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Liu Y.,University of Jinan | Zhang K.,University of Jinan | Feng E.,Shandong Hongyi Technology Co. | Feng E.,Key Laboratory of Cement Additives of Shandong Province Prepare | And 4 more authors.
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2017

The synthesis of geopolymers using ferronickel slag and fly ash under alkaline activation was studied. In order to study the effects of different fly ash content on the mechanical properties of the geopolymers produced, the compressive strength of samples was tested at 3, 7, 28 days. The results showed that when the fly ash content was 40%, the compressive strength reached the highest (110.32MPa) at 28 days. XRD analysis showed that the ferronickel slag geopolymers had amorphous aluminosilicate phase formation, indicating that the hydration reaction occurred. FTIR analysis showed the reaction of the geopolymers generated at Si-O-T (Si, Al) and Al-O-Si three-dimensional network. In SEM images, the structure of the geopolymers with 40% fly ash was more compact and cohesive. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Gao Y.,Shandong Hongyi Technology Co. | Gao Y.,University of Jinan | Gao Y.,Industrial Research Ltd. | Zhao H.,Shandong Hongyi Technology Co. | And 4 more authors.
Key Engineering Materials | Year: 2017

Thermal depoling behaviors of (K0.50Na0.50)0.94Li0.06NbO3 and (K0.50Na0.50)0.96Li0.04(Nb0.85Ta0.15)O3 ceramics possessing tetragonal crystalline structure at room temperature have been studied. By comparing the difference in these two compositions during annealing treatment, we provide visual evidence that different types of ferroelectric domain walls play different roles in the thermal depoling. The study results show that the drop in piezoelectric properties can be mainly attributed to the motion of 180° domain walls below the Curie temperature. When the thermal aging temperature is close to the Curie temperature, the reduction of piezoelectric properties is caused by the movement of 90° domain walls. The (K0.50Na0.50)0.96Li0.04(Nb0.85Ta0.15)O3 ceramic with fewer 180° domains shows very good thermal ageing stability from the low experimental temperature limit of -60°C up to high temperatures close to TC. © 2017 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Fu X.J.,Henan Polytechnic University | Fu X.J.,Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology | Fu X.J.,Shandong Hong Yi Technology Co. | Wang W.,Luoyang Institute of Science and Technology | And 4 more authors.
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2012

Propylmethyl cellulose monoester of maleic acid (MAPMC) was synthesized with Propylmethyl cellulose and Maleic anhydride. A modified polyether-type superplastizer (PES) was prepared from ally polyoxyethylenether, Maleic anhydride, acrylic acid and MAPMC through a free radical polymerization. MAPMC and PES were recorded by FTIR. The fluidity of cement paste were investigated, the hydration process of cement for PES were characterized via Hydration Heat Tester. The results indicate that PES superplastizers can improve the fluidity of mortars and more capable of preventing slump loss, the hydroxy group of PES has no negative impact on cement hydration. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Zhao J.,Shandong Hongyi Technology Co. | Zhu H.,Linyi Normal University | Liu X.,Linyi Normal University | Zhu K.,Shandong Hongyi Technology Co. | And 2 more authors.
Gongneng Cailiao/Journal of Functional Materials | Year: 2015

A novel compound colloid prevention and distinguishing material by cement-fly ash-sodium silicate ternary synergism was prepared with rapid-hardening sulphoaluminate cement and fly ash as aggregate, sodium silicate as binder and adding suspending agent using one-step mixed method. The scanning electron microscopy, setting time, compressive strength, the hydration mechanism and the inhibitor properties of the material were investigated. The results showed that the initial setting time of extinguishing material could be controlled within 1-30 min and with high early compressive strength. The inhibitor properties of the material were about 90% at 60℃ celsius, about 80% at 70℃ celsius and above 75% at 80℃ celsius. A lot of C-S-H gel in the form of flocculent structures and ettringite were founded, and have a clear shape. The gel covered fly ash, and this gave the paste a wonderful dense texture. The results of industrial experiment showed that the obtained material has good fire prevention and extinguishing effect. ©, 2015, Journal of Functional Materials. All right reserved.

Yin H.,Henan Polytechnic University | Zhu J.,Henan Polytechnic University | Guan X.,Henan Polytechnic University | Yang Z.,Henan Polytechnic University | And 7 more authors.
Journal of Nanomaterials | Year: 2015

As a new two-dimensional material, MXene (nano-Ti3C2) has been widely applied in many fields, especially for reinforced composite materials. In this paper, mechanical testing, X-ray diffraction (XRD), hydration heat, scanning electron microscope (SEM), and EDS analysis were used to analyze the impact of MXene on cement hydration properties. The obtained results revealed that (a) MXene could greatly improve the early compressive strength of cement paste with 0.04 wt% concentration, (b) the phase type of early-age hydration products has not been changed after the addition of MXene, (c) hydration exothermic rate within 72 h has small difference at different amount of MXene, and (d) morphologies of hydration products were varied with the dosage of MXene, a lot of tufted ettringites appeared in 3 d hydration products when the content of MXene was 0.04 wt%, which will have a positive effect on improving the early mechanical properties of cement paste. MXene has inhibited the Portland cement hydration process; the main role of MXene in the cement hydration process is to promote the messy ettringite becoming regular distribution at a node and form network connection structure in the crystals growth process, making the mechanics performance of cement paste significantly improved. © 2015 Haibin Yin et al.

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