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Dalian, China

The Shanghai International Studies University is an elite institution of higher learning in China. SISU has been one of the most acclaimed and influential universities cultivating intercultural professionals. SISU is known for being one of the earliest institutions where China’s higher education in foreign languages took shape. It is now a globalized and top-notch university in China committed to preparing innovative professionals and future torchbearers for a wide range of international expertise to address the critical challenges of our timesWith a mission to “introduce the rest of the world to China” and “present China globally”, SISU has won an established reputation in linguistics, literary studies, comparative culture and diplomatic studies. SISU has been dedicated to providing students with a humanistic and holistic education that enables them to think globally and innovatively and make practical use of their professional knowledge and skills for smooth cross-cultural communication.Over the past 60-plus years, SISU graduates have been contributing to the economic and social development of China and to the promotion of friendly exchange with people around the world.SISU was among the first batch of schools admitted to the Project 211. Like its rival Beijing Foreign Studies University, SISU is known for its strict admission selection. SISU is constantly ranked among top 15 universities in China, even though it does not provide science or technology studies. The Ministry of Education has designated SISU's English Literature a National Key Subject along with the English Literature of Peking University. Wikipedia.

Li L.S.,Shanghai International Studies University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The paper aims to analysis on the interaction between their mental & physical condition and cardio. The paper is based on SPSS and uses the questionnaire survey and multi-factors regression model. The research population is young and mid-age woman population, aged from 20-40years old, for gym member in Huangpu District. This research shows great value on the improvement of cardio exercise effort and health. The research result shows that the time and frequency of weekly exercise makes significant impacts on reduction of pressure on psychology and physiology and self assessment of health condition. Insignificant impact is analyses to be presented along with self-assessment on health condition. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Chi R.,University of Hawaii at Manoa | Chi R.,Shanghai International Studies University | Young J.,University of Hawaii at Manoa
Scientometrics | Year: 2013

This study aims to map the content and structure of the knowledge base of research on intercultural relations as revealed in co-citation networks of 30 years of scholarly publications. Source records for extracting co-citation information are retrieved from Web of Science (1980-2010) through comprehensive keyword search and filtered by manual semantic coding. Exploratory network and content analysis is conducted (1) to discover the development of major research themes and the relations between them over time; (2) to locate representative core publications (the stars) that are highly co-cited with others and those (the bridges) connecting more between rather than within subfields or disciplines. Structural analysis of the co-citation networks identifies a core cluster that contains foundational knowledge of this domain. It is well connected to almost all the other clusters and covers a wide range of subject categories. The evolutionary path of research themes shows trends moving towards (e.g. psychology and business and economics) and away from (e.g. language education and communication) the core cluster over time. Based on the results, a structural framework of the knowledge domain of intercultural relations research is proposed to represent thematic relatedness between topical groups and their relations. © 2012 Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary.

Shu D.,Shanghai International Studies University
Journal of Pragmatics | Year: 2015

Xiehouyu is a linguistic phenomenon unique to Chinese. A xiehouyu normally follows or precedes something said or some statement, which serves as the topic, and the saying is a kind of vehicle plus explanation about the topic.This study, based on a corpus of 1000 Chinese xiehouyus, PUCC (Peking University Chinese Corpus) and some questionnaire surveys, finds that xiehouyus differ from other types of metaphor or metonymies in that the explanation of a xiehouyu is always spelled out when first used, or used when addressing someone who the speaker supposes is not familiar with the phrase. This gives a xiehouyu the advantage of selecting anything that might bear some similarity or contiguity relationship to the discourse topic to trigger or comment on the topic. But paradoxically, in actual usage, either the antecedent or the consequent may sometimes be omitted, especially when the xiehouyu in case has been "entrenched" or is relatively familiar to the speaker or hearer. This indicates that either the antecedent or the consequent just serves as a trigger for a connection between the topic and vehicle or the ground. The study also finds that in some cases (about 30%), the selection of a vehicle in a xiehouyu is random, which suggests that in using a phrase like this, the speaker is more interested in creating a special (often humorous or comic) discourse effect than using the metaphor or metonymy to achieve a cognitive effect, thus the more interpersonal nature of certain types of metaphorical language. © 2015 Elsevier B.V.

Ren S.-H.,Shanghai International Studies University
2013 10th International Computer Conference on Wavelet Active Media Technology and Information Processing, ICCWAMTIP 2013 | Year: 2013

In this paper, a relevant document retrieval method is proposed for document retrieval systems with vector space models (VSM). In recent years, with the size of the database becomes extremely large, there becomes a high demanding of an accurate and fast-time document retrieval algorithm. Based on the maximum similarity criterion, a document retrieval algorithm using the discrete stochastic optimization method is proposed with the user query to retrieve the relevant documents. The proposed algorithm has the self-learning capability for most of the computational effort is spent at the global optimal document and converges fast to the relevant documents in the database. Numerical results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm has a good convergence property and satisfied document retrieval performance in the database. © 2013 IEEE.

Shanshan S.,Shanghai International Studies University
Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology | Year: 2014

The purpose of E-Government is to provide better services for citizens by taking use of Information Communication Technology and the standard to evaluate the success of an E-Government project is its adoption. The study establishes an integrated E-government adoption model from both the citizen and government perspectives after a deep review of the main support theories in related E-government adoption literatures and the main E-government adoption models. The proposed model includes the citizen adoption model and government adoption model two main parts. © Maxwell Scientific Organization, 2014.

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