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Saint Petersburg, Russia

There has been recently increased the interest of specialists and managers of ore dressing and processing enterprises to introduction of the technology of concentration of iron ore raw materials, directed on obtaining of more high quality marketable products. In the first place, it is connected with increasing of non-conditional concentrates' quality (less than 60% of the total iron), which extends the economical efficiency of ore-dressing and processing enterprises for metallurgical enterprises and decreases the costs on the metallurgical production stage. The Carmen Copper Corporation includes the Carmen concentrator, which processes the copper-porphyritic ores and produces the copper and magnetite concentrates. The copper concentrate is obtained by the flotation method. The magnetite concentrate is obtained by wet magnetic separation. Nowadays, the content of iron in the concentrate, obtained at the Carmen concentrator from the current extraction ores, does not exceed 50-51%, taking into account the high content of silica (to 18%). In 2011, the governing body of the Carmen Copper Corporation gave the task to the Scientific and Production Association "RIVS" to hold the final processing of magnetite concentrate to not less than 60% of the content of iron in this concentrate. Researches of the factory experiments of magnetite concentrate were held by the technologists from Scientific and Production Association "RIVS". The technology was developed for the reverse cationic flotation of magnetite concentrate. The range of reagents-collectors for quartz and aluminosilicates was tested, along with optimization of regrinding regime. New technology makes it possible to obtain the high quality concentrate (not less than 60% of iron), in the flotation finishing tail. © Arustamyan K. M., 2013.

Shalyugina M.F.,Scientific and Production Association | Bobrakova A.A.,Scientific and Production Association
Eurasian Mining | Year: 2013

Russian needs in fluor spar are satisfied only by 57%, at the expense of self source of raw materials. At the expense of import, these needs are satisfied by 43%. Mongolian and Russian joint enterprise " Mongolrostsvetmet" is a large importer of fluorite concentrate in Russia. For the purpose of expansion of raw material base of "Bor Undur" ore-dressing and processing plant, the specialists from Scientific and Production Association "RIVS" developed the flotation concentration technology for high-carbonate Urgen deposit ore. These ores are complex, with low carbonate module (its value on blocks is 1-4). The ore has the following content of main components: 41.3% of fluorite; 40.5% of quartz; 10.5% of calcite. Nowadays, the concentration plant of "Bor Undur" ore-dressing and processing plant, processes the high-carbonate Urgen deposit ore only in the mixture (to 16%) by the current extraction ores. As a result of pre-laboratory researches, there was obtained the fluorite concentrate, which contains 97.5% of fluorite, 0.94% of quartz, 0.01% of sulphur and 0.059% of phosphorous, with extraction of 80.2% of fluorite. During the laboratory testings, there was shown the processing availability of high-carbonate fluorite Urgen deposit ore on the concentration plant of "Bor Undur" ore-dressing and processing plant, without the additional charging to the current extraction ores. © Shalyugina M. F., Bobrakova A. A., 2013.

Bondarenko O.P.,Scientific and Production Association
Eurasian Mining | Year: 2013

Scientific and Production Association "RIVS" ("DMIS" - Development, Manufacturing, Introduction, Service) was founded for the creation of Russian competitive mining and concentration equipment and its promotion on the global market. On the first stage of activity, the company specialists created the brand new metalsaving and energy-saving aeration DRF complex (Development and Research of Flotators complex). The standard series of the new-generation rubberized aeration complexes were developed, along with its production engineering. These aeration complexes are mechanically compatible with all block types of the mechanical-air flotation machines from Russian and foreign manufacturers. The high operation efficiency of aeration DRF complexes in industrial conditions made it possible to turn the company to the next stage of its activity - creation of Russian flotation machines and stirring devices on the basis of aeration DRF complexes. The company has already developed and mastered the production of wide assortment of high-efficient flotation machines with modern self-developed automation equipment, succesfully competeng with the flotation machines from leading foreign companies. The flotation machines and stirring devices, manufactured by this company, are intended for every flotation operation, with the concentration of various mineral raw materials. As of July 01, 2012, more than 2 thousand chambers of various flotation DRF machines are operating in Russia and abroad. The capacity of these chambers is from 0.1 to 170 m3. © Bondarenko O. P., 2013.

Shumskaya E.N.,Scientific and Production Association | Poperechnikova O.Yu.,Scientific and Production Association
Eurasian Mining | Year: 2013

In recent years, Scientific and Production Association "RIVS" have been carrying out the improvement of concentration technology of iron ore raw materials, including the development of efficient concentration technology of oxidized ferruginous quartzites. Involving the oxidized ferruginous quartzites into the processing stage is considered as the prospective source of increasing of iron concentrates production without increasing of extraction amounts of magnetite ores. During the extraction and processing of magnetite ores, the part of oxidized ferruginous quartzites on iron-ore enterprises reaches to 10-30%. However, these quartzites are lost with the processing tails by 90%. According to the order of Inguletskiy Ore Dressing and Processing Enterprise (Ukraine), Scientific and Production Association "RIVS" held the reasonability definition of involving of oxidized ferruginous quartzites into the processing. Nowadays, hematite quartzites are not being developed. However, these quartzites are considered as raw materials for Kryvyi Rih Ore-Dressing and Processing Enterprise of Oxidized Ores, and for the projected concentration plants of Krivbass ore-dressing and processing enterprises and mines. According to the dissemination of minerals in the oxidized ferruginous quarzites of Inguletskiy deposit (hematite is characterized by 10-50 μm of the grain fineness, quartz is characterized by 50-70 μm), the choice of concentration technology of these raw materials is considered as a complex task. During the researches, it was established, that application of gravitational and magnetic mathods is non-efficient. That's why, flotation is, practically, the only one possible method. According to the research results of various flotation schemes, there was recommended the opposite cationic flotation technology for oxidized ferruginous quarzites of Inguletskiy deposit, with application of reagents from Glariant company. According to the developed technology on circulating water of Inguletskiy Ore Dressing and Processing Enterprise, there was obtained the concentrate, which contains 66.76 % of iron (with extraction of 84.54% of iron) and 2.75% of SiO2. There is planned to hold the half industrial testings of the recommended technology. © Shumskaya E. N., Poperechnikova O. Yu., 2013.

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