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Anikiev V.V.,Russian Independent Environmental Impact Assessment | Kolesov G.M.,RAS Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry | Pavlov A.A.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology
Geochemistry International | Year: 2011

The paper reports monitoring results (obtained in 2000-2001) of the seasonal variations in the quality of lower atmospheric air in the coastal zone of the northern Caspian Sea due to the occurrence of aerosols with submicrometer-sized particles and soot in the lower atmosphere. The contributions of natural and anthropogenic factors to the ecological risk for the local human population are evaluated, along with the contribution of the premature mortality of the human population in the coastal zone in 2005 to its overall average death rate for the Russian Federation (approximately 24%). The authors' estimates are consistent with those made by the World Health Organization at the United Nations (WHO) for the Russian Federation as a whole (approximately 21%). The information presented in this publication is important for evidence-based recommendations on preventive environment-protective measures to be taken with regard for the development of oil and gas fields on- and offshore the northern Caspian Sea. © 2011 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Shulepko N.M.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Sheryshev A.E.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Sheryshev M.A.,Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology | Trunova E.A.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology
International Polymer Science and Technology | Year: 2015

An examination was made of the free thermoforming of products and a method for monitoring this process. The advantages of the proposed monitoring method are considered. © 2016 Smithers Information Ltd.

Alexandrov S.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Lyamina E.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Tuan H.M.,Institute of Mechanics | Kalenova N.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology
Key Engineering Materials | Year: 2015

Solutions for many rigid/plastic models are singular in the vicinity of maximum friction surfaces. In particular, the magnitude of the equivalent strain rate near such surfaces is controlled by the strain rate intensity factor. This factor is the coefficient of the leading singular term is a series expansion of the equivalent strain rate in the vicinity of maximum friction surfaces. Since the equivalent strain rate has a great effect of materialproperties, it is of important to reveal the dependence of the strain rate intensity factor on parameters characterizing material models. In the present paper, quite a general model of anisotropic plasticity under plane strain conditions is adopted. Then, using an analytic solution for instantaneous compression of a layer of plastic material between two parallel plates the effect of the shape of the yield locus on the asymptotic behavior of the equivalent strain rate in the vicinity of the friction surface is demonstrated. © (2015) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Razintsev V.I.,OAO TsNIIAG | Kulikov S.N.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Volkov S.V.,OAO TsNIIAG
Russian Engineering Research | Year: 2013

The use of an upgraded electrohydraulic power amplifier with electric feedback (smart electrohydraulic servovalve) improves the static, dynamic, and energy characteristics of choke-regulated electrohydraulic servo drives and boosts their power efficiency. © 2013 Allerton Press, Inc.

Salganik R.L.,Russian Academy of Sciences | Fedotov A.A.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology
19th European Conference on Fracture: Fracture Mechanics for Durability, Reliability and Safety, ECF 2012 | Year: 2012

Theoretical method of evaluation of concentration of cracks in an elastic porous material using its overall deformability found experimentally for ceramics is considered. The method is based on applying the theoretical dependences of effective elastic modules of an elastic solid with particulate spherical pores and disc-like cracks on their, generally non-dilute, concentrations obtained theoretically with help of the differential scheme. As a result, the parameter of crack concentration, which is the mean cube of crack radius times the crack number per unit volume, is obtained. This parameter is important when considering strength properties of the material under study. Special attention is paid to analysis with help of the aforementioned theoretical method of the recently published results on strength of SiC ceramics analyzed by their authors assuming that only porosity is responsible for the observed strength reduction (as compared to the intact material). Meantime, the analysis performed with help of the above differential scheme has shown that one may expect also the presence in the above ceramics of considerable concentration of cracks commensurable with experimentally investigated pores existing in the ceramics and therefore the role of these cracks should not be ignored, when considering the effect of the porosity on strength of SiC ceramics. The latter is anticipated to be true for other ceramics too. Some prospects of performing the mathematical modeling with application of the differential scheme to analyze the experimental results on strength of ceramics are discussed.

Vladimirov B.V.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Krit B.L.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Lyudin V.B.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Morozova N.V.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | And 3 more authors.
Surface Engineering and Applied Electrochemistry | Year: 2014

This review summarizes the experience of using plasma electrolyte methods to improve the properties of magnesium alloys intended for designing components of various devices, medical equipment, etc. The emphasis is placed on the formation of coatings by both the "standard" microarc oxidation (MAO) method and its version using electrolytes containing suspended powders of different natures and degrees of dispersion. This modification can significantly expand the range of application of magnesium alloys in medicine, biology, the instrument-making industry, mechanical engineering, and living systems technology. © 2014 Allerton Press, Inc.

Budkin Y.V.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology
Welding International | Year: 2011

Refractory metals' interaction physical-chemical process features are investigated in electron-beam welding to obtain a qualitative weld in a wide range of welding conditions. Dependence of the welded strength on the presence and thickness of the intermetallide interlayer is established. © 2011 Taylor & Francis.

Lyamin A.N.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Shur P.A.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Elinson V.M.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology
Journal of Surface Investigation | Year: 2016

The optical properties of nanostructured barrier layers based on polyethylene terephthalate formed by ion technology and their resistance to biodegradation are discussed. The influence of the surface energy and relief parameters on the antimicrobial activity of nanostructured barrier layers is established. The study of reflection spectra demonstrates the fine structure of spectral lines apparently connected with the scattering of electromagnetic radiation by charged centers. These centers are formed on a nanostructured polymer surface after ion-plasma treatment as well as upon the deposition of α-C:H films which are known as electrets with a large number of broken bonds. © 2016, Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Rozhdestvensky Aleksandr V.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Samsonov Oleg S.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology
29th Congress of the International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences, ICAS 2014 | Year: 2014

A problem of design, technological and the organizational solutions optimization of aircraft manufacturing is considered. Especially topical at early steps of design is a project feasibility study, when taking place balancing of production facilities. The integrated software set, which using in assembly technology development of shortmedium- haul passenger aircraft MS-21 is considered.

Tskhondiya G.A.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology | Beklemishev N.N.,Russian State University of Aviation Technology
International Journal of Material Forming | Year: 2012

A certain pulse of electric current combined with plastic deformation is a powerful tool for improving the formability of hard-to-deform metal alloys. In recent years, much research has indicated that the current not only improves macro-mechanical properties but also influences microstructural-level phenomena such as recrystallization, local phase transformation, grain refinement, and even amorphous nanocrystallization. Despite the huge experimental dataset, virtually no focus has been placed on phenomenon's computing. In this fashion, present paper concerned with the continuum-level numerical analysis of the pulse impact on the stress field during plastic deformation. Computation conducted herein has shown that a high density electric current pulsing weakens the stress field during plastic deformation. Ultimate results of the study should be useful in developing the novel metal processing technology. © 2011 Springer-Verlag France.

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