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Nagaraja H.N.,SDM Institute of Technology | Kastha D.,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur | Petra A.,Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics | Year: 2011

The multiphase interleaved synchronous buck converters with coupled phase inductors are being preferred for voltage regulator modules requiring low output voltage, high output current, and fast transient response since they simultaneously offer better steady-state efficiency and faster dynamic response. In this paper, a novel magnetic core structure for symmetrical coupling of multiphase buck converter phase inductors is proposed, which overcomes several limitations of asymmetrical inductor coupling proposed so far. A new analytical technique to arrive at simple dynamic equivalent circuits of the converter, as well as design guidelines for the proposed inductor structure, is presented. Experimental results from a prototype four-phase synchronous buck converter with the proposed inductor demonstrate 2% to 6% improvement in the converter efficiency compared to a similarly rated converter with uncoupled inductors while retaining the same transient performance. © 2010 IEEE.

Urolagin S.,SDM Institute of Technology | Anigol A.,SDM Institute of Technology
Proceedings of 2015 IEEE 9th International Conference on Intelligent Systems and Control, ISCO 2015 | Year: 2015

Script identification is an important step in success of multilingual OCR with specialized OCR for each script. Language like Kannada has a wide variety of font style and OCR for Kannada should handle all font type. A multi-OCR with specialized recognizer for each font type is most suitable for Kannada script. Font type identification is a key step in such as solution. We have proposed font identification technique using Gabor features on sub image level. Representatives of Gabor feature are formed and a confidence measure based on Euclidean distance is used as closeness measure. A bin is used which keep track of highest confidence occur at word level and based on maximum bin count font type of a document is identified. Experiments are conducted on scanned Kannada document with 100% as font type identification rate at document level. © 2015 IEEE.

Pradeep Kumar K.G.,SDM Institute of Technology
IET Conference Publications | Year: 2013

This paper proposes combining the concepts of quantum computing and big data. The idea of using the concept of quantum computing for processing the big data is suggested. Quantum computing is the advanced computing technology where we think ahead of our conventional binary bits. This is based on the quantum physics which states that a material can be at more than one place at a time. This concept, when used in our conventional computing systems, will have the third bit called the superimposed bit that can be in two states at a time. The term big data is used to refer to the huge amounts of data collected. The data being collected is increasing exponentially. According to a study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute, the data volume is growing 40% every year; and with the increasing number of users and research areas, one can expect much more growth in the data volume. With this kind of growing data, the need arises for faster processing and analysis methods giving better performance to the end users and the analytics. In this paper, a new algorithm, named as PQ-Key, is proposed for processing the big data using quantum computing.

Hegde R.,SDM Institute of Technology | Jagadeesha S.,SDM Institute of Technology
Computer Standards and Interfaces | Year: 2016

In recent years, Information Security in the field of digital communication is a relevant part because the advancement hiked the fear of receiving the data snooped at the time of sending it from the sender to the receiver. So, a secure technique is designed by amalgamate both Cryptography and Steganography. Initially, user's confidential details are encrypted using the more secure Multi curve Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) technique. Next, the encrypted cipher is embedded into the H.264 Video using a novel proposed Optimized Modified Matrix Encoding (OMME) steganography technique to embed the secret data. While embedding the encrypted confidential details into the video, pixels from the frames can be selected using an optimization algorithm called Artificial Bee Colony (ABC) in order to reduce distortion of stego video. Finally, the user's secret data embedded in the H.264 Video is extracted and it is de-ciphered. This proposed technique increases the level of security and robustness against attacks in terms of carrier capacity and embedding efficiency when compared to existing methodologies. The proposed work is implemented in the working platform of Matlab and provide data hiding in MPEG video files. © 2016 Elsevier B.V.

Hegde G.P.,SDM Institute of Technology | Seetha M.,G N Institute Of Technology And Science
Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Green Computing and Internet of Things, ICGCIoT 2015 | Year: 2015

The important objective of this work is to utilization of entire Gabor features by enhancing the phase part of the Gabor and maximizing the Fishers ratio in nonlinear domain space by preserving the local information. Entire Gabor kernel locality preserving Fisher discriminant analysis (EGKLPFDA) approach is proposed. Both Gabor magnitude and spatially enhanced phase congruency parts are separately used for feature extraction. These two vector feature space is projected into KLPFDA subspace method by preserving the kernel discriminant locality structure of data. Projected subspace is normalized by Z-score normalization. Both normalized scores are fused by maximum fusion rule. Final score obtained from train and test image sets are used to distance matching using Euclidean distance algorithm and support vector machine (SVM) classifier is implemented to classify the expressions. Performance analysis is carried out by comparing earlier approaches. Experimental results on JAFFE, Yale, and FD database demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed approach. © 2015 IEEE.

Hegde G.P.,SDM Institute of Technology | Seetha M.,G N Institute Of Technology And Science
Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology, iCATccT 2015 | Year: 2015

Most of the earlier expression recognition system based on nonlinear subspace methods not able to solve the discriminative problems of feature extraction, locality structure preservation and dimensional reduction by increasing the Fishers ratio of discriminant analysis. In this work, adaptive combination approach is framed by combining geometrical and holistic features. Both Gabor magnitude feature vector (GMFY) and enhanced Gabor phase feature vector (GPFV) are separately isolated and feature level fusion is carried out by combining with geometrical distance feature vector (GDFY). Fused phase part was aligned with discrete wavelet moment (DWT) features. High dimensional space was projected into low dimensional subspace by kernel locality preserving Fisher discriminant analysis method. Projected subspace is normalized and final scores of projected space were fused using maximum fusion rule. Expressions are classified using Euclidean distance matching and support vector machine radial basis function kernel classifier. The whole proposed approach is abbreviated as ACEGKLPFDA. An experimental result reveals that the proposed approach is effective for dimension reduction, efficient recognition and classification. Performance of proposed approach is measured in comparison with related subspace approaches. The best average recognition rate achieves 97.61% for JAFFE and 95.62% FD database respectively. © 2015 IEEE.

Hegde R.,SDM Institute of Technology
IET Conference Publications | Year: 2013

This review paper is concentrating on two data hiding approaches using compressed MPEG video files. The first approach by modulating the quantization scale[26] of a constant bitrate video, message bits are hided. A payload of one message bit per macroblock is achieved. Asecond order multivariate regression[26] is used to find an association between macroblocklevel feature variables and the values of a hidden message bit. The regression model is then used by the decoder to predict the values of the hidden message bits with very high prediction accuracy. The second approach uses the flexible macroblock ordering feature of H.264/AVC to hide message bits. Macroblocks are assigned to arbitrary slice groups according tothe content of the message bits to be hidden. A maximum payload of three message bits per macroblock is achieved. The experimental solutions are analyzed in terms of message extraction accuracy, message payload, excessive bitrate and quality distortion. And also we are reviewing the paper which presents an improved data hiding techniques based on BCH (n,k,t) coding.

Somashekar D.P.,Sdm Institute Of Technology
IET Conference Publications | Year: 2013

The continuous service for customers is complicated process in distribution system, when the system apparatus and customers are get affected by various large number of outages which caused by improper maintenance of system utilities and some environmental factors results block-out regions in the systems. The impact of distributed generation on distribution system, stability will be negligible when connected in small amounts. However, if it's penetration level become higher, distributed generation may start to influence the dynamic behavior of the system as a whole. So, the fuel cells (SOFC) are used as distributed generation system which is penetrates in distribution network to enhance the continuous service for customers. In this paper, we are analyzing the system stability by describing the dynamic modeling of fuel cell to the system utility grid by using MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Patil B.,Sdm Institute Of Technology | Biradar S.R.,Alagappa Chettiar College of Engineering And Technology
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2016

The major challenging issue is providing security for the multimedia data in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSNs) owing to their tough surroundings. The issue of securing the multimedia data in WMSN becomes even more composite in group or cluster communications. A new Cluster based authentication scheme is projected for secure, accurate and effective communication. The proposed method identifies the efficiency of a connection with the intention of reducing the overhead & assured scalability. A hash function is used for traffic monitoring within a cluster to validate the multimedia data. Proficient packet transmission protocols are considered for WMSNs based on the clusters known as SET. These protocols provide efficient data communication. The consequences prove that the projected/proposed technique has virtuous performance than the existing techniques for WMSNs. © 2016 ACM.

Kumar P.K.V.,SDM Institute of Technology | Sreenivasan M.K.,Amrita University
Proceedings of 2015 IEEE International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Communication Technologies, ICECCT 2015 | Year: 2015

This paper contains design, hardware setup and testing of high efficient, high voltage gain dc-dc converter. High efficient, high voltage gain dc-dc converter is harvesting maximum energy from the solar PV panel. The output of high efficient, high voltage gain dc-dc converter is feeding to dc microgrid. The dc microgrid can be used for communication systems, battery storage applications and UPS systems. In the overall system the special type of dc-dc converter is cascaded with PV panel and dc microgrid. In order to increase the tracking accuracy, incremental conductance algorithm is added with the high efficient, high voltage gain dc-dc converter. © 2015 IEEE.

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