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The invention relates to a hydrocarbon wax composition with superior properties as ozone- and aging-protecting additive in rubber products, the production thereof and the use thereof as ozone- and aging-protecting additive. The hydrocarbon wax composition is characterized by its distribution of hydrocarbon molecules by number of carbon atoms per hydrocarbon molecule and its distribution of branched and linear hydrocarbons.

The present invention concerns a composition comprising a 2-alkyl carboxylic acids salts and an oil component and optionally water as well as the use of 2-alkyl carboxylic acids salts as an anti-corrosion additive, in particular in aqueous metal working fluids.

Sasol Limited | Date: 2017-01-25

The present invention is concerned with polymeric additives for paraffin-containing fluids comprising styrene and maleic acid dialkyl ester building blocks and the use thereof as pour point depressants and low temperature flow improvers.

The present invention relates to a process for the oligomerisation of olefins, in particular ethylene, via coordinative chain transfer polymerisation (CCTP) and alkyl elimation reaction. The present invention further relates to a new method of synthesizing CCTP-catalysts. A preferred embodiment of the invention relates to CCTP of olefins, in particular ethylene, with the use of guanidinato or amidinato complexes of titanium zirconium or lanthanides, a chain displacement catalyst (CDC) such as a nickel or cobalt compound and a chain transfer agent (CSA) such as a main group metal alkyl.

The present invention relates to a method for the production of a support material for a nitrogen oxide storage component that is applicable in catalysts for treating exhaust gases from lean-burn engines and a support material made according to said process that is stable against the reaction with a Barium compound to form BaAl_(2)O_(4).

The present invention relates to water based wax dispersion comprising a hydrocarbon wax and a dialkylether for the coating of paper products, the use thereof, the method of coating paper products therewith and the coated printed paper product.

Sasol Limited | Date: 2016-03-02

A method of preparing a modified catalyst support comprises contacting a catalyst support material with a modifying component precursor in an impregnating liquid medium. The impregnating liquid medium comprises a mixture of water and an organic liquid solvent for the modifying component precursor. The mixture contains less than 17% by volume water based on the total volume of the impregnating liquid medium. The modifying component precursor comprises a compound of a modifying component selected from the group consisting of Si, Zr, Co, Ti, Cu, Zn, Mn, Ba, Ni, Al, Fe, V, Hf, Th, Ce, Ta, W, La and mixtures of two or more thereof. A modifying component containing catalyst support material is thus obtained. Optionally, the modifying component containing catalyst support material is calcined at a temperature above 100 C. to obtain a modified catalyst support.

The present invention relates to a metal oxide coated composite comprising a core consisting of a mixture of a La stabilised Al_(2)O_(3) phase and an Ce/Zr/RE_(2)O_(3) mixed oxide phase, the core having a specific pore volume and a specific pore size distribution, and a method for the production of the metal oxide coated composite.

The invention relates to a method for producing latent heat storage material from linear alcohols by dehydrating to dialkyl ethers or to olefins, and hydrogenating to paraffins and dialkyl ether as a latent heat storage material.

The invention relates to a process for manufacturing a gypsum slurry by bringing together and mixing gypsum, water, wax powder and optionally other components, applying the gypsum slurry in a process for manufacturing a gypsum product and a gypsum product such as a plasterboard or wallboard obtained by the process and the use of the wax powder for the manufacturing of a moisture resistant gypsum product.

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