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Farkan M.,University of Indonesia | Setiyanto D.D.,Bogor Agricultural University | Widjaja R.S.,Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries | Kholil,Sahid University | Widiatmaka,Bogor Agricultural University
IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science | Year: 2017

Shrimp is a fishery commodity that has the economic value and important food provision, so that there is a need for increasing sustainability and continuity of the production. This research was conducted during March - December 2015 in Banten Bay, Indonesia. The objective of this research were: (1) to assess the land suitability for shrimp farming, (2) to analyze land carrying capacity for shrimp farming, (3) to establish the institutional model of shrimp farming management. The data used were primary data, collected from field survey and secondary data, collected from literature and research report which were done in the research area. The methods used to evaluate the land suitability were weighted spatial overlay. The carrying capacity were analyzed using two approaches: land suitability weight and water availability methods. The institutional model was established using Interpretative Structural Modeling (ISM). The results of the study showed that from a total area analyzed of 5.028.3 ha, it can be classified into two suitability classes: highly suitable (S1) area which is 141.7 ha (2,8 %) and suitable (S2) area which is 4.886.6 ha (97.2 %). In term of management, the area can be grouped as traditional farming area of 4.173.5 ha (83 %), semi-intensive farming area of 698.93 ha (13,9) and intensive farming area of 155.87 ha (3,1%). The institutional modelling shows that the most decisive institutions are universities and research institutions. The model designed showed an inter-related relationship between land suitability, carrying capacity, institutional, and social in order to increase the sustainability of shrimp farming management. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Batubara S.C.,Sahid University | Maarif M.S.,Bogor Agricultural University | Marimin,Bogor Agricultural University | Irianto H.E.,Center for Fisheries Research and Development of Indonesia
International Journal of Supply Chain Management | Year: 2016

The prospect of the fishery sector becomes one of strategic economic activities, in which the government implements fisheries industrialization as a strategy to enhance added values of fishery production. The fishing industry is unique since it exploits fish as the main raw material naturally available and accessible by humans. Moreover, the capture fishing industry is relatively a high cost economy. This study was aimed at designing the regional-based institutional and network models of the fishing industry in order to achieve the sustainable fishing industry in Maluku province. The research employed Soft System Methodology to obtain an ideal model for the management of the sustainable capture fishing industry. Structure identification in designing the institutional model for a supply chain system of the sustainable fishing industry was carried out using the Interpretative Structural Modelling (ISM). Meanwhile, TOPSIS was involved in establishing a model for the fishing industry. This research is an integrative studies that conducted by using the relevant tools and performed convergence between tools. Therefore this study provides the real description of capture fishing industry condition in Maluku Province and construct an ideal model for the supply chain management of the sustainable capture fishing industry in Maluku province for the next 5-10 years as a novelty. The results show the institution that would be developed was a financial institution (cooperative) that would be managed and run by fishermen. The capture fishing industrial network in Maluku province was built by actualizing PPN Ambon as a main server in the route of PPI Masarette - PPI Eri - PPN Ambon. While Amahai would act as a main server for the route of PPN Tual - PPI Amahai and PPI East Tahme - PPI Amahai. © ExcelingTech Pub, UK.

Binesh F.,Sahid University
BMJ case reports | Year: 2013

The chondroblastoma (CB) is a rare cartilaginous tumour; it represents less than 1% of all bone tumours. It is mostly localised at the level of the epiphysis of long bones. We report a fatal case of pure metaphyseal CB of the tibia in a 9-year-old boy whose pulmonary metastases developed soon after operative therapy of the primary tumour.

Binesh F.,Sahid University | Moghadam R.N.,Sahid University | Abrisham J.,Sahid University
BMJ Case Reports | Year: 2013

The chondroblastoma (CB) is a rare cartilaginous tumour; it represents less than 1% of all bone tumours. It is mostly localised at the level of the epiphysis of long bones. We report a fatal case of pure metaphyseal CB of the tibia in a 9-year-old boy whose pulmonary metastases developed soon after operative therapy of the primary tumour.

Ardi H.,Sahid University | Ahrabi R.R.,Sahid University | Ravadanegh S.N.,Sahid University
IET Power Electronics | Year: 2014

A non-isolated bidirectional DC-DC converter is presented in this study. The configuration of the proposed converter is simple. The voltage gain of the proposed converter is higher than the conventional bidirectional DC-DC buck/boost converter in the step-up mode. In addition, the voltage gain is lower than the conventional buck/boost in step-down mode. Because of better gain performance of the proposed converter in comparison of the conventional converter it can work in wide voltage range than conventional converter. Therefore the proposed converter is applicable than the conventional bidirectional converter. Owing to simple structure, the control of the proposed converter is quite easy. The operation principle and steady-state analyses of the proposed converter in step-up and step-down modes are explored. Finally the laboratory prototype circuit is implemented to justify the validity of the theoretical analysis. © The Institution of Engineering and Technology 2014.

Mirshekarpour B.,Sahid University | Alireza Davari S.,Sahid University
7th Power Electronics, Drive Systems and Technologies Conference, PEDSTC 2016 | Year: 2016

In this paper a power management strategy for the stand alone PV based system for water pumping is proposed. The mentioned system is practical for off-grid rural areas. The main part of the system includes PV panels, three phase induction motor and the battery. PV panel voltage is delivered to the inverter by a boost converter. For the battery charging and discharging a simple bidirectional converter is used. Efficiency optimization of these systems is very important. In this paper the efficiency of motor in light loads is increased by Rosenbrock method. Also, the PV maximum power point Tracking (MPPT) is done by perturb and observe (P&O) algorithm. The mentioned system is evaluated under different conditions. This paper proposed a control strategy for power management. Simulation results, using MATLAB/SIMULINK, confirm the validity of the system, and verify MPPT, DC link voltage regulation and optimal charging/discharging of the battery. © 2016 IEEE.

Rezaie Estabragh M.,Sahid University | Mohammadian M.,Sahid University
ICEE 2012 - 20th Iranian Conference on Electrical Engineering | Year: 2012

A novel approach to find optimal real power generation pattern will be introduced in this study. This has been achieved by maximizing the power system voltage stability margin and minimizing generation cost. The loadability limit index is used to assess static voltage stability security margin. Based on proposed algorithm, a Toolbox has been developed to recognize the loadability limit by using Lagrangian method. The mentioned problem has been modeled as a non-linear and multi objective optimization problem along with Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Particle Swarm Optimization (HGAPSO) method to reach the optimal generation pattern. The method has been performed as a hierarchical optimization problem. In the first stage, HGAPSO method has been used to reach the securest pattern of real power. Also, mentioned voltage stability toolbox has been executed to evaluate the voltage stability margin respectively each real power generation pattern during HGAPSO search. These simulations are performed on IEEE 30 bus test system. To validation of proposed method, obtained results have been compared with Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) results. © 2012 IEEE.

Ayatollahi V.,Sahid University | Behdad S.,Sahid University | Hatami M.,Sahid University | Moshtaghiun H.,Sahid University
Croatian Medical Journal | Year: 2012

Aim: To assess the effect of peritonsillar infiltration of ketamine and tramadol on post tonsillectomy pain and compare the side effects. Methods: The double-blind randomized clinical trial was performed on 126 patients aged 5-12 years who had been scheduled for elective tonsillectomy. The patients were randomly divided into 3 groups to receive either ketamine, tramadol, or placebo. They had American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status class I and II. All patients underwent the same method of anesthesia and surgical procedure. The three groups did not differ according to their age, sex, and duration of anesthesia and surgery. Post operative pain was evaluated using CHEOPS score. Other parameters such as the time to the first request for analgesic, hemodynamic elements, sedation score, nausea, vomiting, and hallucination were also assessed during 12 hours after surgery. Results: Tramadol group had significantly lower pain scores (P = 0.005), significantly longer time to the first request for analgesic (P = 0.001), significantly shorter time to the beginning of liquid regimen (P = 0.001), and lower hemodynamic parameters such as blood pressure (P = 0.001) and heart rate (P = 0.001) than other two groups. Ketamine group had significantly greater presence of hallucinations and negative behavior than tramadol and placebo groups. The groups did not differ significantly in the presence of nausea and vomiting. Conclusion: Preoperative peritonsillar infiltration of tramadol can decrease post-tonsillectomy pain, analgesic consumption, and the time to recovery without significant side effects.

Ansarizadeh F.,Sahid University | Movahhedi M.,University of Yazd
Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society Journal | Year: 2013

In this paper, new unconditionally-stable meshless methods based on different split-step methods are proposed. Moreover, comparison of the phase velocities of two different split-step meshless methods and that of alternative-direction-implicit meshless (ADI-ML) method is presented. Here we show how employing split-step (SS) technique using radial point interpolation meshless (RPIM) method results in an unconditionally stable scheme. Symmetric operators and uniform splitting are utilized simultaneously to split the classical Maxwell's matrix into four and six submatrices. Also, for more accurate approximations Crank-Nicolson (CM) scheme that is a fully implicit scheme has been applied for implementation of these schemes. It has been demonstrated, these proposed methods produce even more effective unconditionally stable responses than those of alternating-direction-implicit meshless time-domain ADIMLTD methods. Eventually, in order to prove the advantage of the proposed method, a comparison has been made between these novel meshless methods and their finite-difference counterparts. More smoothed phase velocities in proposed meshless methods imply a reduction in dispersion error in comparison with their analogous cases in finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. © 2013 ACES.

Utami R.,Bogor Agricultural University | Utami R.,Sahid University | Wijaya C.H.,Bogor Agricultural University | Lioe H.N.,Bogor Agricultural University
International Journal of Food Properties | Year: 2016

Over-fermented tempe, known as tempe semangit, is popular in Indonesian culture, especially in Java, as an umami seasoning in traditional foods. The objective of this study was to characterize taste-active compounds in water soluble extracts of over-fermented tempe. Over-fermented tempe was prepared from fresh tempe in which the fermentation was prolonged (0 to 96 h). Free amino acids in the water soluble extract were analyzed and characterized for their taste activity values. Water soluble extracts contained umami and bitter tasting free amino acids at relatively high concentrations. Their umami and bitter taste activity values were higher than the taste threshold concentration. Water soluble extract from 72 h over-fermentation had a higher umami taste activity value than bitter taste activity, exhibiting the highest umami taste dilution factor. The high-performance liquid chromatography profile of water soluble extract fractions obtained using Sephadex G-25 gel filtration chromatography demonstrated that fractions having higher umami taste intensity had more hydrophilic components than hydrophobic components. Copyright © 2016 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

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