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Taiyuan, China

Shanxi University is a public university located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi province, China. Founded in 1902, SXU was one of the 3 pioneer national modern universities of China in 1910s . The university provides courses covering philosophy, law, education, liberal arts, history, science, engineering, medical science and management to local and international students pursuing Bachelor, Master or PhD degrees. A national base of Chinese Language and Culture Education was designated by the State Council for SXU's good teaching and research quality in relevant field. At present, 10713 undergraduates and 2200 postgraduates are registered with SXU. Wikipedia.

A simple method of room temperature phosphorescence is proposed for the determination of propranolol enantiomeric composition based on β-cyclodextrin as the chiral host and bromocyclohexane as the heavy atom. Enantiomeric complexes are formed upon binding of the propranolol enantiomer to β-cyclodextrin, and the sign of the resultant phosphorescence signals allows for the identity of the propranolol enantiomers configuration to be determined successfully. Source

Wen X.-J.,Shanxi University
Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology | Year: 2013

The quark quasiparticle model is extended to study the properties of color-flavor locked strange quark matter at finite chemical potential and in a strong magnetic field. We present a self-consistent thermodynamic treatment by employing a chemical potential dependent bag function. It is found that the magnetized color-flavor locked (MCFL) matter is more stable than other phases within a proper magnitude of magnetic field. The stability window is graphically shown for the MCFL matter compared with ordinate magnetized matter. The anisotropic structure of MCFL matter is dominated by the magnetic field and almost independent of the energy gaps. A critical maximum magnetic field of about 1.56×1018 G is found, under which MCFL matter is absolutely stable with respect to nuclear matter. © 2013 American Physical Society. Source

Ding J.,Shanxi University
Computers and Mathematics with Applications | Year: 2013

In this paper we discuss the blow-up for classical solutions to the following class of parabolic equations with Robin boundary condition: {(b(u)) t=∇•(g(u) ∇u)+f(u)in Ω×(0,T),∂u/ ∂n +γu=0 on ∂Ω×(0,T),u(x,0)=h(x)≥0in Ω̄, where Ω is a bounded domain of ℝN(N≥2) with smooth boundary ∂Ω. By constructing some appropriate auxiliary functions and using a first-order differential inequality technique, we derive conditions on the data which guarantee the blow-up or the global existence of the solution. For the blow-up solution, a lower bound on blow-up time is also obtained. Moreover, some examples are presented to illustrate the applications. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

Zhao J.,Shanxi University
Molecular genetics and genomics : MGG | Year: 2014

Sulfur dioxide (SO2) supplies the basic sulfur element to promote plant growth, yet at the same time it is a harmful air pollutant. Currently, the mechanisms of plant adaptation to SO2 stress are largely unknown. Pathways of SO2 metabolism, a range of networks of interacting regulatory signals and defense mechanisms triggered in resistance to SO2 stress, have not yet been clarified. We performed transcriptome analysis of Arabidopsis plants fumigated with 30 mg m(-3) SO2 for 72 h and untreated controls using microarrays. This identified 2,780 significantly up- or down-regulated genes in plants response to SO2 stress, indicating a possible genome-scale reprogramming of the transcriptome. Significant changes in the transcript abundance of genes that participated in SO2 metabolic pathways indicated that numerous sulfites were involved in sulfur assimilatory pathways directly and away from sulfite oxidative pathways. Furthermore, the up-regulation of components involved in reactive oxygen species generating and scavenging pathways demonstrated altered redox homeostasis. Transcripts encoding key components in nitric oxide biosynthesis pathways were simultaneously up-regulated by SO2 exposure. In addition, transcripts associated with putative biotic stress were also up-regulated. Therefore, SO2 evokes a comprehensive reprogramming of metabolic pathways, consistent with up-regulation of transcripts involved in tolerance and defense mechanisms, in Arabidopsis. Source

Fan X.-Q.,Shanxi University
Expert Systems with Applications | Year: 2013

Web services are emerging technologies that enable application to application communication and reuse of autonomous services. Web services composition is a concept of integrating component services to conduct complex business transactions based on functionality and performance constraints. With the rapid growth of Web services on the Internet, the services owing the same functionality and different performance become more and more, and different users care for different quality. Therefore, designing effective decision-making method for the personalized composite service has become a fundamental problem for the application based on Web service. In this paper, oriented to the user need with single optimization objective, an efficient algorithm, which consists of Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and Niche technology, is presented to solve the Web service selection problem. Furthermore, in view of the practical composition requirements including multiple optimization objectives, an algorithm used to resolve the service selection with multi-objective multi-constraint is designed based on NPSO and the intelligent optimization theory of multi-objective PSO, which can produce a set of Pareto optimal composite services by means of optimizing various objective functions simultaneously. Experimental results show that NPSO algorithm owns better global convergence ability with faster convergence speed. Meanwhile, multi-objective multi-constraint NPSO is both feasible and efficient. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Source

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