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Nie M.,Xi'an University of Technology | He M.,Xi'an University of Technology | Zhang S.,Xi'an University of Technology | Wang Y.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | And 3 more authors.
Xi'an Jianzhu Keji Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology | Year: 2014

Treatment of oil-bearing wastewater by using immobilized bio-film of NY3 strain was studied. The immobilization time, the optimum dosage of carrier, and the initial pH of immobilized culture for NY3 strain to be immobilized on surface of polyurethane foam carrier were studied by using static aeration. The optimum HRT was determined. Also the possibility of recycle of the bio-film was studied. The results showed that immobilized bio-film of NY3 strain could quickly form within 51 h under dosage of carrier was 10.0 g/L (culture medium), the initial pH of immobilized culture was 7.5~9. The maximum amount of biomass on bio-film reached 488.32 mg/g. The optimum HRT for treating oil-bearing wastewater is 6 h, and the concentrations of oil in effluent kept in range of 1.38-3.2 mg/L. After treatment, the biofilm collecting into culture medium without oil was incubated 15 d, NY3 strain on the bio-film degraded the adhered petroleum and the bio-film was recovered for recycling.

Fan D.,Northwest University, China | Xing J.,Northwest University, China | Xing J.,Chang'an University | Xue W.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | And 3 more authors.
Chinese Journal of Chemistry | Year: 2011

Effects of temperature on self-interaction of human-like collagen (HLC) were investigated by hydrophobic interaction chromatography, calorimetric measurement, and sodium dodecyl sulphate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) analysis. Results show that three types of interaction roles may exist between HLC molecules at 3-50°C, which were divided into three narrower temperature ranges. In temperature range from 3-22°C, hydrogen bonding plays a key role in the formation of a gelatinous aggregate. In the range of 22-38°C, hydrophobic bonds accompanied by hydrogen bonds are involved in the formation compact aggregates. When temperature is above 38°C the hydrophobic effect formed in the HLC monomer results in the loss of its ability to self-interact. Self-interaction of human-like collagen at three narrow temperature ranges, 3-22°C, 22-38, 38-50°C respectively. Copyright © 2011 SIOC, CAS, Shanghai & WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim.

Chi L.,Northwest University, China | Fan D.-D.,Northwest University, China | Ma X.-X.,Northwest University, China | Mi Yu.,Northwest University, China | And 4 more authors.
Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry | Year: 2011

Production of recombinant human-like collagen (RHLC) by thermoinduction of recombinant Escherichia coli BL 21 during high cell density cultivation was investigated in a 30 L bioreactor. The effects of induction temperature (T), pH, and carbon-to-nitrogen molar ratio of the nutrient medium (C/N) were examined. The optimal thermoinduction protocol for RHLC production was determined by using a model coupling genetic algorithm and artificial neural networks. The optimal operating conditions were as follows: maintenance of induction temperature at 42°C for 3 H and then at 39.4°C until the end, induction pH at 7.03, and C/N at 4.8 (mol/mol). The theoretical maximum concentration of RHLC was 12.5 g/L, whereas the experimental value was 12.1 g/L under the optimal induction conditions. © 2011 International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Inc.

Chen R.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | Sun X.-Y.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | Wan Y.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | Men X.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | And 3 more authors.
Chinese Journal of Biologicals | Year: 2012

Objective: To express human lysozyme (hLY) gene in baculovirus system. Methods: The signal peptide-containing and signal peptide-free hLY genes were cloned into the vector in baculovirus system, and the constructed recombinant shuttle plasmids were transfected to sf9 cells. The expressed protein was identified by SDS-PAGE and Western blot, and determined for lysozyme activity by bacteriolysis test. Results: The target gene bands, at lengths of 444 and 393 bp, were amplified from recombinant cloning plasmids PFastBac HTA-signal-lysozyme and PFastBac HTA-lysozyme by PCR, respectively. Sequencing results showed that the recombinant cloning plasmids were constructed correctly. Target gene bands were amplified from the recombinant shuttle plasmids for Lysozyme-1, Lysozyme-2, slysozyme-1, slysozyme-2, slysozyme-3 and slysozyme-4 by PCR. The expressed products of sf9-PHLY and sf9-PHSLY showed specific protein bands with relative molecular masses of about 17 500 and 19 300 on 12% SDS-PAGE profile, respectively. Both the expressed recombinant proteins showed specific binding to mouse monoclonal antibody against 6 x His as well as lysozyme activity. Conclusion: The hLY gene was successfully expressed in baculovirus system, which laid a foundation of clinical application and large-scale production of hLY.

Yang M.,Chang'an University | Tian J.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | Sun C.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | Zhang X.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology
ISWREP 2011 - Proceedings of 2011 International Symposium on Water Resource and Environmental Protection | Year: 2011

Soil microbiological characteristics are sensitive indicators of soil quality. In this paper, the quantitative distribution of the main soil microorganism, including bacteria, actinomycete, yeast and fungi, soil fertility including organic matter and Alkli-N, olsen-P and ailki-K were determined in three orchard soils with different plant ages in soil depth. The results showed that the amount of soil microorganism presented an obviously decreasing pattern in the vertical distribution. The amount of soil bacteria, actinomycete and organic matter in 15 year-old orchards were significantly higher than those of 7 or 15 year-old orchards, indicating that soil nutrient is correlated positively with the quantity and composition of bacteria and actinomycetes in soils. Therefore, soil microbial characteristics can reflect the changes in soil quality and thus can be used as bio-indicators of soil health. © 2011 IEEE.

Yang M.,Chang'an University | Han F.,Chang'an University | Tian J.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | Sun C.,Shaanxi Province Institute of Microbiology | And 2 more authors.
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

A microbial flocculant (MBF) producing silicate bacteria MT5-2 was isolated from different sources of samples by silicate selected medium. Its chemical composition, optimal flocculation conditions, flocculation characteristics and primary application were studied in this paper. The results showed that the flocculant was an extracellular polysaccharide, and its flocculation activity was mainly distributed in the fermentation broth. The optimal flocculation conditions were as follows: for the 100 mL kaolin suspension, flocculant dosage was 4mL, metal cation dosage was 1% of ZnCl2 3mL, pH 7.5. The flocculation activity can reach 95% under this condition. Application results showed that flocculant MT5-2 had better flocculation activity in several common suspensions, such as kieselguhr, bentonite, soil, active carbon and starch, compared with polyacrylamide and inorganic salt. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

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