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Ma J.Y.,Science and Technology on Electro Optical Control Laboratory | Chen S.D.,Luoyang Institute of Electro optical Equipment | Zhang S.W.,Luoyang Institute of Electro optical Equipment
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

Vehicle target detection and tracking method based on image super-resolution reconstruction and variable template matching is put forward. Firstly, a nonlinear iterative algorithm is applied to reconstruct a super-resolution image from low resolution image sequence; then, the image is standardized and the movement areas are determined; finally, the variable template matching method is used to detect and track the vehicle targets in movement areas. From the characteristics of algorithm and the experiment results, we can see that the proposed algorithm improves the matching accuracy of target tracking and better solves the limitation of missed detection for traditional methods. The reason of the good performance of the proposed algorithm relies in high quality images acquired by super-resolution reconstruction from low resolution image sequence and the application of variable template matching method. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Tang C.,Northwestern Polytechnical University | Jiang W.,Northwestern Polytechnical University | Chen Y.-D.,Northwestern Polytechnical University | Wu C.-C.,Northwestern Polytechnical University | Kong F.-E.,Science and Technology on Electro Optical Control Laboratory
Xitong Gongcheng Lilun yu Shijian/System Engineering Theory and Practice | Year: 2015

In order to deal with the problem that Dempster-Shafer evidence theory will lead to fault results of information fusion under the situation of highly conicting evidence, the solution procedure are proposed based on a new measure method of uncertainty. It analyzed the deficiencies of several existing uncertain measure methods, and studied the information contained in basic probability assignment, then proposed a new method to measure the uncertainty of evidence. According to the new approach of uncertainty measure, we could combine it with distance of evidence to generate weight, then we exploited the Dempster's rule to complete evidence combinations. In this way, we can deal with the problem of information fusion by Dempster's rule of combination effectively, when it comes to highly conicting evidence combination. Finally, several examples illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. ©, 2015, Systems Engineering Society of China. All right reserved.

Liu X.,Beihang University | Wang L.,Beihang University | Li X.,Beihang University | Peng F.,Science and Technology on Electro Optical Control Laboratory
IEEE International Conference on Industrial Informatics (INDIN) | Year: 2012

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the differences of distributed flight reference (DFR) and non-distributed flight reference (NDFR) from an ergonomics perspective, for the design of more practical and efficient helmet-mounted display(HMD). Eye tracking technology was adopted in this study to compare these two different information formats. Static pictures of two flight references were used as test material. Reaction time and reported value of information are recorded as test results. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) was performed on the test results. According to the experimental results, reaction time and accuracy for attitude angle and overall information all showed significant difference. The NDFR format is the better for determining the ownship status information than DFR format. © 2012 IEEE.

Liu Y.-J.,Science and Technology on Electro Optical Control Laboratory | Liu Y.-J.,Luoyang Institute of Electro optical Equipment | Ding Q.-X.,Luoyang Institute of Electro optical Equipment | Li W.-Q.,Luoyang Institute of Electro optical Equipment | Yan Z.-J.,Luoyang Institute of Electro optical Equipment
Guangzi Xuebao/Acta Photonica Sinica | Year: 2015

In a holographic waveguide display system, the inconformity of grating parameters of input grating, turning grating and output leads to a lot of difficulties in system design and gratings fabrication process. The main condition that the turning grating should be in 60° conical mounting, on which all the gratings in a waveguide holographic display configuration have uniform grating periods, was presented by comparing the grating equations in normal mounting and conical mounting. Under this condition, a novel efficient display was proposed by using a waveguide holographic configuration with three holographic gratings of the same grating periods recorded on a single substrate and a reflector placed on the side face of the substrate. The validity of this configuration was proved by the simulation carried out by the optical design software CODE V. The coupling efficiency loss and invalid area can be dramatically reduced by the reflector on the side face, compared with the traditional configuration. Moreover, the complexity of system design and holographic manufacture can be decreased because all gratings used in the proposed design have uniform grating periods and two of them have uniform orientation. The configuration can be applied to virtual reality display or wearable display. ©, 2015, Chinese Optical Society. All right reserved.

Chen S.-D.,Airborne | Liu J.-X.,Science and Technology on Electro Optical Control Laboratory | Liu J.-X.,Airborne
Proceedings - International Conference on Machine Learning and Cybernetics | Year: 2012

The real-time performance of the decision of striking a Time-Sensitive Target (TST) is crucial. In this paper, we propose the cooperative strike strategy to TST based on the proactive information delivery to decrease the decision time and improve the real-time capability of striking decision. Firstly, we present the model of the organization and proactive information delivery (PID) behaviors of the strike team by means of AML (Agent Modeling Language). Then, we propose the cooperation strike strategy to the TST which includes cooperative tracking, role adjusting and striking behavior adjusting strategy. The proposed method decreases the decision and communication payload while enhances the real time performance. The simulation results show that the communication payloads can be decreased, and the real-time capability of the strike decision has been enhanced. © 2012 IEEE.

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