chen Y.-Q.,Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology
International Journal of Theoretical Physics | Year: 2013

One-parameter general coherent state of the gl(2,1) superalgebra is constructed. Its properties are discussed in detail. One-parameter matrix elements of the gl(2,1) generators in the one-parameter general coherent-state space are calculated. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media New York. Source

Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology | Date: 2014-06-04

The invention provides a method and device of extracting a sound source acoustic image body in 3D space. The method includes: determining a spatial position of a sound source acoustic image and determining a speaker beside the spatial position where the sound source acoustic image is located according to the determined spatial position (, , ) of the sound source acoustic image; calculating a correlation of signals of all sound tracks of the selected speaker in the horizontal direction and the vertical direction, and obtaining and storing a parameter set {IC

Sun Y.,Shenzhen Institute of Information Technology
Yadian Yu Shengguang/Piezoelectrics and Acoustooptics | Year: 2016

This paper presents a new type metal-piezoelectric composite tube actuator to meet the requirements of micro vibration control and vibration isolation system for the shift, driving force and other performance requirements of piezoelectric actuator. The tubular piezoelectric actuators are bonded to a metal tube, when the piezoelectric tube is subjected to the external excitation voltage effect, it will produce the expansion strain in the axial direction, so that the metal tube in the axial direction will produce displacement and driving force. Firstly, the static actuation performance of the metal-piezoelectric actuator is analyzed, the results show that the metal-piezoelectric actuator has moderate displacement and driving force; at the same time, using the finite element method to validate the above result. For a certain metal-piezoelectric composite pipe, the strain obtained by theoretical calculation formula is 0.912×10-5, and the strain obtained by the finite element method is 0.925×10-5. It proves the effectiveness and correctness of the theoretical calculation formula; Finally, the design and fabrication of a copper piezoelectric composite actuator is carried out. © 2016, Sichuan Institute of Piezoelectric and Acoustooptic Technology. All right reserved. Source

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