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San Jose, CA, United States

Sanmina Corporation is a global electronics manufacturing services provider headquartered in San Jose, California that serves original equipment manufacturers in technology-related industries such as communications and computer hardware. Sanmina has nearly 80 manufacturing sites. The company is one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of printed circuit boards and backplanes. Wikipedia.

The present invention relates to printed circuit boards (PCBs), and more particularly, to methods of forming high aspect ratio through holes and high precision stub removal in a printed circuit board (PCB). The high precision stub removal processes may be utilized in removing long stubs and short stubs. In the methods, multiple holes of varying diameter and depth are drilled from an upper and/or lower surface of the printed circuit board utilizing drills of different diameters.

Sanmina Corporation | Date: 2015-01-21

A retaining clip to be used with a storage device in a host computer system, wherein the retaining clip is configured to secure an interposer serving as electrical and logic state interface between the device and the structure of the host system. The retaining clip engages with the device through a peg inserted into a mounting hole for the device and secures the interposer by holding it against the devices data or power connector by a tab extending over the interposer and exerting pressure against it towards the device. Additional fins extending from the body of the clip in substantially opposite direction from the tab secure the tab against the enclosure of the host computer system.

Sanmina Corporation | Date: 2014-03-17

Methods for forming a stacking interposer are provided that create a more compact and/or reliable interposer cavity. According to one method, a segmentation process that partially cuts a multi-cell, multi-layer PCB panel to a controlled depth along the internal walls/edges of a cavity region with each of the interposer cell sites defined within the PCB panel is used. The material within the cavity region is then removed (by routing) to a controlled depth to form the internal cavity for each interposer cell site. Pillars may then be removed from the PCB panel. As a result of the initial partial cuts of the internal walls of the cavity region, the corners of the cavities may have a square configuration for fitting over the top of a BGA/memory device (which has very square corners).

A multilayer printed circuit board is provided having a first dielectric layer and a first plating resist selectively positioned in the first dielectric layer. A second plating resist may be selectively positioned in the first dielectric layer or a second dielectric layer, the second plating resist separate from the first plating resist. A through hole extends through the first dielectric layer, the first plating resist, and the second plating resist. An interior surface of the through hole is plated with a conductive material except along a length between the first plating resist and the second plating resist. This forms a partitioned plated through hole having a first via segment electrically isolated from a second via segment.

Sanmina Corporation | Date: 2015-05-13

In one aspect, an arc fault relief panel is provided for mounting to a cabinet for enclosing medium- or high-voltage electrical equipment. The panel includes bend relief cuts or slots to allow the panel to fail in a predictable manner during an explosive arc fault. That is, the cuts or slots provide weakened locations or segments along the panel that permit a main portion of the panel to bend outwardly during an explosive arc fault. The main portion of the panel may be secured to other components of the cabinet with tear-away fasteners. During an explosive arc fault, the panel tears away from the fasteners, allowing the panel to bend outwardly along its weakened segments to provide an opening for venting pressurized air. A lanyard cable may be used to restrict outward movement of the main portion of the panel to help protect adjacent equipment or nearby personnel.

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