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Samatham S.S.,Indian Institute of Technology Bombay | Barua S.,Indian Institute of Technology Bombay | Barua S.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology | Suresh K.G.,Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials | Year: 2017

Magnetic nature of Gd3Co is investigated using detailed measurements of temperature and field dependent magnetization. The antiferromagnetic phase is field-instable due to prevailing ferromagnetic exchange correlations above Néel temperature TN∼130K. Below TN, with gradually increasing magnetic fields, the compound undergoes a quasi-first order phase transition from AFM to spin-flop over region and eventually acquires ferromagnetic phase in higher fields. Further the point at which the quasi-first order transition ends and second order transition sets in is the tricritical point, TTCP∼125.6K, HTCP∼4.4kOe. © 2017 Elsevier B.V.

Gupta S.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology | Prasad G.,Dubey Sagar Institute of Science and Technology
2016 Symposium on Colossal Data Analysis and Networking, CDAN 2016 | Year: 2016

Multipath On demand protocol (AOMDV) established a multiple routes to a destination, selects one route with low hop for knowledge delivery and uses it as various choices with equal or bigger hop count routes. These routes would be used for info delivery as alternate routes just in case of established link failure. The load transfer to various paths is to boost effective utilization of the network. During this analysis rate base congestion management mechanism management the incoming and outgoing packets balance in dynamic network. With the assistance of queue management we have a tendency to avoid the likelihood of congestion and balance the load on a selected link. If rate of causing packets is over alternate methods square measure taken so as to produce Load leveling within the network. The predictable congestion management multipath mechanism is to limit the delay and management rate that's the most reason for congestion and supply higher performance of the network. In this analysis the projected congestion management theme with AOMDV protocol square measure uses information measure estimation technique. The information measure estimation is finished through acknowledgement delay distinction. Sender changes causing rate in line with this delay distinction so avoiding congestion. Dynamic queuing reduces further overhead in network and AOMDV balances load by multiple causing methods. The performance comparison of traditional AOMDV routing, existing analysis is compare with projected theme and known that the projected theme is provides higher routing performance by minimizing delay and management overhead. © 2016 IEEE.

Gour P.,Aisect University | Mishra R.S.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering | Year: 2014

In this paper, we investigated and proposed a design of backfire microstrip patch antenna with improved bandwidth and return loss. The proposed antenna was designed and fabricated with given set of parameters with suitable design equations and method of movement approach. The simulated result shows that bandwidth is around 37.5 %, return losses is approximately -45 dB, VSWR < 1.5 and directivity is 8 dBi. The hardware fabrication and testing is also performed and validation results are close to simulated results. The proposed antenna is suitable for S and C band. © 2014 Springer.

Thakre V.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology | Singh S.,Barkatullah University
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials | Year: 2012

In this paper we have developed a realistic interaction potential model to study the high pressure phase transition of ionic alkali-metal compounds KCl and NaCl, having B1 structure at room temperature. We have theoretically investigated phase transition pressure and volume collapse of KCl and NaCl at high temperature. In addition, elastic constants at different pressures were discussed, and found results well suited with available experimental data. The thermo dynamical properties of B1 phase of KCl and NaCl were also predicted. This shows that the inclusion of temperature effect in potential model makes the present model suitable for theoretical high-pressure studies.

Kaviti A.K.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology | Yadav A.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology | Shukla A.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews | Year: 2016

Two major challenges for human society today are shortage of fresh water and shortage of conventional energy. Solar still is the best method to convert saline, brackish water into fresh water using the unconventional source of energy which is freely and abundantly available in planet earth. The main drawback with conventional basin still is that the productivity is very low. Most important design parameters influencing the productivity are optimization of glass inclination, absorber plate area, free surface area of water and depth of water. The main difficulty in conventional still is maintaining minimum depth and large surface area of water. Inclined solar still is alternative to increase the surface area of water and maintain minimum depth. Researchers have put efforts to develop various designs of inclined solar stills to maintain the minimum depth of water using wicks, steps in the stills to increase the productivity. In this review, we are attempting to study the present status of different designs used to improve the productivity of inclined solar stills. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.

Namdev A.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology | Mishra A.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology
2016 IEEE Students' Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science, SCEECS 2016 | Year: 2016

In Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) nodes in required battery power for communication and it is very crucial matter to utilize the battery power of nodes efficiently in network. The battery replacement and charging is not possible in that kind of network and the insufficient battery lifetime imposes a limitation on the network performance. To take full advantage of the lifetime of nodes, traffic should be routed in a way that energy consumption is minimized with interference of other nodes. The energy efficient routing is improves the battery life and routing capability of nodes. In this research we proposed a new energy efficient minimum mobility and maximum route selection algorithm with AODV routing protocol to improve the reliability of data delivery and energy utilization. The proposed scheme is efficiently utilizes the energy of mobile nodes through variation in the energy of nodes on the basis of their radio range in network utilization. It means the nodes are only communicate to nearest neighbor by that the less amount of transmission and receiving energy is required for communication. In this approach the proposer energy utilization and consumption is possible that reduces the improper energy depletion of mobile nodes. The routing performance is measured through performance matrices and the proposed scheme is showing the much better performance as compare to normal energy routing with AODV routing protocol. The proposed approach is minimizes the average communication delay and routing overhead by solving the problem of link breakage due to insufficient amount of energy. © 2016 IEEE.

Wani T.A.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology
International Journal of Thermodynamics | Year: 2015

The modern scientific and technical revolution is responsible for increasing interest and impetus in the search for materials possessing specific and desired properties. Today, the transition metal diborides (TMB2) are of great interest because they have been found to possess unique physical and chemical properties. As an important physical quantity, the Debye temperature is closely related to the elastic constants, specific heat and melting point. Through the quasi harmonic Debye model, the dependency of Debye temperature on pressure P for various transition metal diborides is successfully obtained. The obtained results are consistent with the available theoretical results.

Yadav S.,Bansal Institute of Research and Technology | Tiwari V.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology | Tiwari B.,Bansal Institute of Research and Technology
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2016

Security and privacy is an important concern during the analysis of the sensitive and private datasets. Data mining is used for the analysis of these datasets by classification, clustering, association rules etc. During the analysis of these datasets privacy should be maintained. Privacy preservation is a technique of analyzing the dataset with privacy such that external user can t access the conclusion of the analysis. Here in this paper a new decision tree based algorithm is proposed for the privacy of the datasets. The idea is to first divide the datasets vertically into a number of parties where each of the party calculates the gain of each of the attribute and send to the central authority where the gain from all the parties are compared to find the attribute with highest gain. The proposed technique implemented here provides reqired data and also provides less computational time and error rate. © 2016 ACM.

Nema A.,Bansal Institute of Research and Technology | Tiwari B.,Bansal Institute of Research and Technology | Tiwari V.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology
ACM International Conference Proceeding Series | Year: 2016

Digital information security is the field of information technology which deal with all about identification and protection of information. Whereas, identification of the threat of any Intrusion Detection System (IDS) in the most challenging phase. Threat detection become most promising because rest of the IDS system phase depends on the solely on "what is identified". In this view, a multilayered framework has been discussed which handles the underlying features for the identification of various attack (DoS, R2L, U2R, Probe). The experiments validates the use SVM with genetic approach is efficient. © 2016 ACM.

Gour P.,NRI Institute of Information Science and Technology | Mishra R.,Sagar Institute of Science and Technology
International Journal of Antennas and Propagation | Year: 2014

Backfire antenna 0.265λ for bandwidth enhancement is proposed and investigated.The proposed antenna is fed by a 50Ω coaxial feed. The bandwidth of proposed antenna for S and C band is investigated.The performance of backfire antenna is investigated by performing numerical calculation by using various mathematical formulas to determine necessary dimensions of the antenna and simulation by using commercially available Method of Moments software. Here we design proposed geometry for 3GHz. For this geometry we achieved 52.8% bandwidth for VSWR <2, minimum return loss -20 dB, and maximum directivity 7.2 dBi. Copyright © 2014 Authors.

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