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Liu W.,Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

Basing on the fact that out of parallel shafts setting will result in deviated running of toothed timing belt, pulley shafts were obliquely set with a pad to eliminate the deviated running of timing belt caused by belt defects in packet input device of FOCKE 750 packet overwrapper. The results of practical application showed that before improvement, the timing belt would deviate from one side of pulley to the other side after pulley ran about 10 revolutions, and the belt was obviously worn after running for 8 hours; while after improvement, the timing belt kept running centrically, its deviated running was effectively solved, and its working life was prolonged.

Shi X.-Y.,Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co.
Zhuzao/Foundry | Year: 2013

The influences of steel shot size, shooting time, and other factors on the surface roughness of iron castings were studied through orthogonal experiments. The results show that shooting time is the most significant factor for surface roughness, longer shooting time producing a better surface quality; smaller size of steel shot helps to get lower surface roughness, which is the second important factor; the velocity of steel shot contributes little to surface roughness. The shot blasting technology was optimized according to the experimental results.

Guo J.,China Tobacco Machinery Technology Center Co. | Jiang W.,Tongji University | Wu X.,China Tobacco Machinery Technology Center Co. | Zhang D.,Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co. | Huang Z.,Tongji University
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2015

To solve the problems of cigarette jam and staggering falling in discharge channel of cigarette hopper in FOCKE 800 hard packer, the stirring device in cigarette hopper was modified via analyzing the factors, such as hopper shape and cigarette flowing, influencing cigarette falling. The four fixed deflectors were replaced by two round movable stirring parts, which were driven by the driving motor of original stirring rollers via a four-linkage mechanism, to stir cigarettes and split cigarette flow. The cigarette flow in cigarette hopper and the stirring action of stirring parts were simulated with a discrete element simulating model. The results showed that: 1) The established simulation model of virtual cigarette hopper met the actual requirements of cigarette flow, and the simulated results basically agreed with actual values. 2) The amount of distorted cigarettes reduced obviously once the stirring parts in cigarette hopper became movable. When the swing frequency, swing angle and running time of stirring parts were 1.6 Hz, 11.2° and 9.0 seconds respectively, the percentage of distorted cigarettes was minimized and decreased by 2.5%. Cigarettes in hopper move fluently, and the packer runs smoothly. The discrete element simulation model can effectively analyze the splitting status of cigarette flow in hopper and cut the cost and time for product research and development. ©, 2015, Editorial Office of Tobacco Science and Technology. All right reserved.

Wang W.,Shanghai Tobacco Group Co. | Bao J.,Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

For running carton overwrapper YB95A independently, the machine was retrofitted by adding power input device, carton conveying passage, electric control cabinet and control system, air circuit system and encoder. The results of application showed that the overwrapped cartons presented good appearance, the production capacity reached 25 carton/minute; only 2 workers were needed to conduct maintenance per shift, comparing with that only several thousands of cartons could be manually overwrapped in a shift by 36 workers. The working efficiency was effectively increased.

Yang X.,Shanghai Tobacco Machinery Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

For measuring the testing phase of glue applicator engagement during the electrical setting of blank unit in YB47 hard packer, a measuring device was designed according to the work principle and structure of the glue applicator. By finding out a reference benchmark, the device transferred the measurement of testing phase into measurement of the angle between test sensor and the benchmark. By means of infrared ray technology and electronic measuring element, the measurement of angle between two points, which were coaxial but not coplanar, was implemented and the angle value was converted into digital value for calculation and display. The results of practical application showed that the measuring device was simple and convenient in operation, the average time for phase measuring reduced from 14 to 4 minute, the reliability of setting results reached 100%. The device-measured phase could be used to determine whether the position of mechanical engagement point was correct, it ensured the normal running of glue applicator and effectively improved the efficiency of installation and setting.

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