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Longgang, China

Gu X.,Shennan Circuits Co. | Yung K.C.,Hong Kong Polytechnic University
16th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology, ICEPT 2015 | Year: 2015

A simple and facile camera flash sintering method has been developed to sinter the ink-jet printed silver nanoparticle traces at room temperature to form conductive circuit on flexible polymer substrates. The electrical resistivity of silver traces sintered by two times of camera flash can be decreased to 8.4 μΩ cm, which is only about 1/3 that of the silver tracks thermally sintered at 150 °C for 80min. As camera flash sintering is fast, simple and cost-effective, it is promising to be widely used for nanoink-jet printed electronics. Furthermore, this method is expected be readily generalized to prepare other types of metal lines on various substrates such as glass and polymer owing to the room temperature process. The sintering mechanism is also investigated via in-situ recording temperature of the Ag nanoparticles based track during the flash sintering, which confirms the enhanced photothermal effect of nanostructures. © 2015 IEEE. Source

A printed circuit board (PCB) a method for processing PCB and an electronic apparatus are provided. The method for processing PCB may include: forming a hole in the PCB, wherein the PCB includes a metal matrix and at least two substrate layers, at least one of the at least two substrate layers has an geoelectric layer thereon; the metal matrix is fixed in a slot provided its the substrate, the formed hole contacts with both the geoelectric layer and the metal matrix; and providing conductive substances in the hole, with the conductive substances in the hole being in contact with the inner geoelectric layer and the metal matrix, so that the inner geoelectric layer and the metal matrix are in conduction with each other. The solutions of the embodiments of the application are beneficial to improve reliability of connection between the geoelectric layer and the metal matrix of the PCB, and improve transmission performance of a high frequency signal.

Shennan Circuits Co. | Date: 2012-05-18

A package structure and a packaging method thereof are provided, in which an inductor is integrated into a substrate so as to save a packaging space and thus improve the integration level and packaging effect of the system. The package structure includes a substrate, wherein a first metal enclosing structure and a second metal enclosing structure are provided on the substrate and are connected through a connecting hole in the substrate so as to form a helical

Jing J.,Shennan Circuits Co. | Lingwen K.,Shennan Circuits Co.
Proceedings - 2010 11th International Conference on Electronic Packaging Technology and High Density Packaging, ICEPT-HDP 2010 | Year: 2010

With the rapid development of high-speed digital circuits and high-integration-chip technology, more high-speed signals need to be transferred in high-speed interconnection. However, high-speed signals will experience delay, reflection, attenuation and crosstalk during the transferring. The transmission characteristic of printed circuit board (PCB) is very important as PCB is the support for the whole circuit systems. As the signal integrity is very critical for the electronic products, both designers of high-speed circuit and PCB manufactures focus on solving the signal integrity problem. Signal integrity in high-speed circuit design is very important. In this study, discontinuous ground and the via hole signal integrity analysis in the PCB level were carried out on the basis of transmission lines. Based on the results of the experiments, guidelines for design and manufacturing process were proposed to improve the signal integrity problem. With the rapid development of electronic technology, largescale and super large-scale integrated circuits are used in the systems. The size of the Integrate circuits chip is smaller and smaller, and the I/0 amount is more and more according to the package type of integrate circuits chip. And the speed of the signal is more and more fast with the development of the integrate circuits process. How to deal with the high-speed signal becomes the key while engineers design the circuits because of the smaller size of the electronic design, the higher density of the circuit layout, and the higher and higher frequency of the signal. With the rapid development of highspeed digital circuits and high-integration-chip technology, influence of the transmission line and delamination characteristic on system electronical performance is more and more important. Therefore, high speed system design need to solve signal integrity problems of delay .crosstalk and transmission line effect, and so on. The influence of the high-speed interconnection on signal integrity includes two parts.Firstly, delay, reflection, and crosstalk effect of transmission line because of the impedance mismatch, discontinuous interconnection. Secondly, isochronous Switching Noise (SSN), for some circuits sharing the ground or feeder with the EMC. The first part was carried out in this article. © 2010 IEEE. Source


Shennan Circuits Co. | Date: 2012-01-16

Computer chips; integrated circuits; printed circuits.

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