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Sage Publications is an independent publishing company founded in 1965 in New York by Sara Miller McCune. Sage has more than 1,500 employees globally from principal offices in Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, Singapore, and Washington DC. Sage’s publishing program includes more than 700 journals and over 800 books, reference works and electronic products covering business, humanities, social sciences, science, technology and medicine.Sage also owns and publishes under four imprints: Corwin Press , CQ Press Learning Matters , and Adam Matthew Digital .In 2012 Sage was named the Independent Publishers Guild Academic and Professional Publisher of the Year. Wikipedia.

Molecular compounds have a strong tendency to have crystalline order in the solid state. Amorphous materials do exist, of course, but they are rarely the most stable solid form unless they are stabilized by a surface such as that of a polymer or inorganic particle. The need to discover and control the solid form of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) is highlighted by cases such as ritonavir and cefdinir in which newly discovered polymorphs have resulted in considerable processing difficulties, formulation problems, and legal wrangling. Crystallographically unrelated molecules of the same chemical type can be quite distinct from one another in the solid state because the environment around each symmetry-independent molecule is different, giving rise, for example, to distinct solid-state NMR spectra. Source

A method, an apparatus and a system for sizing a trapping device for trapping non-dispersing cloths and/or other materials in a toilet bowl and/or a hopper sink are disclosed. A computer device may be used to implement the method for sizing one or more trapping devices for installation at a facility, such as a medical institution. The computer device may be configured to determine a configuration of a trapway for each of one or more toilet bowls and/or hopper sinks at the facility. After determining the configuration, the computer device may determine a size of a trapping device corresponding to the determined configuration of each of the one or more trapways.

Sage | Date: 2014-03-05

Disclosed is an electrical fitting which includes a cylindrical and hollow body of substantially constant thickness extending along a central axis with an interior and an exterior; a first opening with an inner perimeter defined at a first end portion of the body along the central axis; and, a second opening with an inner perimeter defined at a second end portion of the body opposite the first end portion. The first and second end portions of the body of the electrical fitting are spaced from a central portion of the body and have a substantially constant axial thickness. At least one of the first and second end portions of the electrical fitting has an expanded portion relative to the central portion of the body. Further disclosed are methods for forming the electrical fitting.

A device for use with a bed having a frame and a supporting surface includes a flexible sheet with a tether strap connected to the sheet and extending from the sheet. The flexible sheet has opposed top and bottom surfaces, with the top surface having a high friction material with a higher coefficient of friction as compared to the bottom surface, which includes a low friction material. The tether strap is configured for connection to the frame of the bed to secure the sheet in place. A system incorporating the flexible sheet may also include an absorbent pad configured to be placed on the top surface of the sheet, where the high-friction top surface resists sliding of the absorbent pad, as well as one or more wedges having a base wall that the wedge rests on and a ramp surface configured to confront the sheet when the wedge is placed under the sheet. The base wall and the ramp surface may also contain high friction and low friction materials, respectively.

Sage | Date: 2015-09-02

A trapping device for trapping non-dispersing cloths in a toilet bowl is disclosed. The trapping device comprises a strap and a plurality of hooks. The trapping device may be installed in a trapway of the toilet bowl. The strap has a first end, a second end, and a middle portion, wherein the first end includes a first tab extending perpendicular to the strap and the second end includes a second tab extending perpendicular to the strap, and the middle portion is rounded. The plurality of hooks extend from an inner wall of the strap. The strap is made of a strap material that is resilient to bend and springs back to its previous shape, such as a stainless steel or a high density polyethylene.

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