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Bai Z.,Yanshan University | Han L.,Yanshan University | Li J.,Yanshan University | Ma X.,Yanshan University | And 2 more authors.
Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2012

In order to deal with the problem of up-down and left-right asymmetry that may occur up in the four-roll mill work process, on the basis of a large number of field trials and theoretical study and fully integrating the process characteristics of the equipment and asymmetric state rolling of the four-roll mill and considering the asymmetry of up-down and left-right, the model of elastic deformation of the roll system is used to establish a set of plate-shaped model which suits for four-roll mill when it works. The corresponding analysis and control software of the strip shape is also drawn up. It can quantitative forecast not only effects caused alone or comprehensively by asymmetry factors such as strip drift, asymmetric roller type, rolling centerline and roll not coincidence, asymmetric centerline bending roll, asymmetric motion of roll, but also effects caused alone or comprehensively by symmetrical factors such as symmetric bending roll, symmetric motion of roll and tilting roller on the influence of the finished product plate shape. The model and software is directly applied to the analysis and control of the shape of Meigang 1420 double frame flat plate to improve the shape quality of finished products. Now the closed rate of strip shape has reduced from 2.5% before to less than 0.5%. It has created unit large economic benefits and has further application value. © 2012 Journal of Mechanical Engineering. Source

Bai Z.-H.,Yanshan University | Liu Y.-X.,Yanshan University | Feng B.,Yanshan University | Chen S.-Y.,Yanshan University | And 3 more authors.
Suxing Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Plasticity Engineering | Year: 2015

The problems of asymmetric rolling including asymmetric roll shape, asymmetric strip shape and section shape distribution are caused by the factors such as strip wondering, asymmetric wearing of work roll, middle roll and back-up roll in the working process of six-high mill roll. For these problems, taking the 1220 temper mill group as the object, the distribution law of the exit shape in the typical asymmetric cases including strip wondering, asymmetric section shape, asymmetric roll shape of work roll, middle roll and back-up roll was quantitatively analyzed. Then the strategy of the shape control in the process of asymmetric rolling was studied, the corresponding technology was put forward and applied into practical production, and the program of 1220 six-high temper roll group shape control in the process of asymmetric rolling software was established. Using this software, the shape control effect about related technology was quantitatively analyzed, which lays the foundation for the equipment modification and the plate shape problem because of the asymmetric rolling. © 2015, Editorial Board of Journal of Plasticity Engineering. All right reserved. Source

Bai Z.-H.,Yanshan University | Feng B.,Yanshan University | Liu Y.-X.,Yanshan University | Chen S.-Y.,Yanshan University | And 2 more authors.
Suxing Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Plasticity Engineering | Year: 2015

A shape model based on the mechanism of a six-high mill asymmetric rolling process was fully integrated with the equipment and asymmetric rolling process features of a six-high mill, and the precision of the model is verified by the field test. The strip deviation, the asymmetry of work roll, middle roll and back-up roll, and the asymmetry of the incoming section shape in the six-high mill rolling process were studied. Moreover, to apply the corresponding model into productive practice, the corresponding simulation analysis software was compiled to realize the quantitative control of rolling mill on the strip shape and reduce the closure rate of the strip shape, which takes great economic benefits to the company and have further popularization and application value. ©, 2015, Beijing Res. Inst. of Mechanical and Elec. Technology. All right reserved. Source

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