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Pokhachevsky A.L.,The Academy of Management | Lapkin M.M.,Ryazan State Medical University
Human Physiology | Year: 2017

Cardiac rhythmogram (CRG) variability at the early stage of loading and recovery periods has a number of parameters associated with the functional state of subjects. These parameters can be estimated by measuring the probability of pairs of RR intervals with certain length differences (pNNx). At the same time, each of these parameters has its own diagnostic role, such as the binary marker of adaptation reserves (pNN15), loading tolerance level (pNN5, 10) and a criterion for the training level (pNN10, 15). The pNNx coupling with the endured load power and the dynamics of heart rate (HR) is to a great extent determined by the mixed endurance level. Higher pNNx values correspond with the predominant load and lower heart rate, regardless of the period. Physiological relevance of pNNx is determined by their behavior, diagnostic role, the sensitivity of each argument (x), and the level of aerobic/anaerobic endurance of a subject. © 2017, Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

Miranda A.A.,Ryazan State Medical University | Zhadnov V.A.,Ryazan State Medical University
Russian Open Medical Journal | Year: 2017

Aim - The aim of this study was to assess the levels of psychological distress in patients with brain tumor induced epilepsy as well as evaluation of predominant psychological defence mechanisms. Material and Methods - Eighty-five adult patients diagnosed with brain tumors and admitted at the neurosurgical department, Ryazan Regional Clinical Hospital between September 1, 2015 and October 1, 2016 were included in the study. The main group had two subgroups: 20 patients with brain tumor induced epilepsy and 65 patients with no epileptic seizures. Twenty relatively healthy subjects constituted the control group. Psychometric tests including Life Style Index, Level of Subjective Control and Beck Depression Inventory in the form of questionaires were used in the study. Results - Statistically significant strong positive as well as negative correlations were established amongst intellectualization, productiveness, projection and health relations parameters in patients with brain tumor induced epilepsy as compared to moderate correlations in patients with no epileptic seizures. Patients with symptomatic epilepsy demonstrated constructive methods of psychological defence as compared to patients with no seizures. However, patients with no seizures, based on predominance of outward hostility projection are likely to have a more favourable long-term outcome. Conclusion - Life Style Index and Level of Subjective Control psychometric tests are an important component in the complex evaluation and treatment of patients with brain tumors and should be advocated as useful additional investigation method based on their prognostic value in patients with possible terminal illness. © 2017, LLC Science and Innovations, Saratov, Russia.

Chritinin D.F.,Moscow State University | Novikov V.V.,Ryazan State Medical University
Zhurnal Nevrologii i Psihiatrii imeni S.S. Korsakova | Year: 2016

Objective. To specify clinical/dynamic features of organic mental disorders in patients with HIV and to characterize the formation and course of psychoorganic syndrome. Material and methods. The study included 250 HIV-infected patients with mental disorders and 50 injection drug users (166 men and 84 women, mean age 30.6±6.3 years). Clinical, psychological methods and laboratory instrumental examinations were performed. Results and conclusion. Course of the infection process and premorbid personality play an important role in the development of exogenous organic mental disorders in patients with HIV infection. © 2016, Media Sphera. All Rights Reserved.

Uzbekova D.G.,Ryazan State Medical University
Diabetes Mellitus | Year: 2015

This article describes the academic works of the N.P. Kravkov (1865-1924), a prominent Russian pharmacologist, on the study of the endocrine glands. In N.P. Kravkov's laboratory, via experiments on rabbits and dogs, a method of isolating the pancreas and extracting its perfusate was developed based on passing Ringer-Locke's solution through the vessels of the isolated gland. It was discovered that the perfusate contains a substance that reduces the level of glucose in the blood of healthy animals and, in large doses, causes hypoglycaemic coma. N.P. Kravkov called this substance pancreotoxin. The experiments of N.P. Kravkov's followers on the isolated hearts of animals showed that, for a heart in the normal condition, pancreotoxin decelerates the heartbeat and reduces the amplitude of contractions, whereas for the heart tired above a certain threshold, the opposite effect is observed. The study of the blood vessels in isolated ears of rabbits and the eyes of frogs revealed antagonism between pancreotoxin and adrenalin: pancreotoxin weakens the vasoconstrictive effect of adrenalin and reduces its influence on the size of the pupil in frogs. It was also shown that passing the perfusate containing pancreotoxin through the adrenal gland increases the secretion of adrenalin. Later, pancreotoxin was obtained in the dried form and used to prepare a drug prescribed to patients with diabetes in hospitals. From its properties, pancreotoxin turned out to be insulin. It should be noted that the news that insulin had been isolated from the pancreas by the Canadian researchers F. Banting and C. Best reached Russia only after the researchers in N.P. Kravkov's laboratory had extracted and studied pancreotoxin from isolated pancreases. Thus, N.P. Kravkov and foreign researchers discovered this hormone independently. In experiments on the isolated adrenal glands of cattle, N.P. Kravkov and his collaborators obtained the perfusate containing an adrenalin- like substance produced in the medulla of the adrenal gland and a muscarine-like substance produced by the suprarenal cortex. The research by N.P. Kravkov and his followers on the physiology, pathology and pharmacology of the glands of internal secretion at the beginning of the 20th century has proved to be of great importance for the development of endocrinology in Russia.

Medvedev D.V.,Ryazan State Medical University | Zvyagina V.I.,Ryazan State Medical University
Voprosy Pitaniia | Year: 2016

Methionine is an essential proteinogenic amino acid found in many foods. During its metabolism homocysteine is formed. With elevated level of homocysteine in the blood - hyperhomocysteinemia - increased risk of developing certain diseases, such as non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, is associated. There is evidence that, the homocysteine is able to reduce the effect of nitric oxide and induce mitochondrial dysfunction. The present study investigates the relatiojiship of the functional state of the liver cells mitochondria and the level of nitric oxide metabolites in them in experimental hyperhomocysteinemia caused by excessive intake of methionine. The experiment was conducted on 17 male XVistarrats tenth an initial weight of220-270 g, rats were divided into 2 groups. A 25% suspension of methionine zeas administered (in a dose of 1.5 g of methionine per kg body weight) two times a day for 21 days intragastrically (by gavage) to rats of the first group (n=9) while instead of drinking water animals received a 1% aqueous solution of methionine. Drinks daily volume of methionine solution was 17.2 [15.5; 18.1 J ml. In the experiment 8 animals were used, in which severe hyperhomocysteinemia (> 100 mmol/l) was developed. The second group (n-8) serzwd as a control. These rats were administered suspension base containing no methionine (10% Tween-80, 1% starch, 89% water). The total homocysteine concentration was measured in blood serum by I:USA. In the suspension of liver mitochondria total protein was measured by Lowry method; the concentration of NO metabolites by screening method; succinate dehydrogenase activity - under the reaction of hexacyanoferrate (III) potassium reduction; lactate dehydrogenase activity - by decrease of NADU concentration in the reaction of pyruvate's reduction; activity of lI+-ATPase - by measuring the inorganic phosphate; superoxide dismutase - by inhibition of quercetin auto-oxidation, the level of Ca∗+ - by reaction with Arsenazo III. Oxidative modification of proteins was evaluated based on the reaction between carbonyl and imino groups of the amino acid residues oxidized with 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine to form 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazone having a specific absorption spectrum in the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum. During three weeks of the experiment the body weight of rats treated with methionine increased from 246 (229; 262) to 302 (283; 311) g, and of control animals - from 256 (231; 264) to 307 (275; 314) g. The difference in body weight gain was not statistically significant. In the study it was revealed that intragastric administration of the methionine for 3 weeks zoith the addition of this amino acid in the drinking zaater caused hyperhomocysteinemia. On the one hand it lead to an intensification of energy metabolism in rat liver mitochondria, resulted in increase of lactate dehydrogenase (by 63.0%), succinate dehydrogenase (by 76.1%) and H+-ATPase (by 62.5%) activities. On the other hand it lead to the disruption of the Ca2+ deposit (Ca2+ level in mitochondria was reduced by 68.2%) and to enhance of mitochondrial protein carbonylation (by 52.2%) with a predominance of the aggregation process and a reduction of the resent-adaptive capacity, despite an increase in superoxide dismutase activity (by 87.7%). The reason for these changes in the mitochondria can be the decrease in production of nitric oxide (the level of its metabolites decreased by 21.3%).

Asfandiyarova N.S.,Ryazan State Medical University
Medical Hypotheses | Year: 2012

Any classification is a step forward and it should help to determine the reason, the course, the prognosis, the treatment of a disease. The current classification of diabetes mellitus (DM) is really very convenient for work, but it has some drawbacks, and the absence of differentiation of type 2 diabetes is the main. The problem is the absence of an adequate criterion, based on pathogenesis for differentiation.We suppose that cell mediated immunity (CMI) to insulin plays the central role in the diabetes genesis. Autoimmune process may be triggered by viruses family Paramyxoviridae, in 10-20% of type 1 diabetes patients the disease is a consequence of direct cytotoxic effect of other viruses to the islet cells of pancreas. In acute phase of viral infection (measles, mumps, parainfluenza) CMI against viruses is developed, in some patients CMI to insulin appeared. We suppose that autoimmune reactions in these cases are the result of cross reaction between viral antigens and insulin. The majorities of patients suppress these reactions and recover from acute infection diseases with the antiviral immunity development and without any complications. Other patients are not able to suppress autoimmune reactions to insulin and pathological process is triggered. Type 1A diabetes is a result of direct CMI to insulin, and this process is responsible for beta-cells destruction; may be type 1B DM is due to the direct cytotoxic effect of other viruses or toxins to them.Some patients with acute viral infection cannot destroy the aggressive clone and they suppress autoimmune reaction to insulin by prostaglandin synthesizing cells (PGSC) or s{cyrillic}ells with histamine receptors (CHR). As a result of this process the insulin resistance is developed, because these cells or their cytokines form a block to the insulin receptors not only on immunocompetent cells, but in insulin sensitive tissues too.Patients with different reactions to insulin have different courses and outcomes of DM. We suppose that CMI to insulin is acceptable criterion for differentiation of DM, for identifying high risk group of patients in whom DM or its complications may develop. Moreover, prophylactic measures for decreasing of insulin resistance by nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs or histamine H 2 receptor antagonists in persons with high activity of PGSC or CHR respectively can give good results.Furthermore, our hypothesis explains the initial reason for insulin resistance development, accordingly, it explains the reason for metabolic syndrome and atherosclerosis. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

Kirjushin V.A.,Ryazan State Medical University | Ozol M.N.,Ryazan State Medical University
Human Ecology | Year: 2016

The article presents the results of workplaces certification on the Joint-Stock Company "Diversified manufacturing company "KRZ" according to working conditions. The company deals with computer-aided production of rolled- roofing materials. Content of chemical substances and aerosols of fibrogenic action in the air of working zones, as well as industrial noise levels, artificial light, microclimate, workflow severity and intensity in the shops of rolled-roofing and waterproofing materials and paper and paperboard production of the enterprise have been estimated. According to the results of hygienic investigation most of working environment was harmful (class 3 1-2 degrees). Workers of major technical professions such as operators of dipping units, turbomixers operators, bitumen unwatering operators, papermaking sorters, cardboard machine (CBM) operators, CBM couchers, CBM machinists, CBM drying operators were exposed to a complex of environment factors, the most unfavorable of which are chemical, microclimate and severity of labor process. Our recommendations for improving working conditions are to introduce technological measures: mechanization of beating-engines and thickeners cleaning, talcose emulsification, modernization of winding and wet-tissue packaging machines. Space-planning decision is isolation of automated production lines for rolled roofing material. The plan for sanitary-hygienic measures includes hoods installation on the dry end of the production line, use of the hydrodedusting system, equipment of local artificial lighting according to the workplace sanitary standards, organization of work and rest schedule with double shift work and two weekends. As mandatory respiratory protective equipment - respirators SHB-1 "Lepestok™-5" are recommended; organs of vision protective equipment - goggles; skin - hand protection water-repellant cream, hand cleansing paste, silicone hand cream; work clothing - bitumen protection cotton suit with coated fabric laps; canvas gloves. © Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk.

Solodun M.V.,Ryazan State Medical University
Russian Journal of Cardiology | Year: 2016

Recently, myocardial infarction is a significant medical and social problem. Mortality in one year after infarction remains high, regardless the therapy with all recommended for the prognosis improvement medications. As one of probable reasons for adverse prognosis could be considered drug tolerance, related to genes polymorphism, responsible for pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of the drugs. Current review summarizes some available at the moment literature data in the genes SLCO1B1, LIPC, CYP2C19, ACE, ADRB1 polymorphism influence on the effectiveness of myocardial infarction therapy, that might be useful for further scientific investigation or improvement of long term treatment of this disease by personalization of drug therapy. © 2016, Silicea-Poligraf. All Rights Reserved.

Asfandiyarova N.S.,Ryazan State Medical University
Diabetes Mellitus | Year: 2015

The morbidity and mortality associated with type 2 diabetes have increased over recent years. The causes of death include cardiovascular disease, cancer, infection, kidney disease and diabetic coma. Risk factors for death are a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking, sex, age, duration and severity of diabetes, macro- and microvascular complications and hyper- and hypoglycaemic states. Adequate glycemic control and moderate exercise along with the use of antiplatelet agents (e.g. aspirin), statins, antihypertensives and metformin can reduce mortality. Intensive glucose control was associated with an increased risk of severe hypoglycaemia and death, and surgical intervention increased the risk of death.

Churilov G.,Ryazan State Medical University
IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering | Year: 2015

As a result of our investigations we have determined the optimal concentrations of ferrum, cobalt and cuprum nano-powders recommended to be used as micro-fertilizers increasing the yield and feed value of crops at the expense of accumulating biologically active combinations by 25-35%. In unfavorable climate conditions, for example in a case of excess moisture or heat and drought, the plants development and ripening suffer. Our investigations have shown that the stimulating effect of nano-powders has lowered the effect of stress situations on plants development and simultaneously increased the rape seeds yield and quality. Treating the seeds with the drugs being studied has provided the high crop protection. If consider that the maximum efficiency of protectants Chinuk, SK (20 kg/t of seeds) and Cruiser, KS (10 kg/t of seeds) then for the same effect one needs nano-powders 0.1 g per hectare norm of seeds planting. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

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