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Fukui-shi, Japan

The present invention relates to a polyimide resin surface modifier which modifies the surface of a polyimide resin to permit easy absorption of metal ions, and a surface-modifying method for polyimide resins using the same. The surface modifier contains an alkali component, an organic solvent having hydroxy groups and a boiling point of 120 C. or higher, and a water content of 0-10% by weight. The surface-modifying method includes a printing process wherein a predetermined pattern is printed on the surface of a polyimide resin substrate using the polyimide resin surface modifier, an organic solvent-removing process wherein an organic solvent in the polyimide resin surface modifier pattern-printed on the surface of said polyimide resin substrate is removed and a water-treatment process wherein said polyimide resin surface modifier after removing the organic solvent is brought into contact with water.

Provided is a laminate sheet in which, on one surface of a resin layer having optical transparency, a colored layer and a backing layer are sequentially laminated, and on the other surface of the resin layer, a pattern layer made of an ionizing radiation curable resin and having optical transparency is laminated. The pattern layer has a softening temperature of 140 to 160 C., and the resin layer, the colored layer, and the backing layer have softening temperatures of 120 C. or lower. The surface of the pattern layer has a concavo-convex shape and the thickness thereof is continuously varied.

[Problem] To provide: a material which is for three-dimensional molding and on which a conductive pattern that exhibits excellent adhesiveness even after the three-dimensional molding can be formed; and a process for producing a three-dimensional conductive pattern structure, said process using this material for three-dimensional molding and necessitating no special apparatus. [Solution] This three-dimensional conductive pattern structure is produced by: using a material which is for three-dimensional molding and which has, in at least a part thereof, a surface made of a polyimide resin; conducting, in a surface portion (

Seiren Co. | Date: 2011-03-03

An object of the present invention is to provide an inkjet recording apparatus capable of simplifying cables for transmitting a recording signal to a plurality of inkjet heads. The inkjet recording device has a plurality of head units

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