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Shang Y.,Shandong Sport University
BioTechnology: An Indian Journal | Year: 2013

This study analyzes the body force of buttocks movement and the formation process of the inverted "8" tracks in rumba, and proposes a method to maintain the physical stability in the movement process. Besides, this article puts forward the technical essentials to improve the tenderness, grace and smooth of the hips' inverted "8" movement track. The analysis results demonstrate the scientificalness of the original technical points in rumba dance and lay a theoretical basis for the squeezing action of the hips. © 2013 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA. Source

Shang Y.,Shandong Sport University
BioTechnology: An Indian Journal | Year: 2013

The formation of rumba player's body weight and barycenter, and the relationship between the barycenter and shifting are the key technology for rumba technique. There has been some progress on the study of the weight shift technology in transport step forward and backward about rumba, but there are still some practical problems in application. In this paper, we conduct a study on rumba player's barycenter Shifting technique with a method of human motion mechanics. We analysis the position changes when the barycenter shifts and the physical stability in the process of barycenter shifting. The study shows that the grasp of barycenter shifting has an absolute effect on rumba players and helps maintain dancemovements fluent and coherent. By analyzing and applying this technology, players canmake new breakthrough in training and stand out in the competition, thus has certain practical significance. © 2013 Trade Science Inc. - INDIA. Source

Zhang J.Z.,Shandong Sport University
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

The modern sports competition constantly challenges the limits of humanity, and professional sports equipment proposed higher requirements. Traditional sporting goods mostly are made of wood and wood composite materials and subject to the limitations of the material physical characteristics, athletic performance is difficult to have a substantive breakthrough. Carbon fiber-reinforced composite materials by virtue of its high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, high mechanical strength outstanding advantages emerge in the new material, in the sport of rowing or sailing, bike, badminton, skiing, golf, sleigh, archery, everywhere this black fiber figure. Therefore, this article is a brief analysis of the specific application of carbon fiber composite materials in sports equipment. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Li K.,Shandong Sport University
Journal of Convergence Information Technology | Year: 2011

To study the effects of basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF)-coated magnetic nanoparticles on the recovery in rat skeletal muscles after acute contusion, recombinant bFGF-coated magnetic nanoparticles were produced by immunochemical coupling techniques. The acute skeletal muscle contusion was produced by heavy objects dropping devices. Subcutaneous injection or blank control were performed respectively with each group and targeted and focused at the injured site with the guidance of external magnetic fields. The muscles were sampled at day 2, 10, 17, 24 and 30 respectively after contusion, and then the muscle contractive strength and relaxation were measured and calculated. SOD activity and MDA content in rat serum was determinated. Magnetically nanocrystallized bFGF could significantly increase the SOD activity at day 2-10 after injury. From day 2 after contusion, magnetically nanocrystallized bFGF could restore the muscle relaxation back close to the normal level. Compared with the direct injection bFGF group, BFGF-coated group more significantly increased the muscle contractive strength at day 17 (P <0.05). BFGF-coated group was significantly different from other four groups in the MDA content at day 2-10 after contusion (P <0.05). Magnetically nanocrystallized bFGF could significantly enhance the contractive strength, scavenge free radical after blunt injury, restore the muscle relaxation and improve more effectively the healing of injured muscles in rat acute skeletal muscle contusion. Source

Wang W.,Shandong Sport University
WIT Transactions on Information and Communication Technologies | Year: 2014

To conduct scientific and reasonable evaluation of special physical fitness for basketball athletes, this research establishes a comprehensive evaluation model of basketball players' special physical fitness using fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. First in analytic hierarchy process, a multilayer hierarchical structure is built, containing three categories as body shape, sport quality, and physiological function of basketball players and a total of 10 classes. After determining the weight of each index in the hierarchical structure, then build the evaluation model of special physical fitness for basketball athletes in fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method. By means of testing a certain athlete from NBA league, finally conduct comprehensive evaluation of his special physical fitness. The research results show that this evaluation model is able to reflect the actual special physical fitness level of the tested athlete, with a scientific and reasonable evaluation result. This evaluation model, with certain practical significance, is suggested for popularization and application in the evaluation of athletes' special physical fitness in basketball or even other sporting events. © 2014 WIT Press. Source

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