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Zhang Y.,Unionlight Technology Co. | Wang J.-Q.,Unionlight Technology Co. | Wang Y.-M.,Unionlight Technology Co. | Huang X.-W.,Shanghai Unionlight Photoelectric Technology Co. | Liu Z.-P.,Unionlight Technology Co.
Rengong Jingti Xuebao/Journal of Synthetic Crystals | Year: 2012

The high quality terbium gallium garnet (Tb 3Ga 5O 12, TGG) single crystal with size of φ25 mm×40 mm was grown by three crucible Czochralski method. The crystal structure and mono-crystallinity were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and X-ray rocking curve (XRC), and the Verdet constant was measured by the Verdet constant testing device using He-Ne laser. The results showed that the as-grown TGG single crystal had a <111> orientation. The full-width half-maximum (FWHM) was 17 arc sec. The Verdet constant was 0.553 min/cm·Oe under the incident wavelength at 632.8 nm. Source

Pei G.-Q.,Shanghai Unionlight Photoelectric Technology Co. | Zhang Y.,Wuxi Institute of Technology | Liu Z.-P.,Wuxi Institute of Technology
Rengong Jingti Xuebao/Journal of Synthetic Crystals | Year: 2015

High quality terbium gallium garnet (TGG) single crystals were grown by Czochralski method, using single-phase polycrystalline materials under the atmosphere of mixture of N2 and CO2. X-ray diffraction, Inductive Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer (ICP) and thermodynamic calculations show that the mechanism of volatilization during crystal growth can be attributed to the decomposition of Tb3Ga5O12 to Tb3GaO6, Ga2O, and O2. The CO2 as one of the protecting atmosphere is reduced to O2 by Ga2O, which can inhibit the decomposition of Tb3Ga5O12. The chemical formula for garnet single crystal is Tb enriched or Ga deficient phase of Tb3Ga4.4-4.5O11.1-11.3. The extinction ratio of crystal rods of φ2.8 mm×10.7 mm increases an average of 18.8 dB after AR coating. ©, 2015, Chinese Ceramic Society. All right reserved. Source

Wang J.-Q.,Unionlight Technology Co. | Zhang Y.,Unionlight Technology Co. | Pei G.-Q.,Shanghai Unionlight Photoelectric Technology Co. | Zhou J.-T.,Unionlight Technology Co. | And 3 more authors.
Rengong Jingti Xuebao/Journal of Synthetic Crystals | Year: 2015

Wafers were chosen from different regions of sapphire single crystal with diameter of 320 mm grown by TSTGT method. Etched topography pictures have been characterized using molten KOH with chemical etching-metalloscope. The results show that the shapes of dislocation etch pits located in (0001) plane are typically triangle, and the dislocation boundaries have the characteristics of extension. With different etching time, temperature and surface roughness of wafer, the best condition for dislocation displaying is KOH at 400℃ for 15 min. The better surface roughness, the better displaying results of the dislocation. ©, 2015, Rengong Jingti Xuebao/Journal of Synthetic Crystals. All right reserved. Source

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