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Sercel Inc. | Date: 2015-06-17

A communication method is provided in a communication network, including a plurality of devices forming an ordered communication segment. At least one intermediate device of this segment is connected to at most two other devices called a previous device and a next device. The intermediate device receives data from the previous device and emits at least these data to the next device to propagate the data on the segment. A concentrator initializes transmission of a first frame of data through the segment to a terminal device ending the segment, which sends back a symbol initiating transmission of a second frame of data to the first concentrator through the segment. The method includes receiving a first symbol from the previous device, which triggers emitting a WAIT symbol to the previous device and emitting at least first symbol to the next device.

A method for setting frequency channels in a multi-hop wireless mesh network including a plurality of nodes. Each node hops on frequency channels, with a hop period, according to a frequency channels hopping sequence. All data packets transmitted by the nodes have a duration strictly longer than the hop period. When a given node of the plurality of nodes is in a first transmit mode in order to transmit a data packet, it carries out steps of: selecting a transmit frequency channel as a function of the frequency channels hopping sequence; and transmitting the data packet using, for the entire duration of the data packet, the selected transmit frequency channel.

A stress relief device is provided for a connector. The connector is connected to a cable and configured for cooperating with a complementary connector along a longitudinal axis. The stress relief device includes: an anchor configured for being placed around a portion of the cable so as to allow a stress relief of the portion of the cable, the portion of the cable being adjacent to the connector; a shell configured for being connected to the anchor and for at least partially wrapping the connector; and a locking system configured for connecting and locking the shell to a similar shell of a similar stress relief device for the complementary connector. The stress relief device is detachably mountable on the connector and is configured such that its mounting/dismounting does not require any change in the connection/disconnection of the connectors to one another.

Sercel Inc. | Date: 2015-02-19

It is proposed a retriever system for a streamer. The retriever system includes: a body, placed in series along the streamer or in parallel with the streamer; an inflating generator; and an inflatable element configured to be folded in a rest state and to be inflated by the inflating generator and spread in an active state. The he inflatable element has a shape of a wing in the active state and includes two different portions, a first portion including a leading edge and a second portion including a trailing edge. A passage from the rest state to the active state is activated in predetermined conditions.

A method is provided for managing a master vessel change in a multi-vessel seismic system. The system includes a master vessel M and at least one slave vessel. The method includes, during at least a part of a multi-vessel operation: selecting a new master vessel M among the at least one slave vessel, triggered by at least one predetermined event; and transmitting, to the at least one slave vessel, at least one piece of information related to a master vessel change from the master vessel M, called old master vessel, to the new master vessel M.

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