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Shanghai, China

The Shanghai Institute of Technology is a high-leveled, multi-disciplined, application-oriented full-time tertiary education institution in Shanghai, People's Republic of China.Shanghai Institute of Technology is a high-levelled, multi-disciplined, application-oriented full-time institution of tertiary education. Authorized by Chinese Ministry of Education in April, 2000, SIT was established by merging the former three institutions which had a history of over fifty years. Wikipedia.

Device for use in a fluidized bed reactor includes a gas-solid separator communicated with an outlet of the fluidized bed reactor; a vertically arranged damper, a solid outlet of the gas-solid separator communicated with a lower region of the damper, a gas outlet of the gas-solid separator communicated with an upper region of the damper; a fine gas-solid separator, an inlet of the fine gas-solid separator communicated with the upper region of the damper, and a solid outlet of the fine gas-solid separator communicated with the lower region of the damper. Product from the fluidized bed reactor is fed into the preliminary gas-solid separator, most solid catalysts separated and fed into the lower region; the product entraining the rest catalysts is fed into the upper region, and into the fine gas-solid separator, the rest catalysts fed into the lower region; and final product is obtained from the fine gas-solid separator.

Sinopec and Shanghai Institute of Technology | Date: 2014-10-30

A method for producing an aromatic hydrocarbon with an oxygenate as raw material, includes: i) reacting an oxygenate in at least one aromatization reactor to obtain an aromatization reaction product; ii) separating the aromatization reaction product to obtain a gas phase hydrocarbons flow X and a liquid phase hydrocarbons flow Y; iii) after removing gas and/or a part of the oxygenate from the gas phase hydrocarbons flow X, a hydrocarbons flow X

Shanghai Institute of Technology and Sinopec | Date: 2014-01-27

The present disclosure provides a premixer for at least two gases, comprising: a tabular body having a closed end and an opposite, open end; a first flow passage for receiving a first gas, the first flow passage axially extending through the closed end into the tabular body in a sealable manner; a conical tube arranged in the tabular body, wherein a small end of the conical tube communicates with the first flow passage, and a large end of the conical tube extends toward the open end with an edge thereof being fixed to an inner wall of the tabular body, thereby defining a sealed distribution chamber between the tabular body and the conical tube; and a second flow passage arranged on a side portion of the tabular body for receiving a second gas, wherein the second flow passage communicates with the distribution chamber, so that the second gas can be introduced into said conical tube via the distribution chamber in a substantially radial manner. The present disclosure further relates to a radially fixed bed reactor comprising the premixer, a reaction system of oxidative dehydrogenation of butene comprising the racially fixed bed reactor, and a corresponding process.

Zhang C.,Shanghai Institute of Technology
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids | Year: 2010

High-quality oriented ZnO films were prepared on silicon and quartz glass by sol-gel, assisted with a ZnO seed layer. The effects of the seed layer on the orientation, morphology and optical properties of ZnO films were investigated. Results show that the seed layer can effectively induce the growth of high-quality oriented ZnO films on two substrates, and the effectiveness of the seed layer strongly depends on preparation conditions, i.e., the spin-coating layer number and the preheating temperature. ZnO films with five layers on the seed layer preheated at 500 °C exhibit the single (0 0 2) orientation, which is much stronger than that on the flat substrate. Additionally, ZnO films on the seed layer show a denser internal structure and higher optical quality than that on the flat substrate. At ten layers, however, ZnO films on the seed layer show the multiple-orientation, which is similar to that on the flat substrate. Finally, the physical mechanism underlying the growth behavior of ZnO films assisted with the seed layer was discussed. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Hu J.,Fudan University | Hu J.,Shanghai Institute of Technology | Chen M.,Fudan University | Fang X.,Fudan University | Wu L.,Fudan University
Chemical Society Reviews | Year: 2011

Inorganic hollow spheres have attracted considerable interest due to their singular properties and wide range of potential applications. In this critical review, we provide a comprehensive overview of the preparation and applications of inorganic hollow spheres. We first discuss the syntheses of inorganic hollow spheres by use of polymers, inorganic nonmetals, metal-based hard templates, small-molecule emulsion, surfactant micelle-based soft-templates, and the template-free approach. For each method, a critical comment is given based on our knowledge and related research experience. We go on to discuss some important applications of inorganic hollow spheres in 0D, 2D, and 3D arrays. We conclude this review with some perspectives on the future research and development of inorganic hollow spheres (235 references). © 2011 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

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