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XIAN SHAANGU POWER Co. and Shaanxi Blower Group Co. | Date: 2007-07-10

Centrifugal grinding machines; air condensers; electric compressors; compressors for machines; compressors for dehumidifying machines; [ compressors for air conditioners; air compressors for vehicles;] air compressors; fans for machine engines; centrifugal fan condensers [ ; forge bellows; compressors for refrigerators ].

Han W.,Shaanxi blower group co. | Zhou G.,Shaanxi blower group co.
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2013

Through experimental study on industrial wastewater of NanFengRiHua by Anaerobic Biological Filter process (AF), AF was proved as an efficient treatment process for refractory industry wastewater. AF process can change molecular structure and improve the biodegradability of nonbiodegradable organic, so AF process has very good practical prospects. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Zhou E.,China Aerodynamics Research And Development Center | Cheng S.,China Aerodynamics Research And Development Center | Xu J.,Shaanxi blower group co. | Liu K.,China Aerodynamics Research And Development Center | And 3 more authors.
Shiyan Liuti Lixue/Journal of Experiments in Fluid Mechanics | Year: 2014

In order to determine the AV90-3 axial compressor's safe working area in the 0.6m continuous wind tunnel, the test method of reducing the compressor's inlet volume flow to determine the surge point and that of monitoring the pressure to distinguish the surge are employed. The surge margin of the AV90-3 axial compressor is accurately determined. It comes to the conclusion that the surge margin is extended to the top-right as the static blade angle increases and the surge margins both above and below atmospheric pressure fit well with that at atmospheric pressure. The surge is prevented occurring effectively by selecting the ratio of the inlet volume flow to the pressure as the anti-surge control parameter, setting alarm and anti-surge curve, and taking by-pass circumfluence. It can provide reference to large-scale continuous wind tunnel compressor's surge margin test and anti-surge control. ©, 2014, Shiyan Liuti Lixue/Journal of Experiments in Fluid Mechanics. All right reserved. Source

Jiang L.,Shaanxi blower group co. | Ren L.-X.,Shaanxi blower group co. | Sun S.-Z.,Shaanxi blower group co. | Chen F.-R.,Shaanxi blower group co.
Yejin Fenxi/Metallurgical Analysis | Year: 2013

Based on the properties of ductile iron deoxidizer, the sample was decomposed by nitric acid-hydrofluoric acid. Silicon in sample was removed with perchloric acid. The interference elements such as rare earths, manganese, iron and titanium were precipitated and separated by ammonia-ammonium chloride-hydrogen peroxide-copper reagent. Subsequently, the content of calcium, aggregate content of calcium and barium and the content of magnesium in sample was determined by EDTA and DCTA complexometry, respectively, and the content of barium was obtained by subtraction method. The sample dissolution method, the selection of indicator, the interference and elimination method of impurities were discussed to obtain the optimal experimental conditions. The proposed method was applied to parallel determination of calcium, magnesium and barium in rare earth intermediate alloy certified reference materials which have similar component with ductile iron deoxidizer. The results were consistent with the certified values. The relative standard deviation (RSD, n=5) was 1.2%-3.6%. Source

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