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Attleboro, MA, United States

Sensata Technologies | Date: 2014-08-25

In an embodiment, a stepped spring contact may have a first portion, a transition portion, and a second portion. The first portion may include a plurality of windings whose pitch may vary. The second portion may include a plurality of windings that are closely wound. A pitch of the windings contained in the second portion may be, for example, constant. The transition portion may include a winding that may make mechanical and electrical contact with a first electrical conductor (e.g., a pad contained on a printed circuit board (PCB)). The first portion may include a tip. The tip may be, for example, flat shaped or conically shaped. The tip may make electrical contact with a second electrical conductor (e.g., a terminal connector). In operation, the stepped spring contact may provide electrical continuity between the first electrical conductor and the second electrical conductor.

Sensata Technologies | Date: 2014-10-01

A method for correcting offset drift in a sensor used in cyclic sensing is provided. The method includes: identifying a target value for a parameter of a signal between sensing cycles of the sensor; ascertaining a difference between a measured value for the signal and the target value; ascertaining a duration between the sensing cycles; using the difference and the duration, calculating a number of steps to attain the target value from the measured value; and adjusting the measured value by the number of steps to substantially agree with the target value. A pressure sensor is disclosed.

Sensata Technologies | Date: 2014-10-30

[Problem(s)] A board to board connector is disclosed to provide desirable electrical connection between contacts. [Means to Solve the Problem(s)] A board to board connector according to the present invention comprises a male connector

A pressure sensing element includes a sensing sub-element disposed on a diaphragm, the element including a shield disposed over the sub-element and configured to substantially eliminate influence of external charge on the sub-element during operation. A method of fabrication and a pressure sensor making use of the pressure sensing element are disclosed.

Sensata Technologies | Date: 2014-08-27

In an embodiment, a support ring may include an arm and a hook. The arm may be located at a first end of the support ring. The arm may provide a spring force to a circuit board that is loaded in the support ring. The hook may be located at a second end of the support ring. The hook may extend upward from the support ring. The second end may be opposite the first end. The hook may provide a reaction force on the circuit board. The reaction forced may be a force in reaction to the spring force. The support ring may include one or more legs. The legs may extend downward from the support ring.

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