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Aplesnin S.S.,Siberian State Aerospace University | Romanova O.B.,RAS Kirensky Institute of Physics | Yanushkevich K.I.,Scientific Practical Materials Research Center
Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research | Year: 2015

The electric and magnetic properties of anion-substituted antiferromagnetic MnSe1-xTex (0.1≤x≤0.4) semiconductors in the 77-700K temperature range and magnetic fields under 1T are studied. In the MnSe1-xTex solid solutions, negative magnetoresistance in the vicinity of the Néel temperature for x=0.1 and for composition with x=0.2 in the paramagnetic range below 270K is revealed. A dependence of the magnetic susceptibility versus the prehistory of the samples is found. The model of localized spin-polarized electrons with the localization radius depending on the magnetic field is proposed for x=0.1. In the paramagnetic range, the negative magnetoresistance and the behavior of magnetic moment are a result of orbital glass formation. © 2015 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim. Source

Aplesnin S.,Siberian State Aerospace University | Galyas A.,Scientific Practical Materials Research Center | Demidenko O.,Scientific Practical Materials Research Center | Makovetskii G.,Scientific Practical Materials Research Center | And 2 more authors.
Acta Physica Polonica A | Year: 2015

The synthesis of polycrystalline Mn1-xGdxSe solid solutions is carried out by solid state reaction method followed by quenching from the temperature of 1370 K. The X-ray diffraction studies realized at 300 K revealed that the structure of the single phase samples in the 0 < x < 0:15 concentration range is identified on base a face centered cubic crystal cell of Fm3m space group. The heating of the solid solutions to 900 K does not affect on the magnetic susceptibility as the dependences is identical to the measurements in the "heating-cooling" regime. Comparing the research results of magnetic properties of the Mn1-xGdxSe solid solutions with those of Mn1-xGdxS solid solutions, we can conclude that substitution of manganese ions by gadolinium in manganese selenide lead to more changes in the basic magnetic characteristics than in manganese sulfide. Source

Shut V.N.,Institute of Technical Acoustics | Syrtsov S.R.,Institute of Technical Acoustics | Trublovsky V.L.,Institute of Technical Acoustics | Il'Yuschenko D.A.,Institute of Technical Acoustics | Troyanchuk I.O.,Scientific Practical Materials Research Center
Ferroelectrics | Year: 2014

Ceramics of composition Ba1-xLaxTiO3 were prepared by two-step sintering method. The average grain size of the sintered samples were 300 nm (for x = 0.025) and 500 nm (for x = 0.05). Relative densities of these samples were 92.8%TD and 92.3%TD. Despite the small grain size, the magnitude of dielectric permittivity of ceramics has higher value in comparison with coarse-grained materials sintered by standard technology (with grain size >1 μm). © 2014 Copyright Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. Source

Popescu A.M.,Ilie Murgulescu Institute of Physical Chemistry | Neacsu E.I.,Ilie Murgulescu Institute of Physical Chemistry | Yanushkevich K.,Scientific Practical Materials Research Center | Constantin V.,Ilie Murgulescu Institute of Physical Chemistry
Surface and Interface Analysis | Year: 2014

Electroless Zn-Ni-P thin films were deposited on low carbon steel from an alkaline non-cyanide aqueous electrolyte. The newly developed ternary alloys structure and microstructure investigations were carried out via X-ray diffraction and SEM. Chemical composition of the coatings was investigated via energy dispersive spectroscopy. Polarization tests were used to study the corrosion properties of the coatings in a 3.5 wt.% NaCl solution. The results confirmed the high corrosion resistance of Zn-Ni-P alloy plated steel sheet. The surface analysis of the thin film samples before and after corrosion was performed by XPS. The incorporation of Zn in Ni-P thin film is proven for all initial samples to be as a mixture of zinc and zinc oxide, while nickel exists in +2 and +3 oxidized states. A passive film of a mixture of oxide and hydroxide of zinc and nickel forms on the surface and prevents the Zn-Ni-P thin films from corrosion. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Copyright © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Source

Gusakov V.,Scientific Practical Materials Research Center | Gusakova J.,EPAM Systems | Markevich V.P.,University of Manchester
Proceedings of International Conference NANOMEETING 2011: Physics, Chemistry and Applications of Nanostructures - Reviews and Short Notes | Year: 2011

Quantum-chemical modeling of structural stability of Si nanowires is presented. Formation and diffusion of intrinsic point defects in the nanowires have also been studied. The significant decrease of the Frenkel pairs formation energy in nanowires as compared with bulk crystalline silicon was found.Copyright © 2011 by World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. Source

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