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— Global Anti-static Floor Market 2012- 2022 Report provides detailed analysis of market in 9 chapters with required tables and figures. Global Anti-static Floor Market report classifies Anti-static Floor types as Direct Laying Anti-static Floor and Anti-static Access Floor. Applications covered in this report are Data Warehousing, Computer Training Rooms, Clean Room, Electronics Manufacturing and Hyperbaric Spaces in Healthcare Settings. This report also provides key analysis for the geographical regions like Europe, North America, China, Japan & Korea. Companies like Mohawk Group, Armstrong, Gerflor, Lg Hausys, Tarkett, Staticworx, Flowcrete, Julie Industries, Altro, Ecotile, Mero, Formica, Silikal, Huatong, Huaji, Huili, Tkflor, Shenyang Aircraft, Xiangli Floor, Kehua, Changzhou Chenxing, Youlian, Jiachen, Replast, Viking, Forbo, Polyflor, Fatra, Epoehitus, Sia Ab Baltic, Epoproff, Alfapol, Elacor and more are profiled in this report providing information on sale, price, sales regions, products and overview. Purchase a copy of this report at: Table of Contents: 1 Market Overview 1.1 Objectives of Research 1.2 Market Segment 2 Industry Chain 2.1 Industry Chain Structure 2.2 Upstream 2.3 Market 3 Environmental Analysis 3.1 Policy 3.2 Economic 3.3 Technology 3.4 Market Entry 4 Major Vendors 5 Market/Vendors Distribution 5.1 Regional Distribution 5.2 Product and Application 6 Regions Market 6.1 Global 6.2 Europe 6.3 North America 6.4 China 6.5 Japan & Korea 6.6 Trade 7 Forecast 7.1 Market Trends 7.2 Segment Forecast 8 Marketing Overview 8.1 Ex-factory Price 8.2 Buyer Price 8.3 Price Factors 8.4 Marketing Channel 9 Conclusion Inquire more about this report at: For more information, please visit

Feng Z.-M.,Shenyang Aircraft Company | Zou C.,Beihang University | Liu J.-H.,Beihang University
Jisuanji Jicheng Zhizao Xitong/Computer Integrated Manufacturing Systems, CIMS | Year: 2010

Concept of key assembly characteristics was proposed according to structure and assembly characteristics of aircraft product. Method to identify and control key assembly characteristics was systematically analyzed. Key assembly characteristics were difficult to be identified in the design phase, it needed to refer to assembly scheme. Datum flow chain was addressed to present the accumulation of variation among joints. The most error stacked joints were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively to identify key assembly characteristics. The key assembly characteristics were controlled by flown-down to sub assembly and compensation. An example was provided to verify the effectiveness of the proposed method by identifying and controling the key assembly characteristics of an aircraft vertical tail.

Li Z.,Shenyang Aerospace University | Yue Y.,Shenyang Aerospace University | Ji S.,Shenyang Aerospace University | Peng C.,Beihang University | Wang L.,Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Materials and Design | Year: 2016

As the main factor significantly influencing the material flow behavior during friction stir spot welding (FSSW), tool geometry plays an important role on the weld quality. In this study, a tool with a half-threaded pin aiming to enhance the material flow at the lap interface but induces lower heat input was successfully put forward and manufactured. Using alclad 2A12-T4 aluminum alloy as the research object, the FSSW processes using tools with half-threaded pin and full-threaded pin were investigated by experimental and simulation methods. Compared with the full-threaded pin, peak temperature during welding using the half-threaded pin is lower than that using the full-threaded pin. The half-threaded pin was beneficial for attaining bigger bonding width at the lap interface, which resulted from the higher material flow velocity. Cross tension failure load of the welds using the half-threaded pin is bigger than that using the full-threaded pin, which agrees with the different bonding widths. Fracture morphologies directly prove bigger bonding width on the weld using the half-threaded pin. © 2016 Elsevier Ltd.

Zhang L.,Jilin Business and Technology College | Zhang L.,Jilin University | Zhang M.,Jilin University | Zhang M.,Shenyang Aircraft Corporation | Wu Y.,Jilin University
Journal of Molecular Structure | Year: 2014

In the present study, we apply fluorescence spectroscopy and Fourier transform infrared (FT IR) spectroscopy to investigate the temperature-induced optical property and conformational changes of BSA-protected gold nanoclusters (AuNCs@BSA). By the plot of single-band-shift, combined with VV-2D correlation analysis including hetero-spectral correlation and moving window correlation, the dynamics changes of the ligand BSA induced by temperature have been investigated in detail and compared with that induced by the perturbation of pressure. The study may be helpful to stimulate more experimental and theoretical research on the atomic level design of luminescent metal nanoclusters for promising optoelectronic and other applications. © 2014 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.

Yang X.-W.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Zhu J.-C.,Harbin Institute of Technology | Nong Z.-S.,Harbin Institute of Technology | He D.,Harbin Institute of Technology | And 3 more authors.
Transactions of Nonferrous Metals Society of China (English Edition) | Year: 2013

The workpieces of A357 alloy were routinely heat treated to the T6 state in order to gain an adequate mechanical property. The mechanical properties of these workpieces depend mainly on solid-solution temperature, solid-solution time, artificial aging temperature and artificial aging time. An artificial neural network (ANN) model with a back-propagation (BP) algorithm was used to predict mechanical properties of A357 alloy, and the effects of heat treatment processes on mechanical behavior of this alloy were studied. The results show that this BP model is able to predict the mechanical properties with a high accuracy. This model was used to reflect the influence of heat treatments on the mechanical properties of A357 alloy. Isograms of ultimate tensile strength and elongation were drawn in the same picture, which are very helpful to understand the relationship among aging parameters, ultimate tensile strength and elongation. © 2013 The Nonferrous Metals Society of China.

Zhang L.,Shenyang Aerospace University | Pan Y.,Shenyang Aerospace University | Li Z.,Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

ABAQUS software is used to simulate the stamping process of the Y-shaped tube to study the feasibility of stamping forming. The simulation results are analyzed to study how fabrication holes affect the ability of sheet metal forming. The results show that it is possible to form the Y-shaped tube by stamping; fabrication holes with reasonable size and location can improve the distribution of stress and strain, and enhance the limit deformation ability of the sheet. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Yin H.,Shenyang Aircraft Company | Meng B.,Shenyang Aerospace University
CSAE 2012 - Proceedings, 2012 IEEE International Conference on Computer Science and Automation Engineering | Year: 2012

Combined the roughcast expansion technology for double curvature high rib integral panel part from a certain type of aircraft, a rapid and precise expansion method for the part is realized. The part base expansion method uses geometric simulation modeling method based on the hypothesis of the siding material deformation in thickness direction is negligible and the siding neutral layer surface area is unchanged, and determines reinforced structure and internal milling information on panel body based on mapping theorem and intersection algorithm. Finally, a machine panel as an example, the geometry simulation modeling approach is introduced step by step. © 2012 IEEE.

Yang X.,Shenyang Aircraft Corporation | Gu X.,Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
ICRMS'2011 - Safety First, Reliability Primary: Proceedings of 2011 9th International Conference on Reliability, Maintainability and Safety | Year: 2011

The reliability of aircraft electrical components directly affects the combat performance of the aircraft. But the reliability is determined by the design, processing, environmental factors, accidents and other factors. Environmental testing is to prove the reliability and processing. According to the failure characteristics of electrical components, We have developed hot-humid, salt spray, mildew testing items to prove the reliability. This article is about the testing method of hot-humid, salt spray, mildew and they how to affect electrical components, finding out the way to reduce the failure rate of electrical components. © 2011 IEEE.

Liu S.,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics | Luo Z.,Shenyang Aircraft Corporation | Tan G.,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics | Tan G.,Anhui University of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Hangkong Xuebao/Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica | Year: 2013

The 3D measurement and evaluation of aircraft assemblies can provide critical data in the manufacturing process for quality enhancement. It is a complicated task to measure a complex aircraft structure during manufacturing with the requirements of no auxiliary equipment for the measurement, no influence on the assembly process, and numerous other restrictions at the site. Difficulties in the task include measure the object in various ways, realize data alignment with low accumulation error, and get data from obstructed areas. In this paper, we propose an integrated metrology approach which combines photogrammetry, structure light scanning and optical tracking measurement with a handheld probe. The data from the three types of optical measurement is unified into one coordinate system by using some designated reference points. In order to achieve high accuracy in aligning the measurement data with the CAD model, the principles for choosing the registration points are proposed based on the theory of sensitivity analysis. To demonstrate the validity of our method, an aircraft fore fuselage is measured, and the data registration using our proposed principles is performed, which shows that our method is valid and it produces accurate results for the in-process quality evaluation of complex aircraft assemblies.

Qu F.,Shenyang Aircraft Corporation
Jinshu Rechuli/Heat Treatment of Metals | Year: 2015

Effects of vacuum repeat annealing on microstructure and properties of TA15 titanium alloy were studied. Based on typical parts of TA15 titanium alloy, the distortion correction method and the process parameters were analyzed and studied. The results show that with annealing time increasing, the tensile strength of TA15 titanium alloy decreases slightly, plasticity increases slightly, but not much variation, and the recrystallization degree is more completely, residual β phase distribution is more dispersine, and the microstructure is stable. Thus TA15 titanium alloy parts can adopt hot distortion correction method to practice. The hot distortion correction process parameters of TA15 titanium alloy are determined through typical parts correction. ©, 2015, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society of Heat Treatment. All right reserved.

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