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Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: BSG-SME | Phase: SME-1 | Award Amount: 1.00M | Year: 2011

The project focuses on the rapid identification of genes underlying congenital disorders in pigs for effective marker assisted selection (MAS) against genetic defects. The occurrence of congenital hereditary disorders is a significant problem for pig producers and selection compagnies and leads to poor animal welfare and severe economic loss. For most of these defects there are strong indications for a genetic component and different research groups all over Europe have made efforts to find the underlying causative genetic mechanisms. However, the mode of inheritance seems complex and no genes or mutations have been identified yet. This project aims to group the efforts of different research groups that are currently working on inherited genetic defects in pigs. Through this collaboration a faster identification of the genes and suitable gene markers for use in marker assisted selection against defects in pigs will be obtained. Thereafter, these markers can be implemented in the breeding programs of the different SME partners and can (later) be commercialised, which will improve the competitive position of the SME partners.

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