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Liu Y.M.,Shangqiu Medical College | Zhang C.L.,Shangqiu Polytechnic | Lou S.F.,Shangqiu Medical College | Wang Q.,Shangqiu Medical College
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

Corrosion inhibitor-inorganic clay composite including 2-mercaptobenzimidazole(MBI) anions intercalating Zn-Al layered double hydroxides(LDHs) assembled via anion-exchange reaction. Powder X-ray diffraction(XRD) and Fourier transform infrared(FT-IR) spectrum analysing and scanning electron microscopy(SEM) indicate that the MBI anion are successfully intercalated into the LDHs interlayer. The benzene plane is horizontal arrangement rather than vertical orientation in the interlayer spacing. The active anticorrosive property of AA2024 alloy with the active anticorrosion coating is evaluated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS). The sol-gel coating doped with the LDHs clearly demonstrates long-term anticorrosive performances compared to the undoped sol-gel coating, due to the release of corrosion inhibitor from the LDHs. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

He X.,Henan Agricultural University | Wang D.,Henan Agricultural University | Wang D.,Northeast Agricultural University | Zhang Y.,Shangqiu Polytechnic | Tang Y.,Henan Agricultural University
BioResources | Year: 2016

To improve the bonding strength between adhesive and enhance the performance of composite board made from corn stalk rinds, a method for preparing three-layer composite boards was proposed. Accordingly, corn stalk rinds with the epidermis removed, were used as the core layer, while crushed aggregates from the epidermis were used as the surface layer of the composite board. Single-factor and orthogonal experiments were conducted to analyze the effects of the sampling height of corn stalk rinds, the surface layer proportions, and the hot-pressing temperature and time on the physico-mechanical properties of composite board. The resulting composite board from corn stalk rinds showed enhanced properties, except for the internal bond strength (P < 0.01). The physical properties of the composite board were significantly improved (P < 0.01) by removing the crushed aggregates of the epidermis, forming a single layer of composite board. The optimal parameters were as follows: the sampling height below the ear part of the corn stalk rinds; 12% surface layers; 150 °C hot-pressing temperature; and 6 min time. Under these conditions, the physico-mechanical properties of the composite board met the requirement level for particleboard. This research supports the use of corn stalk rinds as composite boards.

Xie H.,Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University | Yan Y.,Jiangxi Science and Technology Normal University | Hou Y.C.,Shangqiu Polytechnic
International Journal of Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering | Year: 2016

As a powerful tool for phase transition analysis, the mean-field theory of rumor spreading brings us a new method for research in Online Social Networks (OSN). Based on the theory of complex networks, we simulate the complex process of rumor spreading in OSN. Using numerical simulations with focus on the information spreading threshold as well as critical behaviors, we study the Susceptible-Infected-Recovered- Susceptible (SIRS) information dynamics model in OSN with asymmetric propagation. Basic principle and structure of OSN were analyzed. We present a rumor spreading model, where the influence of the neighbor trees is treated in a more realistic way and the definition of a neighborhood can be tuned by an additional parameter. Based on the mean-field theory approach, a contact network model with scale-free property is built. It is demonstrated that the asymmetry of propagation plays important role: We could redistribute the asymmetry to balance the degree heterogeneity of the network and then to restore the information threshold to a finite value. The relationship of spreading probability, network size, infected fraction and infected ratio are showed respectively in the paper. Our model exhibits a surprisingly sharp phase transition which can be shifted by a redefinition of the neighborhood. The result shows that the SIRS model built in this paper is valid and the simulation of the information propagation is feasible. © 2016 SERSC.

Zhang Y.-L.,Shangqiu Polytechnic
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2014

In order to improve the wear resistance of ordinary carbon steel, 3.0%-3.5%B was added in the raw materials of lowcarbon steel. The microstructure and the XRD analysis shows that the microstructure of as cast alloy consists of ferrite, pearlite and Fe2B. Fe2B forms continuous reticulation and distributes along the grain boundary, ferrite is irregular block, distributes in the boride around, a lamellar pearlite distributes in middle of the boride and ferrite. After 980℃ × 2 h+250℃ × 4 h quenching and tempering heat treatment, ferrite and pearlite all change to lath martensite with good strength and toughness. The local reticular structure of Fe2B was break, but still form mesh distribution. After the test, the hardness of casting alloy is HRC≥60.2, impact toughness≥12.5 J/cm2, the wear resistance is increased by 2.5 times compared with 40Gr steel. It can be applied as the metal material withexcellent wear resistance.

Zhang Y.,Shangqiu Polytechnic | Zhang Q.,Shangqiu Polytechnic
Proceedings of the 2011 2nd International Conference on Digital Manufacturing and Automation, ICDMA 2011 | Year: 2011

CNC machine is a highly typical mechatronics product which is a set of electronic technology, computer technology, automatic control technology and servo drive technology and precision machinery technology. As an expensive precision machine tool, CNC machine is generally the key enterprises and the critical equipment of the key processes, once the downtime, the impact and losses are often large. Mostly, failure of the CNC machine are electrical failure, so, inspection, analysis, diagnosis, and exclusion of the CNC electrical fault are particularly important to take full advantage of the benefits of the CNC machine. © 2011 IEEE.

Gao L.,Shangqiu Polytechnic | Liu H.,Shangqiu Polytechnic
Optik | Year: 2016

Probability hypothesis density (PHD) filter is an effective means to track multiple targets in that it avoids explicit data association between measurements and targets. However, the PHD filter cannot be directly applied to track targets in imperfect detection probability conditions. Otherwise, the performance of almost all the PHD-based filters significantly decreases. Aiming at improving the estimate accuracy as for target states and their number, a multi-target tracking algorithm using the probability hypothesis density filter is proposed, where a novel multi-frame scheme is introduced to cope with estimates of undetected targets caused by the imperfect detection probability. According to the weights of targets at different time steps, both the previous weight array and state extraction identifier of individual targets are constructed. When the targets are undetected at some times, the states of the undetected targets are extracted based on previous weight arrays and state extraction identifiers of correlative targets. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm effectively improves the performance of the existing relevant PHD-based filters in imperfect detection of probability scenarios. © 2016 Elsevier GmbH

Gao L.,Shangqiu Polytechnic | Wang Y.,Shangqiu Polytechnic
Optik | Year: 2016

The probability hypothesis density (PHD) is an effective method for tracking the time-varying number of targets in multi-target tracking. Gaussian mixture is an approximation method to obtain the closed solution of PHD. However, the tracking performance of the Gaussian mixture PHD filter will decline sharply when multiple targets born and disappear in closely spaced target tracking scenarios. In addition, real-time performance of multi-target tracking cannot be met in heavy clutter scenario. To solve these problems, an improved measurement-driven Gaussian mixture PHD algorithm is proposed in this paper. First, the multi-target measurement set at each time step is divided into non-intersect measurement subset, where only survival and birth measurement set are used to update targets. Due to most clutter measurements do not used to update targets in the update step, better real-time performance can be achieved. Second, for the purposed of further improve the performance or multiple target tracking, a backward smoothing based on varied length window is utilized to reduce the possibility of wrong tracking of targets. In numerical experiments, the results demonstrate that the proposed approach can achieve better performance compared to the other existing methods. © 2016 Elsevier GmbH.

Tang W.,ShangQiu Polytechnic | Zheng F.,ShangQiu Polytechnic
Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology | Year: 2013

Intelligent Transportation is a modern electronic-based IT service-oriented transportation system. The prominent features of the information collection, processing, release, exchange, analysis, use the main line, to provide diversity of services for the traffic participants. Semi-supervised clustering is to use some data on the type of mark or constraints to aid the process of non-supervised clustering. The paper presents using semi-supervised clustering algorithm to construct the intelligent transportation system. The algorithm uses the tag data and constraints to meet the objective function of the clustering results. Experiment results show that the Constrained K-means algorithm can better than Seeded K-means algorithm in building ITS. © 2005 - 2013 JATIT & LLS. All rights reserved.

Wang Y.,ShangQiu Polytechnic | Liu X.,ShangQiu Polytechnic
Proceedings - 2012 International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Engineering Applications, ISDEA 2012 | Year: 2012

Mankind's energy problems are the biggest problems of human existence and development. Human energy has gone through three times, the use of firewood energy that the fire started is a sign of human civilization, as an era has ended, As an era has ended, the chemical energy of modern civilization and contribute to the development of productive forces, the side effects are also evident, Humans gradually reduce the proportion of chemical energy, so enter the nuclear energy-driven, wind, solar-assisted multi-energy era. To solve the energy shortage, pollution, emissions from the reserves to see the final and complete solution to the problem of human energy is nuclear fusion. Today's topic is energy saving energy, developing alternative environmentally-friendly energy, to change the way energy use, protect the human environment. © 2012 IEEE.

Jia L.-Y.,Shangqiu Polytechnic | Liu X.-S.,Shangqiu Polytechnic
Proceedings of the 2011 2nd International Conference on Digital Manufacturing and Automation, ICDMA 2011 | Year: 2011

Six fungicides are selected and used to control Botrytis Cinerea on tomato under protected cultivation. The fungicides include Fludioxonil, BoscaLid, Pyrimethanil (ISO, BSI), Diethofencarb, Carbendazim, Procymidone and Thiophanate-methyl. These Chemicals were sprayed three times and once a week before or in the beginning of disease development. The results show that all the six fungicides have different negative effect on the growing of Botrytis Cinerea. Two of them, 50% BoscaLid (750 g/hm2) and 50% Fludioxonil (750 g/hm2), have significantly inhibited more than 77% of disease development in leaves and fruits resulting in almost 4 times increase of yield compared with control. Other two Chemicals, 40% Pyrimethanil (1550 g/hm2) and 60% Diethofencarb- Carbendazim (1550 g/hm2) also reduced more than 49.35% of disease development in leaves and fruits resulting in 3 time increase of yield compared with control. The last two fungicides 50% Procymidone (1800 g/hm2) and 70% Thiophanate-methyl (2580 g/hm2) have less effect on Botrytis Cinerea. © 2011 IEEE.

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