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State Grid Corporation of China, Shandong Electric Power Research Institute and Shandong Luneng Intelligence Technology Co. | Date: 2017-01-11

The present invention discloses a centralized monitoring system for transmission line inspection of unmanned aerial vehicles, including a centralized monitoring subsystem, mobile substations and unmanned aerial vehicle flight platforms. The centralized monitoring subsystem is connected with the mobile substations in a one-to-many mode, the mobile substations are connected with the unmanned aerial vehicle flight platforms in a one-to-one mode, in a manner of combining remote centralized monitoring with local monitoring, centralized monitoring is carried out on the flight states, pod states, transmission lines, inspection results and other information of more than one accessed unmanned aerial vehicle for line inspection, personnel, equipment and inspection lines involved in an unmanned aerial vehicle inspection task are planned and managed, and centralized management and defect diagnosis are carried out on the inspection results, so as to reinforce the informatization and automation degrees of the unmanned aerial vehicle inspection process and inspection result processing, improve the unmanned aerial vehicle inspection efficiency, and provide technical supports for achieving safe and reliable operation of unmanned aerial vehicle line inspection.

Du B.,Shandong Electric Power Research Institute | Paital S.R.,University of North Texas | Dahotre N.B.,University of North Texas
Optics and Laser Technology | Year: 2013

The study explores the synthesis of TiB 2 and TiC reinforced Fe-based nano-composite coating by laser surface engineering using Ti, B 4C and Fe powder mixture as precursor. The effect of laser scanning speed on the size, morphology, and amount of nano-sized ceramic reinforcements were studied at laser fluence of 1111 J/cm 2, 1667 J/cm 2 and 3333 J/cm 2 respectively. A bimodal microstructure with TiC and TiB 2 particles dispersed in fine α-Fe matrix was evolved in the laser processed coatings. Besides, the nature of formation of nano-sized ceramic phase was examined. The laser synthesized nano-composite coating yielded 3-5 times increase in microhardness. It appears that the presence of nano-sized TiB 2 and TiC particles coupled with the highly refined α-Fe matrix improves the hardness significantly. This coating offers the potential to increase the hardness and toughness simultaneously for developing wear-resistance coatings. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Shandong Electric Power Research Institute and Tsinghua University | Date: 2011-10-08

An insulator is disclosed, which includes an insulating surface. A part of the insulating surface is applied with a conductive coating having a specific resistivity. A conductive coating region having the specific resistivity and a nonconductive coating region are configured that: in a dry environment, no continuous conductive channel exists between upper and lower fittings of the insulator. The value of the leakage current that can be caused by the conductive coating region having the specific resistivity on the insulating surface enables the insulating surface to reach an ice-proof temperature in an icing climate condition. Also, a power transmission apparatus in which the insulator is adopted is disclosed. In an icing climate condition, the conductive coating can achieve the function of increasing the value of the leakage current on the surface of the insulator, so as to prevent the ice formation.

State Grid Corporation of China, Shandong Electric Power Research Institute and Shandong Luneng Intelligence Technology Co. | Date: 2016-11-09

The present invention relates to an automatic power battery pack grouping optimization system for an electric vehicle battery swap station and a working method of such a system. The system comprises a power battery information real-time processing module for acquiring information of battery packs removed from an electric vehicle in real time, and transmitting, parsing and storing the acquired information, a grouping strategy library configuration module for providing a grouping strategy configuration entry to a power battery pack grouping automatic-optimization scheduling module, a battery grouping information database for receiving a query from the power battery pack grouping automatic-optimization scheduling module and altering grouping information of power batteries, and the power battery pack grouping automatic-optimization scheduling module for receiving a battery swapping command, obtaining a grouping strategy and calculated priorities, and altering the existing grouping information not satisfying the grouping strategy according to the requirements of the grouping strategy. The automatic power battery pack grouping optimization system for the electric vehicle battery swap station dynamically adjusts the grouping information of battery packs by reasonably configuring the battery pack grouping strategy, and thus solves the problem of shutdown of the whole group of batteries due to the change of individual performance and increases the utilization rate of power batteries.

Li T.,Shandong Electric Power Research Institute
Dianli Xitong Zidonghua/Automation of Electric Power Systems | Year: 2012

Intelligent power utilization is a topical and difficult subject in the study of smart grid. The flexible and interactive mode of power supply and consumption has become the trend of intelligent power utilization. A description includes the standards, system and terminal technology of advanced metering infrastructure, the bi-directional interactive operation mode and supporting technology of intelligent power utilization, and the interaction between users' power utilization environment and patterns, which constituting the flexible and interactive utilization of intelligent power. The current situation and development problems of these techniques at home and abroad are discussed. The development goals of flexible and interactive utilization of intelligent power are clarified. The development trends and technical study route of flexible and interactive utilization of intelligent power are elaborated. © 2012 State Grid Electric Power Research Institute Press.

Liu F.-G.,Shandong Electric Power Research Institute
Ranshao Kexue Yu Jishu/Journal of Combustion Science and Technology | Year: 2010

Convection and radiation heat transfer have demonstrated different load characteristics in the furnace of a utility boiler, and ignoring convective heat transfer may give rise to deviation from the designed thermal properties of furnace. Based on the test data, this paper presents a coupled radiation and convection model of furnace in a supercritical pressure once-through boiler. Multi-dimensional minimization techniques are employed to draw compositional information about radiation and convection out of furnace load characteristics. Heat fluxes of 32 loads are predicted in 5 supercritical pressure boilers, and it is shown that the predictions are in good agreement with the actual values, indicating that the coupled convection and radiation model can accurately describe the furnace load characteristics. This model can be used to revise regulating parameters and give instructions for steam temperature control when boiler is in operation.

Jia S.,Shandong Electric Power Research Institute
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

This paper presents a novel and practical method for monitoring harmonic impedances of power systems seen at load serving substations. The method uses the natural load fluctuations measured at the substation for impedance estimation. It avoids the needs for intrusive disturbances and can be used for online tracking of impedance parameters. The method has been verified through several real field measurements. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications.

Shandong Electric Power Research Institute | Date: 2011-02-17

Disclosed is a pretreatment method for improving antioxidation of steel T91/P91 in high temperature water vapor, which includes applying a slurry, containing rare earth oxide, on a surface of a substrate; holding the temperature in a gas mixture environment of inert gas and water vapor after drying; and cleaning away the solid powder left by the slurry on the surface, thereby obtaining the substrate with a surface rich in chromium and having a small amount of rare earth oxide. As a result of the method, the antioxidation capability of steel T91/P91 in the 500-750 C. water vapor environment can be improved, and films rich in chromium oxide can be formed on the surface of steel T91/P91.

Shandong Electric Power Research Institute | Date: 2012-04-16

The system includes a robot body and a main robot control platform. The robot body includes a mechanical part and an electrical control part. The mechanical part includes a horizontal moving unit, an objective carrying platform unit and a bearing unit which are arranged in X, Y and Z cartesian coordinate directions. The objective carrying platform unit includes an objective carrying platform and a battery drive mechanism arranged on the objective carrying platform. A battery pushing mechanism is arranged on the battery drive mechanism. The electrical control part includes a data collection device connected with a main control computer system, a power drive mechanism, an I/O model and a wireless communication model I. The wireless communication model I, the wireless communication model II of a control backend and the wireless communication model III in the remote control device wirelessly communicate with each other.

Shandong Electric Power Research Institute | Date: 2011-11-17

One type of battery quick-change system of electric passenger car chassis based on the Cartesian coordinate robot, including electric changing platform, and this platform, quick-change robot and charging rack along the same straight line; the quick-change robot comprises the battery tray and the Cartesian coordinate robot of four degrees of freedom, the Cartesian coordinate robot is associated with the X-axis driving motor, the Y-axis driving motor, the Z-axis up-down motor, the battery tray is connected with the R-axis driving motor; each of driving motors is connected with the corresponding encoder, and each of encoders is connected to the corresponding drive; there are equipped with a distance measuring sensor on the battery tray, and the corresponding limit switches on the both ends of each two-track rack; the drive, each limit switch and the distance measuring sensor of each driving motor are connected with the control system.

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