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South Orange, NJ, United States

Seton Hall University is a private Roman Catholic university in South Orange, New Jersey, United States. Founded in 1856 by Archbishop James Roosevelt Bayley and named after his aunt, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Seton Hall is the oldest diocesan university in the United States. Seton Hall is also the oldest and largest Catholic university in New Jersey.Seton Hall is made up of eight schools and colleges with an undergraduate enrollment of about 5,200 students and a graduate enrollment of about 4,400. It was ranked by U.S. News & World Report in 2014 at 128th in the National Universities category, with the School of Law ranked 68th best in the nation. The Stillman School of Business was ranked 78th of 132 undergraduate business schools in the nation by Bloomberg Businessweek in 2014. Wikipedia.

Hunter A.S.,Seton Hall University
Experimental Brain Research | Year: 2014

Both human and animal research indicate that rapid eye movement sleep (REM) plays an important role in the processing of emotional information. REM is altered after fear conditioning in rats, but this alteration can be mitigated by exposure to a naïve conspecific. In addition, both the housing condition (isolated vs paired) and the experiences of rats' cagemates can influence the response to aversive events. Based on this prior work, the present study sought to determine the effects of social housing on the previously demonstrated impairment in the extinction of conditioned fear responses produced by REM deprivation. Rats were assigned to one of three housing conditions: housed with a naïve rat, housed with another fear-conditioned rat, or housed alone. The results demonstrated that rats housed with either a naïve or a fear-conditioned conspecific exhibited an impairment in the acquisition of extinction as a consequence of REM deprivation, as observed in previous studies. However, rats in the isolated condition demonstrated a trend toward an impairment only after continued extinction training. These results indicate that the effects of social housing on REM deprivation-induced impairments in learning and memory are subtle, but may explain some conflicting findings in the literature. © 2014 Springer-Verlag. Source

This paper examines China's position in the negotiations of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control and the revised International Health Regulations. In particular, it explores three sets of factors shaping China's attitudes and actions in the negotiations: the aspiration to be a responsible power; concerns about sovereignty; and domestic political economy. In both cases, China demonstrated strong incentives to participate in the negotiation of legally binding international rules. Still, the sovereignty issue was a major, if not the biggest, concern for China when engaging in global health rule making. The two cases also reveal domestic political economy as an important factor in shaping China's position in international health negotiations. © 2013 The Royal Society for Public Health. Source

A teacher's intention to refer students to mental health professionals is important to the early identification of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and prevention of further problems. The theory of planned behavior (TPB) was used to determine the strongest belief-related predictors of a teacher's intentions to refer students with ADHD symptoms to a mental health professional in the U.S. and South Korea. Perceived stigma and knowledge of ADHD were additional predictors in examining the role of culture in a teacher's perceptions of the public's stigma toward ADHD and a teachers' knowledge of ADHD. Cross-cultural differences exist. U.S. teachers' (n = 235) intentions to refer were predicted by all TPB variables (i.e., attitudes about referral, beliefs about whether important others would approve of making a referral, and perceived behavioral control in making a referral). However, among South Korean teachers (n = 144), behavioral control and perceived stigma were the only predictors. The results imply the importance of considering the cultural context in understanding a teacher's referral behaviors. © 2013 American Psychological Association. Source

The practice of physics and chemistrys - the making and breaking of molecular bonds arising from the interactions of matter and energys - is coincidental with the earliest matter/energy of the Cosmos. The scenario of an interconnected and tightly integrated global geochemical sulfur cycle extending from the atmosphere to the mantle on Archean Earth emerges from several recent studies. Like the environment in which it was generated and reared, primitive Earth, cobbled together from debris of the Solar System, was also a very likely and prolific laboratory for prebiotic syntheses. While isotopic and other geological evidence offer useful dating clues, the results may be equivocal. Biomarkers are potentially useful because each Domain, Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya, has signature membrane lipids with relatively stable complex carbon skeletons. Source

Seton Hall University | Date: 2014-03-13

Disclosed are methods of extracting water from a composition of an organic liquid and water, using a polyol.

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