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Tulsa, OK, United States

Patsenker L.D.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Tatarets A.L.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Povrozin Y.A.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Terpetschnig E.A.,SETA Inc
Bioanalytical Reviews | Year: 2011

Fluorescence lifetime (FLT) measurements in the long-wavelength red and near-infrared (NIR) range are expected to improve the reliability and robustness of fluorescence-based detection. This review provides a summary of suitable classes of red and NIR luminescent reporters for use in FLT-based applications. © 2011 Springer-Verlag. Source

Santosh M.,SETA Inc
Acta Physica Polonica A | Year: 2014

Magnetic field dependence of critical current density (Jc) of ErBa2Cu3Oythick film "Er-123" and melt textured GdBa2Cu3Oybulk "Gd-123" at liquid nitrogen temperature is reported. Gd-123 exhibits a usual peak effect at magnetic fields around 2 T, while Jcof the Er-123 thick film continuously decreases with increasing field. The model of thermally activated flux motion was adopted to fit the critical current density of both Gd-123 and Er-123 materials. It was found that the critical current density of both types of the high Tcmaterials could be modeled by the model of thermally activated flux motion utilizing a combination of two functions; one increasing and another one decreasing with field. Source

Inoue H.,Aquas Corporation | Takama T.,Aquas Corporation | Yoshizaki M.,SETA Inc | Agata K.,Aquas Corporation
Biocontrol Science | Year: 2015

We detected Legionella species in 111 bath water samples and 95 cooling tower water samples by using a combination of conventional plate culture, quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) and qPCR combined with ethidium monoazide treatment (EMA-qPCR) methods. In the case of bath water samples, Legionella spp. were detected in 30 samples by plate culture, in 85 samples by qPCR, and in 49 samples by EMA-qPCR. Of 81 samples determined to be Legionella-negative by plate culture, 56 and 23 samples were positive by qPCR and EMA-qPCR, respectively. Therefore, EMA treatment decreased the number of Legionellapositive bath water samples detected by qPCR. In contrast, EMA treatment had no effect on cooling tower water samples. We therefore expect that EMA-qPCR is a useful method for the rapid detection of viable Legionella spp. from bath water samples. Source

SETA Inc | Date: 2016-01-12


Podgorski K.,University of British Columbia | Terpetschnig E.,SETA Inc | Klochko O.P.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Obukhova O.M.,Ukrainian Academy of Sciences | Haas K.,University of British Columbia
PLoS ONE | Year: 2012

Fluorescent dyes that are bright, stable, small, and biocompatible are needed for high-sensitivity two-photon imaging, but the combination of these traits has been elusive. We identified a class of squaraine derivatives with large two-photon action cross-sections (up to 10,000 GM) at near-infrared wavelengths critical for in vivo imaging. We demonstrate the biocompatibility and stability of a red-emitting squaraine-rotaxane (SeTau-647) by imaging dye-filled neurons in vivo over 5 days, and utility for sensitive subcellular imaging by synthesizing a specific peptide-conjugate label for the synaptic protein PSD-95. © 2012 Podgorski et al. Source

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