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Coimbatore, India

Arulmurugan R.,Anna University | Arulmurugan R.,Sasurie Academy of Engineering | Venkatesan T.,KS Rangasamy College of Technology
IC-GET 2015 - Proceedings of 2015 Online International Conference on Green Engineering and Technologies | Year: 2015

This paper offerings rigorous experimental outside performance of a 200 Wp standalone photovoltaic (PV)energy scheme in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India for clear weather data in month of 12th March 2014. The daily energy produced from the proposing standalone PV scheme was experimentally originating in the variety of 140-160 W h/day contingents on the usual sky circumstances. The number of times and everyday power produced corresponding to different weather state in March month were used to found yearly power creation from the proposing photovoltaic scheme. There are dissimilar load profiles with and without ground to air heat exchanger appropriate for varied periods like winter, rainy and summer. The hourly effectiveness of the standalone PV scheme components are found and offered in this paper. The lifespan price analysis for the proposing classic standalone photovoltaic scheme is conceded out to determine unit price of power. The effect of yearly degradation rate of photovoltaic scheme efficiency is also obtainable in this work. © 2015 IEEE. Source

Rajendran P.,Regional Center Coimbatore | Saradhamani R.,Regional Center Coimbatore | Vikraman P.,Anna University | Kavttha J.,Sasurie Academy of Engineering | And 2 more authors.
Pollution Research | Year: 2014

This Paper addresses that most large companies have been adopting some form of Research and Development (R&D) activities. A survey of executives belongs to technology-intensive (T-I) industries in India showed that R&D was the most important key category for investment. In many cases, the implementation of an R&D activity was a long and expensive ordeal that involved extensive restructuring of businesses and reengineering of processes. While the potential benefits of R&D have been extolled frequently and much has been written about individual company experiences, only limited evidence has been produced that implementation of R&D does, on average, lead to enhanced performance. Several research studies have validated that research and innovation provides productivity and profitability advantages. This study seeks to extend prior work by performing a longitudinal study of implementation of R&D activities in a specific industry. Copyright © EM International. Source

Rajangam K.,Anna University | Rajangam K.,Sasurie Academy of Engineering
European Journal of Scientific Research | Year: 2012

This paper proposes a new approach for solving Unit Commitment problem (UC) with Forecasted Power Demand table. To obtain the information of committed units by an FPD table for any predicted power demand,the information of forecasted price is calculated with reduced complexity. The proposed FPD table approach has been tested on a power system model with 4 and 10 generating units by programming and simulating in MATLAB. The simulation results provide power generation limits of Generating Units and fuel cost, for predicted power demands, with less computational time. © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc. 2012. Source

Saravanan S.V.,King College | Sowmiya G.,Sasurie Academy of Engineering | Kavitha J.,Coimbatore Institute of Technology | Preethi S.,Anna University | Hemamalini P.H.,Anna University
Pollution Research | Year: 2013

Poultry farming is one of the major sources of rural agri-based economy. It creates the Entrepreneurial development to the rural farmers and it also assists financial lift to the rural farmers. It helps to develop the socio economic growth to the rural fanners though the poultry farming. Every year, income from poultry farming has been rising. In this research the environmental pollution caused by disposal of mortality flocks is focused. Copyright © EM International. Source

Palanisamy B.,Kongu Engineering College | Jaganathan V.,Anna University | Chellasamy A.,Anna University | Saravanan S.V.,King College | Kavitha J.,Sasurie Academy of Engineering
Pollution Research | Year: 2014

Acid discharge can take place through usual sources like volcanoes but it is mostly originates by the discharge of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide through fossil fuel incineration. When these gases are released into the ambiance they respond with the water, oxygen, and other gases previously here there to form sulfuric acid, ammonium nitrate, and nitric acid. These acids then diffuse over large region since of wind prototype and fall back to the soil as acid rain or additional forms of rainfall. The acid rain when spray, it influence the woods as well as pond and rivers. The acid rain when engrossed the soil turn out to be sterile for nurturing. The paper discusses about the acid rain, its impact on soil and various methodology to give solutions to this environment threat. Copyright © EM International. Source

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