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PubMed | Shaanxi Provincial Peoples Hospital Xian 710068, Shangqiu Medical College Shangqiu and The First Peoples Hospital of Shangqiu Shangqiu 476100
Type: Journal Article | Journal: International journal of clinical and experimental pathology | Year: 2016

We conducted a case-control study to investigate the association between IL-10 gene polymorphism (-1082A/G, -819T/C, and -592A/C) and risk of acute pancreatitis in a Chinese population. A total of 240 patients with proven acute pancreatitis and 240 control subjects were collected between May 2012 and January 2015. Genotyping of the IL-10-1082A/G, -819T/C, and -592A/C gene polymorphisms was conducted by using polymerase chain reaction-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) method. By univariate logistic regression analysis, patients with acute pancreatitis were more likely to have higher BMI (OR=2.12, 95% CI=1.45-3.12; P<0.001) and have a habit of alcohol drinking (OR=2.01, 95% CI=1.37-2.95; P<0.001). There were significant differences in the genotype distributions of IL-10-1082A/G between patients with acute pancreatitis and control subjects ((2)=9.97, P=0.007). By multiple logistic regression analysis, we found that individuals with the GG genotype of IL-10-1082A/G were associated with an increased risk of acute pancreatitis when compared with the AA genotype (OR=2.32, 95% CI=1.20-4.59; P=0.007). In dominant and recessive models, the IL-10-1082A/G gene polymorphism was significantly correlated with an elevated risk of acute pancreatitis, and the adjusted Ors (95% CI) were 1.50 (1.03-2.20) and 1.99 (1.06-3.79), respectively. However, no significant different was found between IL-10-819T/C and -592A/C gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to acute pancreatitis. In conclusion, we suggest that IL-10-1082A/G gene polymorphisms contribute to the development of acute pancreatitis in codominant, dominant and recessive models.

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