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A beam current adjuster for an ion implanter includes a variable aperture device which is disposed at an ion beam focus point or a vicinity thereof. The variable aperture device is configured to adjust an ion beam width in a direction perpendicular to an ion beam focusing direction at the focus point in order to control an implanting beam current. The variable aperture device may be disposed immediately downstream of a mass analysis slit. The beam current adjuster may be provided with a high energy ion implanter including a high energy multistage linear acceleration unit.

A final energy filter includes a first adjustment electrode portion, an intermediate electrode portion, and a second adjustment electrode portion. The final energy filter further includes a power supply unit. The power supply unit is configured such that it applies the voltages separately to the first adjustment electrode portion, the intermediate electrode portion, and the second adjustment electrode portion. The power supply unit applies voltages to an upstream auxiliary electrode portion, a deflection electrode portion and a downstream auxiliary electrode portion, respectively, such that the energy range of ion beam in a first region between the upstream auxiliary electrode portion and the deflection electrode portion is approximately equal to that in a second region between the deflection electrode portion and the downstream auxiliary electrode portion.

Sen Corporation | Date: 2014-05-23

A high-energy ion implanter includes: a beam generation unit that includes an ion source and a mass spectrometer; a radio frequency multi-stage linear acceleration unit; a deflection unit that includes a magnetic field type energy analysis device for filtering ions by a momentum; a beam transportation line unit; and a substrate processing/supplying unit. In this apparatus, an electric field type final energy filter that deflects a high-energy scan beam in the vertical direction by an electric field is inserted between the electric field type beam collimator and the wafer in addition to the magnetic field type mass spectrometer and the magnetic field type energy analysis device as momentum filters and the radio frequency multi-stage linear acceleration unit as a velocity filter.

Sen Corporation | Date: 2014-08-26

An ion implantation apparatus includes an implantation processing chamber, a high voltage unit, and a high-voltage power supply system. In the implantation processing chamber ions are implanted into a workpiece. The high voltage unit includes an ion source unit for generating the ions, and a beam transport unit provided between the ion source unit and the implantation processing chamber. The high-voltage power supply system applies a potential to the high voltage unit under any one of a plurality of energy settings. The high-voltage power supply system includes a plurality of current paths formed such that a beam current flowing into the workpiece is returned to the ion source unit, and each of the plurality of energy settings is associated with a corresponding one of the plurality of current paths.

A beam collimator includes a plurality of lens units that are arranged along a reference trajectory so that a beam collimated to the reference trajectory comes out from an exit of the beam collimator. Each of the plurality of lens units forms a bow-shaped curved gap and is formed such that an angle of a beam traveling direction with respect to the reference trajectory is changed by an electric field generated in the bow-shaped curved gap. A vacant space is provided between one lens unit of the plurality of lens units and a lens unit that is adjacent to the lens unit. The vacant space is directed in a transverse direction of the collimated beam in a cross section that is perpendicular to the reference trajectory. An inner field containing the reference trajectory is connected to an outer field of the plurality of lens units through the vacant space.

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