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Shang M.,China Three Gorges University | Shang M.,Chengdu University of Technology | Shang M.,Shandong University | Xu Q.,Chengdu University of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Advanced Materials Research

Residual soils are weathering products of rocks that are commonly found under unsaturated conditions. Residual soil is one of special soils, and its engineering geology property is usually different because of the difference of resource rock type, the geology environment and weathering condition. By the means of analysis of the data attained by the methods of field exploration, laboratory test and testing in-situ, the physical and mechanical properties of the residual diorite in Jinan were studied deeply. It is proved that the stratigraphic section of the soil can be classified as two layers on the perpendicular direction. Considering the inhomogeneity of the residual soil mass and the widely divergence of the value of mechanics properties, the suggestion value of c, Φ, a, Es, fak were put forward for further guiding the engineering practice, on the base of physics and mechanics properties tests and the region practice experience. At the same time, it is pointed out that, at that region, the interlayer and inhomogeneity of the weathering layers should be emphasized in the process of projecting and constructing when the residual diorite acts as the foundation of the construction or one of the geologic layers. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Yunfeng Z.,China University of Mining and Technology | Yunfeng Z.,Shandong Provincial Geo mineral Engineering Exploration Institute | Yifan Z.,China University of Mining and Technology | Lanyu L.,Shandong Institute of Geological Surveying and Mapping | And 3 more authors.
Open Civil Engineering Journal

The characteristic values of bearing capacity of silty soil are determined on different basis in Binzhou area, which causes a greater difference in actual work. Based on engineering practices, most original data are counted and calculated of standard penetration test , soil test and double bridge CPT, the result is developed that the bearing capacity is more accurate concluded by in-situ test data, and also can provide a more usable method for foundation design, which will play a active role in specific engineering investigation work and summary of the regional experience values. © Yunfeng et al.; Licensee Bentham Open. Source

Changsuo L.,Shandong Provincial Geo mineral Engineering Exploration Institute | Liting X.,University of Jinan | Liyan W.,Shandong Zhengyuan Construction Engineering Co.Ltd | Fengjuan Z.,University of Jinan | Bo L.,Shandong Zhengyuan Construction Engineering Co.Ltd
Open Chemical Engineering Journal

The shallow salt groundwater is widely distributed in North Shandong, which makes it difficult for people and livestock to drink daily. In addtion, the genetic mechanism of shallow salt groundwater is complicated. The study was carried out in Xiyan Village of Jiyang County, it choosed the silt buried in 3-9 m depth, shallow salt groundwater and atmospheric precipitation as test materials to measure chemical composition of groundwater. Base on soluble salt test, rain-saltwater mixing test and rain-saltwater-silt mixing test, ions component of mixture were measured, the hydrogeochemical action process of WRI was analyzed and formation-evolution of inland saltwater was deepened knowledge. It is shown that (1) The occurrence threshold of WRI was 20%, which was the volume of saltwater in mixture. (2) When the rainwater, saltwater and silt were mixed together for 12 hours, calcite and dolomite precipitated, halite and gypsum were in dissolved state. When the volume of saltwater in mixture was larger than 20%, gypsum was closed to saturation, the main cation exchange was Mg-Na, the exchange of Ca-Na was in the second place; The order for anion adsorption amount of aquifer medium was SO42-> HCO3->Cl-. The study proves that groundwater circulation is slow and continual, some hydrochemical actions (i.e. ion exchange, adsorption, mineral dissolution or precipitation, and strong evaporation-concentration) are happened during the evolution process of inland shallow groundwater. All these will lead to Cl•SO4-Mg•Na type salt or slight salt water with TDS being larger than 2g·L-1. © Changsuoet al.; LicenseeBentham Open. Source

Wang S.,Shandong Provincial Geo mineral Engineering Exploration Institute | Li Y.,Geological Society of Hebei Province | Han W.,Hebei Prospecting Institute of Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology
Geological Engineering and Mining Exploration in Central Asia - Proceeding Source: The XVIII Kerulien International Conference on Geology, KICG 2013

Through analysis of the climate, nature geography condition, and the hydrogeological condition, combined with the characteristic and the quantity of water resource, the paper find out that water resource is comparatively abundant in Jinan. Because of the irregular distribution of water resource in time and region, the antinomy of supply and demand of water resource is obvious. It reflects in the unreasonable structure of water supply and the water resource exploitation. The paper proposes the corresponding measures of sustainable utilization of water resource. Source

Qiu J.,Shandong Agricultural University | Yang W.,Shandong Provincial Geo mineral Engineering Exploration Institute | Gao Z.,CAS Institute of Remote Sensing Applications
2010 18th International Conference on Geoinformatics, Geoinformatics 2010

The objective of this paper is aimed to measure and analyze urban expansion and its driving forces of Tai'an from 1979 to 2005. The research work depended on interpreting multitemporal satellite images and made use of GIS analysis. Using various data of Landsat MSS (1979), Landsat TM (1987, 1997), QuickBird (2005), urban spatial information was classified and extracted by a decision tree algorithm, which is an effective and efficient approach to obtain urban expansion map. Meanwhile, intensity index of expansion is brought in to study the urban expansion problem. The laws of the expansion intensity, direction and tendency are discovered by area statistic and overlay analysis, the expansion rate was distinct in different time and direction, and the built-up area expanded basically along with the newly built road. The results show that the area of Tai'an has expanded by 540% in the period 1979-2005 with an annual growth rate of approximately 20%. At the same time, combined with the historical statistic data of society and economy, the main driving forces of the urban expansion including natural resources and environment, population and economy, national policy, transport and historical culture are all obtained and analyzed. Urban expansion is an important indicator for studying urbanization level, land use situation and urban heat island. The method and results above have important implications for the sustainable development of Tai'an and other cities. Source

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