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Shanghai University of International Business and Economics , formerly known as Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade, is a public university in Shanghai, China. Founded in 1960, SUIBE is an institution of higher learning formerly subordinate to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. Since 1994 it is under the administration of the Shanghai Municipal Government. Wikipedia.

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Liu H.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade | Chen Y.,Shanghai JiaoTong University
ICIC Express Letters | Year: 2011

In this paper, we suggest a novel method for a new problem: measuring the similarity between Complex Named Entities (CNEs) by a hybrid model using multiple Web resources. CNEs like book names or names of commodities appear everywhere in our daily life. Different from previous works, we focus on fine-grained similarities within a CNE class. We measure the similarity of two CNEs based on their co-occurrences on the Web as well as similarities of two URL sets associated with them through a Web search. Additionally, we extract hierarchical information from Web sites such as Baidu Tieba and Taobao to distinguish between pure relatedness and strong similarity. The use of Web information ensures that we can handle new CNEs that have not been listed in any ontology or corpus. Evaluation results show that our approach achieves satisfactory results. The suggested hybrid approach will be beneficial for a lot of real world semantic applications. © 2011 ISSN.

Ji L.-Q.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Journal of the Energy Institute | Year: 2011

There have been a number of forecasting models based on various sigmoidal growth models. This paper investigates the effectiveness of the four-parameter logistic model, the Gompertz- Laird model and the stochastic Gompertz innovation diffusion model for describing the evolution of petroleum consumption in China. The three sigmoidal growth models are applied to the historical data on petroleum consumption in China. The developed models are compared using the goodness-of-fit to the historical data. The selected statistical measures are the coefficient of determination R 2, the mean squared error, the mean absolute percentage error, the mean absolute deviation and the Durbin-Watson statistic d. The good model fit has indicated that the four-parameter logistic model is a very appropriate candidate in forecasting petroleum consumption in China. © 2011 Energy Institute.

Zhang L.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Energy Policy | Year: 2012

Despite three decades of reform, the electric power industry in China is still organised by a partial reformed plan system, where the investment to build capacity has been liberalised, but the prices and the production remain controlled by the state. This paper examines the pricing behaviour of the power supply in China, where the state attempts to balance the interest between the public and the electric power industry. The empirical evidence shows that the cost factors are critical to the electricity pricing in China, and that the bargaining mechanism, which sets the plan price, allows the power producers to face a soft budget constraint on their own costs. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Zhaoa H.Q.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
European Physical Journal B | Year: 2012

In this paper, a variable-coefficient coupled Korteweg-de Vries equation is presented and studied by Hirota bilinear method. The multi-soliton solutions expressed in the form of Pfaffians are obtained. We further analyze dynamic characters of these soliton solutions. The appearances of resonant soliton behaviors involving some novel soliton fusion and fission phenomena have been reported. © EDP Sciences, Società Italiana di Fisica, Springer-Verlag 2012.

Zhao H.-Q.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Journal of the Physical Society of Japan | Year: 2013

With the help of a property of Hirota bilinear operators, a new coupled Volterra lattice system is presented based on its bilinear form. Using the perturbational method, we obtain two-soliton solution and three-soliton solution to the coupled Volterra lattice system. Furthermore, resonant interactions of the solitons are analyzed in detail to reveal several new features. A explanation of the mechanism of the resonant properties of the solution is proposed. Finally, the N-soliton solution is expressed in the form of Pfaffian. © 2013 The Physical Society of Japan.

Wu W.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The net profit of the enterprise is the balance of total corporate profits after income tax, mainly from business and enterprise project investment, but preferential tax policies of the countries have an important role in the corporate R&D investment field, also to bring great gains. This paper focuses on the current situation of China's R&D analysis and multiple regression model to carry out R&D investment related empirical analysis of industries and enterprises in Shanghai in 2011, and eventually come to optimize the system of tax incentives for R&D investment with positive feedback. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Liu H.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Business Computing and Global Informatization, BCGIn 2011 | Year: 2011

In this paper the author introduces a novel method that automatically solves multiple choices for English exams. The algorithm is based on the idea that if a language usage instance is correct, it will appear on the world wide web frequently. Therefore, the Web hit counts of such a language usage instance, which is composed of the stem of the multiple choice together with one of the chosen options, is used as the main evidence for selecting the best answer. Moreover, the author suggests a cascade model that includes a number of different decision functions that not only consider the Web hit count of each instance, but also the domains it appears, the windows size for searching and whether to use exact or inexact match in searching, etc. Evaluations are done on a set of multiple choice questions from College Entrance Examinations for high school students. Evaluation results indicate that this approach can also be applied to improve English writing or other related applications. © 2011 IEEE.

Zhang S.-Y.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
Zeitschrift fur Angewandte Mathematik und Physik | Year: 2013

This paper is concerned with the multidimensional stability of non-isothermal subsonic phase transitions in a steady supersonic flow of van der Waals type. For the sake of seeking physical admissible planar waves, the viscosity-capillarity criterion (Slemrod in Arch Ration Mech Anal 81(4):301-315, 1983) is chosen to be the admissible criterion. By showing the Lopatinski determinant being non-zero, we prove that subsonic phase transitions are uniformly stable in the sense of Majda (Mem Am Math Soc 41(275):1-95, 1983) under both one-dimensional and multidimensional perturbations. © 2012 Springer Basel.

Zhu J.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade | Zhu J.,Tongji University
Match | Year: 2013

The energy of a graph is the sum of the absolute values of the eigenvalues of its adjacency matrix. We denote by U(2n) the set of all unicyclic graphs of order 2n with a perfect matching. Let B(2n) = {G ε U(2n)| the length of the unique cycle of G is divisible by 4} and A(2n) = U(2n) \ B(2n). W. Wang, in the paper "Ordering of unicyclic graphs with perfect matchings by minimal energies", MATCH Commun. Math. Comput. Chem. 66 (2011) 927-942, [1], posed a conjecture about ordering of graphs in A(2n) by minimal energies. We now characterize the graphs in U(2n) with the first seven minimal energies and offer an answer to the conjecture.

Ying S.-J.,Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade | Fan Y.,CAS Institute of Policy and Management
Complex Systems and Complexity Science | Year: 2013

Guided by the theory of complexity sciences, this paper formulates a genetic cellular automa model of stock market using several research tools including cellular automata, genetic algorithm and simulation, and techniques of investment analysis is involved as well. During the modeling, the reservoir of evolving rules is used to conduct the stock market simulation, whereas classifier system is used to training the model's parameters so that the evolving model is as close to real market as possible. The application to YZMY stock market implies that the intelligent evolving model can simulate the real market on complexity characteristics, and can provide scientific basis for stock market administration and regulation after further studies.

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