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Sakushin Gakuin University

Utsunomiya-shi, Japan

Sakushin Gakuin University is a private university in Utsunomiya, Tochigi, Japan, established in 1989. The predecessor of the school, a women's junior college, was founded in 1967. Wikipedia.

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Matsuda Y.,Hirosaki University | Shitara S.,Sakushin Gakuin University | Hamada S.,Hiroshima University
Shinrigaku Kenkyu | Year: 2016

This study aimed to develop a scale for unexpected reality for childcare training (Study 1) and examine the change and influence it exerts on the efficacy of preschool teachers (Study 2). In Study 1, the sample consisted of 571 university and junior college students enrolled in a childcare course. After exploratory factor analysis, four factors were extracted: "actual feelings for childcare as a field of study," "difficulties faced during involvement with children," "negative aspects of the childcare worker," and "severity of work." The study's scale was shown to be internally consistent and valid. In Study 2, the sample consisted of 122 junior college students enrolled in a childcare course. The results showed that the high-scoring groups of each unexpected reality subscales experienced less unexpected reality in the subsequent training session. Moreover, the results of multiple regression showed that preschool teacher efficacy was predicted positively by "actual feelings for childcare as a field of study" and negatively by "difficulties faced during involvement with children." Thus, we suggest that for effective pre- and post-guidance of childcare training, unexpected realities should be considered.

Yanagisawa Y.,Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. | Lkeda H.,Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. | Hirakata Y.,Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. | Yamazaki S.,Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. | And 3 more authors.
Digest of Technical Papers - SID International Symposium | Year: 2015

For displays of different sizes, we find optimal display curvatures that enhance natural 3D® produced by a 2D image without parallax, and reduce tiredness through a statistical test. In addition, we quantitatively evaluate the relation between natural3D and high contrast of organic light-emitting diode displays. © 2015 SID.

Hosoda M.,Sakushin Gakuin University | Suzuki K.,Meiji University
Business Strategy and the Environment | Year: 2015

Management accounting research regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR) implementation in Japan has yet to address the lack of empirical research examining the processes, styles and efficacy of communicating CSR activities. Thus, this study conducts survey interviews with 12 Japanese corporations to examine how Japanese companies implement CSR activities in terms of the formal control system (FCS) and informal control system (ICS) of management control systems (MCS). The results of these interviews identified how Japanese managers employ the MCS approach to implement CSR. Hoshin kanri, a non-financial control component of the FCS, supports successful implementation of CSR under the organizational climate dictated by the ICS. This MCS approach is enhanced by three factors that reflect characteristics of Japanese management: employee commitment, a consensus decision making process and long-term management. © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd and ERP Environment.

Hidaka T.,Honda Corporation | Yamato M.,Right EAR Ltd Liability Company | Hasegawa H.,Ustunomiya University | Kasuga M.,Sakushin Gakuin University
42nd International Congress and Exposition on Noise Control Engineering 2013, INTER-NOISE 2013: Noise Control for Quality of Life | Year: 2013

Greater power-saving performance is a high priority for recent onboard vehicle equipment. Therefore, high-quality power-saving car audio systems are very much in demand. Under these circumstances, we developed a headrest acoustic system (HRAS), with speakers built into the headrest, capable of being operated on low power, which aims to be a "new power-saving and comfortable car audio system." In our experiment, a subjective evaluation was conducted, comparing a standard car audio product and the HRAS. The evaluation terms were 12 pairs of words related to sound quality, comfort, added value, and safety. There were 10 sound sources: narration, fusion, classic, J-pop, vocal, healing, nature, jazz, rock, and pop; and each source was presented in 3 ways: in stereo by the standard car audio system (standard CAS), and in two ways by HRAS (in stereo, and in binaural reproduction with stereophonic signals processed to produce 3D audio effects). The two types of HRAS reproduction received higher scores than the standard CAS for the evaluation items related to comfort, and equal or higher scores for the items related to safety. Principal component analysis was also conducted and extracted three factors; sound field factor, palatability factor, and clarity factor. The scores for these factors were compared, and the HRAS binaural reproduction obtained higher scores than the standard CAS for all factors, but the HRAS stereo reproduction obtained poorer scores for the palatability factors. These results indicate that binaural reproduction by HRAS is the most effective configuration. Copyright © (2013) by Austrian Noise Abatement Association (OAL).

Yanagisawa Y.,Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. | Ikeda H.,Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. | Hirakata Y.,Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. | Yamazaki S.,Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co. | And 2 more authors.
Journal of the Society for Information Display | Year: 2016

We studied the stereoscopic effect obtained from a two-dimensional image without using binocular parallax, which we call "natural3D" (n3D). Unlike a parallax-based three-dimensional (3D) display system, n3D causes less tiredness and is free from a decrease of the resolution by half because of image division and viewing position dependence. To make the display with these effects comfortable to use, we conducted statistical tests with sensory evaluation experiments and a quantitative evaluation based on physiological responses. These examinations revealed that the n3D effect can be effectively obtained by using, for example, the characteristics of an organic light-emitting diode display, such as high contrast and easy bendability. This study discusses optimal display curvatures for displays of different sizes that enhance n3D and reduce tiredness, which are revealed through statistical tests. In addition, we performed an experiment with a frame called an n3D window (n3Dw) that is placed before the display such that a subject views the display through the opening of the frame. We found that the combination of a curve and the n3Dw causes n3D more effectively. © 2016 Society for Information Display.

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