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Sakhalin State University
Imeni Vladimira Il'icha Lenina, Russia

Sakhalin State University is a university located in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin. It maintains a sister school relationship with Busan University of Foreign Studies and Dongseo University of the Republic of Korea. As a result of this relationship and the large population of local Sakhalin Koreans, students from Korea form the majority of international students at Sakhalin State University. Wikipedia.

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Labay V.S.,Sakhalin State University | Kurilova N.V.,Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography | Shpilko T.S.,Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography
Biology Bulletin | Year: 2016

The seasonal variability of the macrozoobenthos in a saline lagoon characterized by the absence of a permanent connection with the sea is described according to the results of a survey in Ptich’e Lake (southern Sakhalin) in 2012–2013. Changes in the species composition, abundance, and biomass of the macrozoobenthos have been revealed. Features of the formation of species complexes, benthic communities, and trophic groups are shown. Causes of the phenomena described are discussed. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

Kaev A.M.,Sakhalin State University | Zhivotovsky L.A.,Vavilov Institute of General Genetics
Journal of Ichthyology | Year: 2017

The scale structure of pink salmon Oncorhynchus gorbuscha inhabiting southern Sakhalin and Iturup Island were studied in 2014. These locations are characterized by the unusual dynamics of catches and biological parameters of the fish that come to spawn in different areas in the Sakhalin-Kuril region. The pink salmon that has originated from Iturup Island appeared en masse in the waters of southern Sakhalin, according to the analysis of the scleritogram fragments that reflect the fish growth during the first months of life. This is the first confirmation of the hypothesis of the fluctuating stocks of pink salmon approved by the ichthyological methods. It is suggested that wide-scale straying of pink salmon takes place in the years of dominance shift between the generations of even and odd spawning years. © 2017, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Verkhoturov A.A.,Sakhalin State University | Melkiy V.A.,Sakhalin State University
Bulletin of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, Geo Assets Engineering | Year: 2016

The relevance of the work is caused by the fact that evaluation of the current status of land, determining the character of changes in the components of natural systems, prediction of activation of the negative processes of changing landscapes and all components of ecosystems, are not possible without high-quality data that can be obtained only through the well-organized monitoring systems at the regional level. The aim of the research is to analyze the possibilities of systems for environmental monitoring; to find out the correlations of the external manifestations in the relief of internal natural processes and their causes; to define the indicators of processes orientation; to develop the recommendations to optimize the functioning of regional systems of monitoring based on atlas geographic information system (GIS) mapping. Research methods. The authors have carried out the analysis of technical capabilities of the receiving stations of satellite data from the TERRA spacecraft, Landsat, NOAA and others at the regional level in Sakhalin region. When carrying out the researches the authors used the methods of mathematical and geospatial mapping, statistical, complex physical-geographical, spatial analysis, thematic interpretation, etc. Results. The authors developed the recommendations on organizing the monitoring system of Sakhalin region and defined its composition and technical equipment. It was proposed to solve the problems of a certain scale for regional land monitoring, based on GIS mapping and data of remote sensing of the Earth performed with certain frequency of observations. The system of regional monitoring, which is able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its holding in Sakhalin region through cooperation and coordinated activities of all participants, was recommended. Conclusions. The authors developed the theory and laid the methodological basis of the system of atlas geoinformation mapping of the territory of Sakhalin region, on the basis of which it is possible to organize a comprehensive land monitoring in the region using existing geoportals, and at the best applying the newly created special geoportal. The satellite data should be accepted by the ground receiving stations, located in the region.

Verkhoturov A.,Sakhalin State University | Melkiy V.A.,Sakhalin State University
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2017

Coal industry is the oldest mineral mining branch both in the Sakhalin Region and in the whole Russian Far East. Since its initiation and up till now, the industry branch preserves leadership together with the oil and gas industry and production of aquatic biological resources. The article gives a brief history of the coal industry in the Sakhalin Region. Petrography, chemistry, performance capability and other characteristics of the mineral are described. The quality of coal is analyzed. It is emphasized that Sakhalin coal features high quality and diff erent properties and, for this reason, enjoys high demand as power-producing fuel, and in the long view, it can become a high-grade raw material for production of metallurgical coke, synthetic liquid fuel, hydrocarbon gas and other coal-chemical products. The authors inform on the coal reserves and resources in the region. The most often used method to extract coal is open pit mining, while the amount of known reserves recoverable with the stripping mining method is small as compared with the geological reserves and totals 169.9 Mt. Major portion of the reserves occurs at such deposits as Solntsevskoe, Vakhrushevskoe, Novikovskoe, Gornozavodskoe, Tikhmenevskoe, Verkhne- Armudanskoe and Tikhonovichskoe. The state-of-The-Art of the coal industry is reviewed. The industry follows diff erent lines of development in the recent decade. Rates of coal mining gradually grow. The highest increase is being observed since 2013. In 2016 9.96 Mt of coal was produced, which was the absolute maximum for the whole history of the industry. This production rate is supported by 14 operating open pit mines. Finally, the article identifi es the most acute problems the coal mining industry is now faced with in the region.

Lisitsyna E.N.,Sakhalin State University
Gornyi Zhurnal | Year: 2015

This article is about activities of mining engineer L. F. Bartsevich who made a considerable contribution to the development of mining in the Russian Far East. L. F. Bartsevich initiated exploration and development of natural wealth in the vast Far Eastern outback. He studied salt-bearing clay formations, silver and lead ore deposits and black coal fields, assessed state of mining on the island of Sakhalin (1888), took part in geological exploration at the river of Zeya (1890) and plotted a geological map of the area based on the collected data, surveyed the Amur province at the branches of the Stanovoi Range hosting silver ore bodies (1891-1893). Exceptional merit of Leopold F. Bartsevich is oil potential exploration in the island of Sakhalin. Headed by Bartsevich, a geological expedition discovered oil seepages and solid bitumen deposits (kir). Bartsevich made his first professional geological description of the oil field and plotted its map. L. F. Bartsevich's contribution to exploration and development of the Priamurye General Government was not unheeded. Under the Decree of the Ruling Senate, he was promoted a state councilor and awarded the Order of Saint Anna of 2nd degree and the Order of Saint Vladimir of 4th degree. Retired from the state service, Bartsevich continued working at various job positions and engaged himself in public work. He headed the editorial board of the Bulletin of Society of Mining Engineers journal and was an active member of the Society for Promotion of Russian Oil Industry.

The taxonomic analysis of Melita group is performed. The revision of the genus Melita Leach, 1814 was held on the basis of analysis of morphological characters. Cladistic analysis of morphological relationships within genera Abludomelita and Melita is performed. Status of the genus Paraniphargus Tattersall, 1925 restored. New genera Barnardomelita gen. nov. and Ledoyeromelita gen. nov. are described and removed from the composition of the genus Melita. A review of Melita group (fam. Melitidae) from the shelf of Sakhalin Island based on all literature and own data is provided. Based on new material, two new species of the genus Abludomelita Karaman, 1981 are described: A. klitinii sp. nov. and A. okhotensis sp. nov. from the shelf of Sakhalin Island. Megamoera aequidentatum Labay, 2013 is transferred to the genus Abludomelita as A. rotundactyla (Ren, 2012) on the basis of additional morphological description of male. The new subspecies Melita shimizui sakhalinensis ssp. nov. is described from estuaries of Sakhalin Island. The keys to the world species of genera Abludomelita and Melita are provided. © 2016 Magnolia Press.

The article deals with the theoretical and philosophical foundations of Bolsheviks' attitude towards religion in general and "sectarianism", in particular, during fledging years after the October Revolution. The relationship between philosophical views and practical policy of the Bolshevik government is analyzed. Unformedness of religious policy of the Soviet state in combination with the pre-revolutionary affection of the top Bolshevik leadership to "sectarians", who, like the Bolsheviks, were persecuted by the tsarist autocracy, as well as the hope for their support of young power, predetermined inconsistent, but the loyal in general attitude of the new state towards "sectarians" during fledging years after the October Revolution. Research attention is focused on the analysis and assessment of the Bolsheviks' religious policy represented in the foreign English-language historiography.

Zakharov V.E.,University of Arizona | Zakharov V.E.,RAS Lebedev Physical Institute | Shamin R.V.,Sakhalin State University | Yudin A.V.,Sakhalin State University
JETP Letters | Year: 2014

Processes of the concentration of energy at the formation of rogue waves have been studied in computer experiments based on the exact hydrodynamic equations for an ideal fluid. The distribution of anomalies of waves both in height and in energy has been found in the computer experiment. Correlation between the energy concentration and height of anomalously large surface waves has been revealed. The results can be used to estimate the danger of anomalously large surface waves. © 2014, Maik Nauka-Interperiodica Publishing. All rights reserved.

Romanova M.A.,Sakhalin State University | Shashkina O.V.,Sakhalin State University | Starchenko E.V.,Sakhalin State University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2016

The article describes the methods of teaching students majoring in languages with the use of practice-oriented exercises, the need for the development and implementation of which is defined by a new methodological basis of modern higher vocational education – a competence-based approach. The study hypothesis involves the assumption that practice-oriented exercises allow to intensify the mental, practical and creative student activities, form a positive motivation both to study Japanese and be engaged in future professional activities. The article contains the results of the joint work of teachers of the Sakhalin State University on drawing up and introduction of practice-oriented exercises for students studying Japanese at the level of professional communication at the university and majoring in “Oriental and African Studies” and “Pedagogical Education”. The study represents the general content of practice-oriented exercises, implying an interdisciplinary impact and integration of training courses, independent work of students, students’ clear understanding of the ultimate goals of the task and assessment means. The content of each exercise, the rationale for its development, objectives, targets, the progress and the learning results have been described in detail. Students’ comments have been presented demonstrating the efficiency of using practice-oriented exercises in the educational process. © 2016, IJESE. All Rights Reserved.

Kutbiddinova R.A.,Sakhalin State University | Eromasova A.A.,Sakhalin State University | Romanova M.A.,Sakhalin State University
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education | Year: 2016

The modernization of higher education and the transition to the new Federal Education Standards require a higher quality training of the graduates. The training of highly qualified specialists must meet strict requirements: a high level of professional competence, the developed communication skills, the ability to predict the results of one’s own activity, etc. Effective training is possible when the competency, practiceoriented approach, active and interactive teaching methods are used. Currently, a focus in teaching students is on the role of independent work, the organization of practice, physical training of the graduates, the fund of evaluation tools, inclusive education, quality training of the teaching staff, as well as the active and interactive teaching methods. The active and interactive methods allows sharing information, receiving feedback, solving together the arising problems, simulating the educational situations, evaluating one’s own behavior and the actions of other participants, diving into the real atmosphere of business cooperation in solving problematic issues. Various methods exist of interaction between the teacher and students: cooperative learning methods, group discussions, debates, business simulation games, case situation analysis, project method, social-psychological training, moderation, computer simulations, and others. Thanks to interactive methods, the students form the professional competences, develop analytical thinking, mobilize the cognitive powers, an interest in new knowledge is awakened, and the creativity of personality is revealed. This article discusses the experience of using interactive methods with the students studying at the Institute of Psychology and Pedagogy of the Sakhalin State University. © 2016 The Authour(s).

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