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Sun P.,Shandong labor vocational and technical college | Shi J.S.,Shandong transport vocational college
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

Nowadays, as a result of the serious shortage of parking spaces in major city all over China, people often feel it's difficult to park their cars. Building mechanical parking garage has become an important way to solve this problem. Lifting and sliding mechanical parking garage is the most widely used mechanical parking garage. At present, lifting and sliding mechanical parking garage widely adopts centralized control system based on PLC. But there are several disadvantages in this kind of control system, suck as structural complexity, weak expansibility, and high cost. With the advantages of simple structure, strong expansibility, low cost and high reliability, CAN bus control system is widely used in the mechanical parking garage. The major mission of this paper is to study the control system of lifting and sliding mechanical parking garage based on CAN bus. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Dong M.,Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College | Yang Z.,Shandong University of Technology
MATEC Web of Conferences | Year: 2015

Semi-automatic wall plastering machine can effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers, increase operational efficiency in the construction process. A problem is solved how to select its work parameters. In order to obtain the best working conditions of a certain wall plastering machine, this paper has studied hydrostatic compaction process of the wall plastering machine. According to "Standard of the Architectural Decoration Project Quality Approval" in China, mortar compaction effects in cases of different plastering speed, rotation speed of the screw auger, and mortar consistency have been obtained by experiments. Using static-pressure method for wall plastering, experimental results showed that the best plastering speed, screw auger rotation speed and mortar consistency is in the range of 17∼18.2cm/s, 55∼65r/min and 78∼86mm. © Owned by the authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2015.

Wang Y.Q.,Qiqihar University | Li X.Z.,Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

With the requirements of machining develop towards high precision, high efficiency, intelligentization, combination and greenization, in this paper we develop a NC spherical turning and grinding machine tool with high precision and combination to meet the brisk demand of market for spherical workpieces with large diameter and high precision. According to the enterprises' practice results, our machine tool can finish machining of large diameter and high precision sphere quickly, with high quality and low cost, and it has a high practical value. The NC spherical turning and grinding machine tool with high properties, high precision, high stability and high controllability has been used more and more widely owing to the brisk demand of market for spherical workpieces with large diameter and high precision, which is brought by the need of country industrialization structure's continual adjustment and development in energy area such as petroleum, natural gas. Spherical lathe has made a rapid development since hemisphere lathe was developed successfully by American Union Carbide company in 1962. In our country, Zhao Libo made a research on dynamic properties such as change rule of guide inherent frequency and damp ratio under different load circumstance, which is done by making linear rolling guide of GGB35AL type and GGB45BAL type as the object of research, adopting theoretical calculation method and test method respectively[1]; Zhang Yaoman built CKS6125 machine tool feeding system analytical model, made finite element analysis of combination of guides[2]; Wang Hui provided theoretical basis for the analysis of servo system's dynamic and static properties by making a deep research of transmission feeding system and its structure, analyzing the accuracy of ball screw transmission, building a mathematic model for ball screw feeding system and making a kinetic analysis of it,[3]; Wu Nanxing made an analysis of machine's critical component and the whole machine's dynamic properties by building a kinetic analysis model for the machine, using finite element analysis technology, and the result is the foundation of machine's dynamic properties and optimization. Meanwhile, he found the weak link of machine's structure and improved it by making excitation experiment for machine tool, comparing theoretical analysis with experiment results.[4]; At abroad, scholars such as Khandeparkar also made the main properties index of machine tool reach the technical requirement by using virtual manufacturing to simulate the actual process of machine tool processing, also combining CAE technology, applying finite element analysis to analyze the critical component of machine tool and studying the dynamic properties of joint surface of machine tool [5-10]. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Jing Y.,Shandong Jiaotong University | Zhao F.,Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

By comparison, this paper determines inner bore processing technic program of the engineering machinery hydraulic cylinder block and makes some analysis of the rolling processing technic and relevant emerging issues to propose reasonable and feasible process route and process parameters and ensure the quality of the cylinder processing. It also shows the design of boring-rolling compound tools with high efficiency and high precision for given cylinders. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Hong X.-F.,Shandong University | Hong X.-F.,Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College | Wang Y.-Z.,Shandong University | Li H.-T.,Shandong University
International Journal of Automation and Computing | Year: 2013

This paper investigates the H ∞ filtering problem for a class of linear continuous-time systems with both time delay and saturation. Such systems have time delay in their state equations and saturation in their output equations, and their process and measurement noises have unknown statistical characteristics and bounded energies. Based on the Lyapunov-Krasovskii stability theorem and the linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) technique, a generalized dynamic filter architecture is proposed, and a filter design method is developed. The linear H ∞ filter designed by the method can guarantee the H ∞ performance. The parameters of the designed filter can be obtained by solving a kind of LMI. An illustrative example shows that the design method proposed in this paper is very effective. © 2013 Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Ming-Dong H.,Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College | Jie T.,Shandong University
Proceedings of 2015 IEEE Advanced Information Technology, Electronic and Automation Control Conference, IAEAC 2015 | Year: 2015

According to the characteristics of the quadrotor' mathematical model and the trajectory tracking control problem, a trajectory tracking control of global stability strategy is proposed in this paper. Based on its features, the model is divided into two parts: an underactuated subsystem and a fully actuated subsystem; sliding mode control method is applied to the design of the controller of the fully actuated subsystem. Based on the global asymptotic stability theorem of dynamic system, the inner loop of an underactuated subsystem is rearranged into a stable global Lipschitz closed-loop system. The outer loop is designed through sliding mode control method, and therefore enables a strictly stable double loop sliding-mode track control for the underactuated subsystem. Simulation results show that the proposed method simplifies the design process of controller and enables the quadrotor to track a trajectory rapidly. © 2015 IEEE.

Mi G.,Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2013

Machine element survey is a process by measuring, drawing, analysis, design according to existing elements, finally drawing the formal pattern of the element. The method that the operator used to deduce the original design dimensions based on measured value analysis is called dimension roundness. It includes the measured data processing, defining the basic dimensions, tolerances, limits and fits type. Base on years of teaching, experiment, analyzing and practical producing experiences, I found that the dimension roundness and the presentation or definition of related elements in all textbooks were inexact and unreasonable. It influenced the effectiveness of higher vocational education. This paper analyzed advantages and disadvantages of several dimension roundness methods, and then put forward the innovative practical roundness method. I revised the unconventional design dimension roundness; and pointed out that no matter using what roundness method, result diversity always exists. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Along with the development of information technology, archives information has developed from original paper archives to current digital archives, electronic photos, electronic drawings etc., and the utilization of archives has also achieved computer search and online inquiry. The development of various modern information stealing technologies has brought potential threat to the security of network archival information, especially some military scientific research archives, student archives etc., which are not only involved with the normal operation and development of schools, but also with official secrets. Therefore, establishing the archives security system of colleges and universities has become the priority among priorities in the archives work of colleges and universities. This article starts from the current status of the archives security system construction of colleges and universities, analyzing the apparent features of the technology of the Internet of Things in information technology, and then raising the specific application measures of the technology of the Internet of Things in archives security system construction of colleges and universities, making suggestions on the archives security system construction of colleges and universities. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhen W.B.,Shandong Labor Vocational And Technical College
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

This paper puts forward a network anti-interference method based on multi-state hidden layers' distribution with iterations. It first calculates the distribution characteristics of multi-state data, and analyzes the law of network data; secondly, statistically analyzes the distribution of multi-state hidden layers, introduces constant iterations and update, and extracts system noise characteristics; then separates noise and network data, so as to implement anti-interference; finally carries out experiments with a set of test data in the actual network, and the results show that under strong interference, network anti-interference method based on multi-state hidden layers' distribution with iterations effectively reduces the network error rate, basically does not affect the normal communication, and has a good application value. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Lu Y.,Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College
Future Communication, Information and Computer Science - Proceedings of the International Conference on Future Communication, Information and Computer Science, FCICS 2014 | Year: 2015

Students’ ideological and moral core values are significant for characters and personal development. The main purpose is to analyze problems in the students’ ideological and moral core values education from perspectives of times, society and undergraduates. Then efficient ways of education are explored under the guidance of established education principles to provide help for constructing the students’ ideological and moral core values. The differences between this work and others lies in the combination of undergraduates’ values education with national spirit and zeitgeist, revealing how college students adapt to the society and country in a new era. © 2015 Taylor & Francis Group, London.

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