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Johannesburg, South Africa

A process (

Sasol Limited | Date: 2014-05-06

A process for the tetramerisation of ethylene includes contacting ethylene with a catalyst under ethylene oligomerisation conditions. The catalyst comprises a source of chromium, a ligating compound, and an activator. The ligating compound includes a phosphine that forms part of a cyclic structure.

Sasol Limited and Axens | Date: 2014-04-16

A process for producing jet fuel comprising the following steps:

Sasol Limited | Date: 2014-08-28

A method of operating a slurry phase apparatus includes feeding one or more gaseous reactants into a slurry body of solid particulate material suspended in a suspension liquid contained inside a vessel. The one or more gaseous reactants are fed into the slurry body through a gas distributor having downward facing gas outlets and are fed towards a fluid impermeable partition spanning across the vessel below the gas distributor. The partition divides the vessel into a slurry volume above the partition and a bottom volume below the partition. A differential pressure is maintained over the partition between predefined limits by manipulating or allowing changes in the pressure in the bottom volume by employing a pressure transfer passage establishing flow or pressure communication between the bottom volume and a head space above the slurry body.

The present invention relates to highly concentrated, anhydrous amine salts of hydrocarbon polyalkoxy sulfates, wherein the salts are selected from the group of substituted amines, preferably alkanolamines. The products obtained are of low viscosity and pumpable at room temperature. Due to the absence of water, the salts are highly resistant to hydrolysis, even at high temperatures. The invention further relates to the use of the compositions according to the invention in an aqueous dilution for use in oil reservoirs with the aim of achieving enhanced oil production, or for the recovery of hydrocarbons from tar sands or other surfaces or materials provided with hydrocarbon.

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