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Milpitas, CA, United States

Sandisk Corporation | Date: 2013-01-16

A data storage device includes one or more data paths through electrical contacts of the data storage device. The data paths are operably connected to allow bits to be transferred into and out of the data storage device. The data storage device stores an indication of a number of the one or more data paths in a configuration register. A method includes performing, while the data storage device is operatively coupled to a host device, receiving a command of the host device to read the configuration register and providing the indication via at least one of the one or more data paths. Providing the indication enables indicating to the host device the number of the one or more data paths.

SanDisk Corporation | Date: 2014-01-24

Methods and apparatuses for electronic devices such as non-volatile memory devices are described. The memory devices include a multi-layer control dielectric, such as a double or triple layer. The multi-layer control dielectric includes a combination of high-k dielectric materials such as aluminum oxide, hafnium oxide, and/or hybrid films of hafnium aluminum oxide. The multi-layer control dielectric provides enhanced characteristics, including increased charge retention, enhanced memory program/erase window, improved reliability and stability, with feasibility for single or multi state (e.g., two, three or four bit) operation.

Methods for forming or patterning nanostructure arrays are provided. The methods involve formation of arrays on coatings comprising nanostructure association groups, formation of arrays in spin-on-dielectrics, solvent annealing after nanostructure deposition, patterning using resist, and/or use of devices that facilitate array formation. Related devices for forming nanostructure arrays are also provided, as are devices including nanostructure arrays (e.g., memory devices). Methods for protecting nanostructures from fusion during high temperature processing also are provided.

Methods are provided for forming a nanostructure array. An example method includes providing a first layer, providing nanostructures dispersed in a solution comprising a liquid form of a spin-on-dielectric, wherein the nanostructures comprise a silsesquioxane ligand coating, disposing the solution on the first layer, whereby the nanostructures form a monolayer array on the first layer, and curing the liquid form of the spin-on-dielectric to provide a solid form of the spin-on-dielectric. Numerous other aspects are provided.

SanDisk Corporation | Date: 2014-08-05

A memory card and methods for testing memory cards are disclosed herein. The memory card has a test interface that allows testing large numbers of memory cards together. Each memory card may have a serial data I/O contact and a test select contact. The memory cards may only send data via the serial data I/O contact when selected, which may allow many memory cards to be connected to the same serial data line during test. Moreover, existing test socket boards may be used without adding additional external circuitry. Thus, cost effective testing of memory cards is provided. In some embodiments, the test interface allows for a serial built in self test (BIST).

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