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Sharma V.,Anand Engineering College | Sharma C.,Rustamji Institute of Technology | Upadhyay V.,National Institute of Technology, Patna | Singh S.,Anand Engineering College
Materials Today: Proceedings | Year: 2017

In the present research, three different post weld heat treatments were carried out on friction stir welded joints of precipitation hardening Al-Si-Mg alloys to explore their effect on microstructure and mechanical properties. In general, applied post weld heat treatments significantly affected the microstructure and morphology of α aluminium grains and strengthening precipitates in all the zones of friction stir weld joints. Post weld heat treatments homogenized the morphology of strengthening precipitates. Artificial aging resulted in better combination of tensile properties than other post weld heat treated weld joints. Solution treatment with artificial aging can be used to improve tensile strength at the expense of% elongation while solution treatment is not viable option to improve joint performance. Post weld heat treatments also affected the mode of fracture during tensile test. © 2017 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Sharma U.S.,Rustamji Institute of Technology | Shah R.,Rustamji Institute of Technology
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2016

Polyaniline coated with nanoferrite particles has attractive application in enzyme less biosensor. In this paper, we have reported the synthesis of copper ferrite by Chemical Coprecipitation method and polymerization of polyaniline by oxidation method. The polyaniline-ferrite composite was characterized by different techniques such as XRD and VSM. The XRD pattern confirmed the presence of cubic phase and particles size in nano scale. The magnetic properties were studied by vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) technique at room temperature. The higher values of saturation magnetization attributed to the cation distribution change from normal to spinel structure. Some Fe3+ ions drifted from octahedral site to tetrahedral site through the conversion of some Fe2+ ions to Fe3+ ions with super-exchange interactions and gives rise to saturation magnetization. The saturation magnetization of polyaniline coated CuFe2O4 using ammonium nitrate is much less than by polyaniline coated CuFe2O4 using ammonium peroxidisulphate. The saturation magnetization Ms of the nanocomposite is dependent on the volume fraction of the magnetic ferrite particles and on the contribution of the non-magnetic polyaniline coated layer. Polyaniline worked as an immobilization layer in the enzyme less biosensor because enzyme less biosensor is not affected by environmental factor. © 2016 Author(s).

Sharma U.S.,Rustamji Institute of Technology | Shah R.,Rustamji Institute of Technology
Journal of Physics: Conference Series | Year: 2017

In present study, we have investigated electronic, optical and transport properties of Cr substituted SW GaNNT. We find that the (6, 0) nanotubes of GaN are stable and semiconducting with the band gap of 2.4 eV. Doping with Cr appears to reduce the band gap of GaN nanotubes. The V-I characteristics show typical tunnel diode behaviour for the device where the tunnelling current reaches a maximum value at the applied bias of 0.4 V and we observed a negative slope region when forward bias is applied. Because of this unusual behaviour, it can be used in number of special applications in electronic devices. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.

Srivastava R.,SLP College | Srivastava R.,ABV Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management | Shrivastava S.,SLP College | Sharma U.S.,Rustamji Institute of Technology | Srivastava A.,ABV Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management
Advanced Science Letters | Year: 2015

We have analyzed the methane sensing ability of (10, 0) single walled carbon nanotube by using Generalized Gradient Approximation with Perdew, Burke and Ernzerhof type parameterization. The sensing of methane through nanotube has been analysed in terms of its band structure variation and conductance analysis. The analysis observes a semiconducting to metallic transition due to presence of methane molecule in surrounding of carbon nanotube and conductance changes drastically. In position based sensitivity analysis, the top surface has been found to be the most sensitive amongst different positions like top, bottom, bridge and tube ends. © 2015 American Scientific Publishers. All rights reserved.

Saraswat M.,Rustamji Institute of Technology
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) | Year: 2010

Ontologies are being progressively used to capture the semantics of information from various sources. They have wide area of usage ranging from artificial intelligence, natural language processing to web content and biology. This paper proposes the problem of finding similar objects that have been defined as a set of terms from an ontology. We consider tree-based ontologies where a node represents a term and an edge weight defines the distance or dissimilarity between corresponding terms. For object distance, Earth Mover's Distance (EMD) is used as it outperforms other distance measures like average and minimum pairwise distance. EMD, however is highly computationally intensive as it involves solution to linear programming (LP) problem. We propose an efficient lower bound on computing EMD by aggregating the terms in the ontology at the first level of the tree. This reduces the number of terms, thereby decreasing the number of flow variables and making it computationally faster. Range queries that use the lower bound runs faster by up to a factor of 20, as approximately 97% percentage of database objects are pruned, thereby saving expensive EMD calculations. © 2010 Springer-Verlag.

Srivastava A.,ABV Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management | Kaur K.,ABV Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management | Sharma R.,ABV Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management | Sharma R.,Rustamji Institute of Technology | And 4 more authors.
Journal of Electronic Materials | Year: 2014

The present paper discusses charge stability and conductance analyses of benzene- and zigzag graphene fragment-based single-electron transistors (SETs) operating in the Coulomb blockade regime. Graphene and benzene are modeled using density functional theory-based ab initio analyses, treating the interaction between graphene/benzene and the SET environment self-consistently. The devices consist of an oriented graphene/benzene island coupled with source and drain electrodes. The charging energy as a function of the external gate potential has been analyzed to verify the dependence of the charge stability and conductance of the oriented SETs on the source/drain bias and gate potential. Comparative analysis of these models shows that the SET with vertically oriented graphene is more stable and has better conductance in comparison with the benzene-based SET. © 2014 TMS.

Sharma U.S.,Rustamji Institute of Technology | Shah R.,Rustamji Institute of Technology | Pathak C.,Rustamji Institute of Technology | Sharma M.,Rustamji Institute of Technology
AIP Conference Proceedings | Year: 2013

In the present study, the electronic transport properties of single wall gallium nitride nanotubes (SWGaNNTs) were theoretically studied by using ab-initio calculations under density functional theory (DFT) with TranSIESTA code employing norm-conserving pseudopotential. The curvature has prominent effect on the band structure of SWGaNNTs, the energy bandgap decreases as the decrease the diameter. the calculated bandgap of (9,0) is 1.8126 eV are good experiment with the previous reported by theoretical studies. It is also observed that, there is a corresponding relation between the electronic transport properties and the valley of state density of GaNNT. © 2013 AIP Publishing LLC.

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