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Raisio, Finland

Mehrnejad M.R.,Pistachio Research Institute | Linnavuori R.E.,Saukkokuja 10 | Alavi S.H.,Pistachio Research Institute
Zoology and Ecology | Year: 2013

Hemipteran bugs are considered major pistachio pests, most of which belong to Miridae and Pentatomidae families. However, little information is available on phytophagous or predatory bugs associated with pistachio trees. The diversity and relative abundance of hemipterans on pistachio trees was monitored in both cultivated pistachio plantations and wild pistachio growing areas in Kerman province, Iran, from 2009 to 2012. The samplings were carried out randomly using a white beating tray in the cultivated pistachio plantations at the altitudes of 1150-1864m and in wild pistachio growing areas at the altitudes of 1800-2500 m. The present article records 37 hemipteran species of 29 genera and 7 families. These bugs were found to be associated with pistachio trees either as host plants, or host plants of their prey, or shelter plants. Biological information and notes on the present status, i.e. trophic level, relative abundance and economic importance, of the major species, including Anthocoris minki pistaciae Wagner, 1957, Campylomma diversicorne Reuter, 1878, Campylomma verbasci (Meyer-Dür, 1843), Farsiana pistaciae Linnavuori, 1998, Pseudoloxops sangrudanus Linnavuori, 2006, and Spilostethus (=Lygaeus) pandurus (Scopoli, 1763), are presented. In addition, the stink bug Acrosternum arabicum Wagner, 1959 was for the first time observed to be injurious to pistachio nuts in wide areas. Copyright © 2013 Nature Research Centre.

Ghahari H.,Islamic Azad University at Tehran | Montemayor S.I.,Museo de La Plata | Moulet P.,Museum Requien | Linnavuori R.E.,Saukkokuja 10
Zootaxa | Year: 2012

An updated list of Iranian Tingidae Laporte is presented and discussed in this paper. For Iranian fauna, there are records of 74 species and subspecies of tingids distributed in 20 genera and subgenera, of which 72 of them belong to the subfamily Tinginae and 2 species to the subfamily Cantacaderinae (tribe Cantacaderini). In some species we list host plants, in Iran. Copyright © 2012. Magnolia Press.

Ghahari H.,Islamic Azad University at Tehran | Moulet P.,Museum Requien | Linnavuori R.E.,Saukkokuja 10 | Ostovan H.,Islamic Azad University at Marvdasht
Zootaxa | Year: 2012

A study of Iranian Coreoidea, Alydidae excluded, has brought new geographical data on these bugs. Ninety-five species in 34 genera of three families, including, Coreidae (53 species), Rhopalidae (33 species), and Stenocephalidae (9 species), are listed as the fauna of Iran. The following species of Coreidae are new for the Iranian fauna: Fracastorius cornutus Distant 1902, Homoeocerus albiguttulus Stål 1873, and Prismatocerus borealis (Distant 1918). Copyright © 2012 · Magnolia Press.

Ghahari H.,Islamic Azad University at Tehran | Moulet P.,Museum Requien | Ostovan H.,Islamic Azad University at Science and Research of Fars | Linnavuori R.E.,Saukkokuja 10
Zootaxa | Year: 2013

A catalog of aquatic and semiaquatic Heteroptera from Iran is provided based on literature reports and field collections. Representatives of 107 species and morphospecies of the infraorders Dipsocoromorpha, Enicocephalomorpha, Gerromor-pha, Leptopodomorpha, and Nepomorpha are listed, and are distributed in 18 families including Aphelocheiridae (1 genus, 1 species), Belostomatidae (1 genus, 1 species), Corixidae (8 genera, 29 species), Dipsocoridae (1 genus, 2 species), En-icocephalidae (2 genera, 2 species), Gerridae (6 genera, 18 species), Hebridae (1 genus, 5 species), Helotrephidae (1 ge-nus, 1 species), Hydrometridae (1 genus, 2 species), Leptopodidae (4 genera, 7 species), Mesoveliidae (1 genus, 2 species), Naucoridae (1 genus, 1 species), Nepidae (3 genera, 5 species), Notonectidae (2 genera, 8 species), Ochteridae (1 genus, 1 species), Pleidae (1 genus, 1 species), Saldidae (5 genera, 14 species), and Veliidae (2 genera, 7 species). Syn-onyms and geographical distribution of all the species are given, together with an identification key of families. According to the actual catalogs and studies eight species are doubtful for Iranian fauna. Copyright © 2013 Magnolia Press.

Linnavuori R.E.,Saukkokuja 10
Acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragae | Year: 2012

A list of 81 species of the true bugs belonging to the families Pyrrhocoridae (2 species), Stenocephalidae (2 species), Rhopalidae (13 species), Alydidae (4 species), Coreidae (8 species), Cydnidae (5 species), Scutelleridae (3 species), and Pentatomidae (44 species) from Khuzestan and the adjacent provinces in southern Iran is published. Two new species, Sciocoris farsianus sp. nov. and S. kmenti sp. nov. (Pentatomidae), are described. Presence of two species in Iran is confirmed: Rhopalus rufus Schilling, 1829 (Rhopalidae) and Bagrada amoenula (Walker, 1870) (Pentatomidae).

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