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LOUISVILLE, KY, United States

An apparatus includes a tubular member defining a lumen and a channel, and a support member. The tubular member has a connection portion configured to be coupled to an organ wall. An outer edge of the connection portion is configured to contact a first portion of an inner surface of the wall when the connection portion is in an expanded configuration such that an interior volume of the organ is in fluid communication with the lumen. The support member is movably disposed within the channel and is configured to minimize movement of the wall relative to the tubular member. An end portion of the support member is disposed within the channel when the support member is in a first configuration. The end portion of the support member configured to contact a second portion of the inner surface of the wall when the support member is in a second configuration.

A system for ablating internal heart tissue in an ablation pattern on a surface of the tissue within the heart. The system includes an ablation catheter with a distal end having an ablating tip portion operative to allow selective ablation of tissue. A guiding device is engageable with the ablation catheter and includes a tissue anchoring portion operable to engage with tissue proximate to the tissue to be ablated so as to temporarily anchor the guiding device relative to the tissue. Engagement of the guiding device with the ablation catheter operates to assist with guiding the ablating tip portion in moving along the pattern. Various devices and methods of use are further disclosed.

Embodiments of the present disclosure relate to constructing an Object Analytic Record (OAR) that may be used to store data from one or more sequential chains. Analytics may be performed on data in the OAR to generate ratings for one or more components of a supply chain or the supply chain itself. Analytics may also be performed on the OAR to provide a certification for a supply chain or for a supply chain components and products.

Scr, Inc. | Date: 2011-08-25

Systems and methods are disclosed for tracking information related to events. Event information may be stored in a digital sequential chain. The sequential chain stores information related to the event as it occurs over a period of time. The sequential chain allows for the relation of multiple events resulting in an event chain. The information in the event chain may be related using a unique identifier.

Scr, Inc. | Date: 2011-08-25

Systems and methods are disclosed for tracking an object as it traverses a sequential chain. The relationships between the object, its movement through space and time, and the entities associated with the object at a discreet point of time are captured by a sequential chain. A unique identifier may be created that is continuously modified as the object traverses the sequential chain. The unique identifier may be used to capture relationship information between the object and its related entities and movements.

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