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Freudenstadt, Germany

A method for the selective doping of silicon of a silicon substrate (

In order to fasten a silicon block on a support for improved further handling, fibre material is introduced into an adhesive joint between the silicon block and the support. The fibre material is impregnated with adhesive and consists of glass fibres. The silicon block is then positioned on the support. The fibre material assures that the adhesive joint is not pressed together too far and is more stable.

SCHMID Group and University of Central Florida | Date: 2013-06-05

A method for forming a boron doped region within a silicon material substrate, and the resulting silicon material substrate that includes the boron doped region, each use a boron doped aluminum oxide material layer as a boron dopant source layer. The method provides the boron doped region with a sheet resistance in a range from about 15 to about 300 ohms per square. The method is also applicable, in general, to forming an n doped region, a p doped region or an n and p co-doped region within a silicon material substrate.

SCHMID Group | Date: 2010-06-18

A method and device for treating silicon wafers. In a first step, the silicon wafers (

In a method for the treatment of the surface of a wafer for producing a solar cell, onto which wafer an antireflection and passivation layer has been applied onto a p-doped layer in a step preceding the method, the surface is treated in a processing step and then a subsequent metallization on the surface of the wafer for producing contacts for the solar cell takes place. This processing step is for passivation or for removal of the p-doped layer in the region of disturbances such as scratches, defect sites, pinholes and inhomogeneous regions in the antireflection and passivation layer. It is thus possible to avoid metal depositions at these disturbances.

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